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LingvoSoft is the software division of Ectaco, Inc., a New York-based company that designs and manufactures handheld translation devices. Using various machine assisted translation technologies, the company has released software for more than 40 languages and for most major operating systems and platforms including Windows, Windows Mobile, Android OS and Apple iOS. LingvoSoft applications typically contain a combination of the company's own technology and that of other companies.


TTS (Text-to-Speech) TTS describes the conversion of computer readable text into audible speech. Voice synthesis technology is based on taking any plain text, analyzing it by means of a speech synthesis engine, processing the information and finally converting it to a voice stream form which can be stored or saved in various audio file formats.

Speech Recognition LingvoSoft uses Lingvobit speech recognition technology in most of its applications. This technology allows applications to "understand" voice commands and to provide a translation based on this input. Following initial voice recognition training, the software is able to choose a translation that matches from a set number of phrases. This technology is also used for voice navigation in many of the company's applications.

Machine Translation Machine translation tools apply computational linguistic analysis of source documents to provide draft translations of text. While often producing text which is unreadable, machine translation can provide users with the general gist of a document, article, or letter and can also be used to screen documents to identify those in need of more accurate human translation.

Localization Using Multilanguage User Interface technology, LingvoSoft provides localization for Pocket PC and Windows XP based applications. By translating an application's system settings and prompts, localization allows for the direct input of commands in a number of languages which are not usually included by most manufacturers.

MorphoFinder A proprietary technology developed by LingvoSoft, MorphoFinder is a search engine that locates various morphological forms of different parts of speech such as the gerund forms of verbs and singular and plural forms of nouns. It locates these forms by analyzing morphological structure and the principles used to transform words based on part of speech.


  • Phrasebooks - include talking and non-talking translation of travel related phrases
  • Dictionaries - talking and non-talking applications provide translation from pre-installed databases
  • Picture Dictionaries - provide translation of words based on picture selection
  • Flashcards - collections of learning games to improve vocabulary and memorization


LingvoSoft has received awards from both consumer and professional groups including the International Consumer Electronics Association and Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine.


  • Consumer Electronics Association [1]

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