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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Lin.
Lin Di with pipa

Lin Di (Chinese: ; pinyin: Lín Dí; born 1975 in Shanghai) is a Chinese musician, composer, and vocalist.

Her current band is Cold Fairyland,[1] a progressive rock band in which she plays pipa and keyboard synthesizers, and also sings.

Lin began playing pipa at the age of four. She studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music where she majored in traditional Chinese music and pipa. In 2001, she started her own band Cold Fairyland with bass guitarist Su Yong and composed original music for various commercial projects and orchestral works. She performs occasionally with the Shanghai-based Swing Shine band.

Aside from being a musician, Lin is also an avid photographer.


Solo albums[edit]

With Swing Shine[edit]

  • Marguerite - 2011
  • Rootless Clouds - 2013

With Cold Fairyland[edit]

CD's are available from and downloads from



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