Limoges Concert Hall

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Limoges Concert Hall
Bernard Tschumi's Concert Hall
Address Limoges, France
Location Limoges, France
Owner Community of Limoges, Limoges Métropole, Alain Rodet - President
Type Concert Hall
Capacity 6,000
Built 2003-2007
Opened March 8, 2007
Construction cost 36.6 million U.S.D.

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Limoges Concert Hall (also known as Concert Hall in Limoges) is a concert hall designed by famous architect Bernard Tschumi.This building is located in a wooded area on the outskirts of a small city in central France called Limoges.The concert hall in Limoges can accommodate up to 8,000 spectators. [2]


Partners-in-charge: Bernard Tschumi, Véronique Descharrières.
Lead Designer: Bernard Tschumi.

Project Architects: Jean Jacques Hubert, Antoine Santiard, Joël Rutten.
Team Architects: Anne Save de Beaurecueil, Chong-Zi Chen, Nicolas Cazeli, Mathieu Göetz, Lara Herro, Robert Holton, Sarrah Khan, Joong Sub Kim, Alan Kusov, Dominic Leong, Michaela Metcalf, Alex Reid, Vincent Prunier et Sylviane Brossard.
Landscape Architect: Michel Desvigne.


Site Architect: ArchitectAtelier 4
Research office: Technip TPS with Jaillet & Rouby and Naterrer Bois Consult
Staging Consultant: Scène
Acoustics Cial: Landscape Architect Michel Desvigne avec Sol Paysage
Facade Advisor: Hugh Dutton Associates
HQE Engineer: Michel Raoust

Graphics and Signage: Benoît Santiard
Photography: Peter Mauss/Esto, Christian Richters

Projects Description[edit]

Completion: spring 2007
Inauguration Date: March 8, 2007
Total Budget: 36.6 million U.S.D.
Competition: 1st prize, 2003

Basic Details[edit]

Site Area: 6 hectares (15 acres)
Main Building Area: 14,000 m2 (150,000 sq ft)
Building Dimensions: 90 metres (300 feet) in diameter
Height: 22 metres (72 feet)
Levels: 3 stories of backstage area
Seat Capacity:6,000 Total Capacity: 8,000 Parking Capacity:1500-vehicles-capacity parking surface 4 hectares (9.9 acres)

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Coordinates: 45°51′44″N 1°16′46″E / 45.862296°N 1.279328°E / 45.862296; 1.279328