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Linda Svendsen (born Vancouver, 1954) is a Canadian screenwriter and author.


She has lived in her birth city for most of her life.[citation needed]

Her works include many critically acclaimed short stories.[citation needed] Her stories were anthologized and published in magazines such as Atlantic Monthly and Saturday Night.[citation needed] She won first prize in the American Short Story Contest in 1980, and was a three-time finalist for the O. Henry Awards.[citation needed]

In 1992, she published a book called Marine Life, which was also translated into German [1] which was a finalist for the 1993 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize.[2] In 2000, Marine Life was adapted into a film starring Cybill Shepherd and Peter Outerbridge.[3]

Svendsen wrote the television film adaptation of The Diviners, as well as the miniseries Human Cargo and the television film At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story.[citation needed] She won a Gemini Award for the Human Cargo screenplay.[4] She also teaches creative writing at the University of British Columbia.[citation needed]


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