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The British East Mediterranean Relay Station (also known as BEMRS) is one of the most powerful broadcasting stations in Cyprus. The medium wave transmitters are situated south of Limassol west of Lady's Mile Beach on the area of Western Sovereign Base Area at 34°37′9″N 33°0′5″E / 34.61917°N 33.00139°E / 34.61917; 33.00139 and used for relaying radio programmes to the Middle East area on 639 kHz and 720 kHz with 500 kW.

The short-wave transmitters are located at Zygi 34°43′18″N 33°19′27″E / 34.72167°N 33.32417°E / 34.72167; 33.32417.

The station has been used for broadcasting BBC programmes since 1957. Previously an Arabic station (Near East Broadcasting Station), it was taken over by the Diplomatic Wireless Service as a result of the Suez Crisis.[1]

Antenna systems[edit]

The medium-wave station has two directional antenna systems each consisting of four free-standing lattice towers with triangular cross section. All used towers are insulated against ground. The antenna system for 720 kHz, which is situated north of the transmitter building, points to an azimuth of 110 degrees. Its towers are 102 metres tall. The antenna system for 639 kHz, which is situated south of the transmitter building, points in southerly direction (azimuth 180 degrees). Its towers are 120 metres tall.


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