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Lionheart Coverart.png
Artwork by Dieter Rottermund
Developer(s)Thalion Software
Publisher(s)Thalion Software
Designer(s)Erik Simon
Programmer(s)Erwin Kloibhofer
Michael Bittner
Artist(s)Henk Nieborg
Composer(s)Matthias Steinwachs

Lionheart is a fantasy platform game for the Amiga released by Thalion Software in 1993.


Lionheart is a single-player side scrolling platformer. Valdyn moves from left to right fighting his way through levels of monsters and environmental hazards like water, chasms and fireballs. Some levels feature bosses.

There are three difficulty levels. The harder levels feature harder opponents, but also differently designed environments, offering an additional gameplay experience.

Valdyn is armed with a sword and is able to perform some attack moves, including striking high, striking middle and a "battle strike" (jumping and hitting enemies over the head). At first he has four health points and three lives. Health points are lost whenever Valdyn is hit, and a life is lost whenever health reaches zero, or Valdyn suffers a fatality as in when falling into a chasm.

There are a few power-ups (usually in hidden sections of each level) like "Energy Drinks" that replenish health, and "Life Spheres" which grant more lives. Each level has several "Energy Crystals" which the player can collect; every 100th crystal "unlocks" , one life point out of four more available; optimal performance means that the player can have a maximum of eight life points before the end of the game, making survival easier. The player also can find some more powerful swords; the more powerful a sword, the less hits are required to kill a stronger opponent.[1]


Lionheart takes place in the land of the Cat People, a race of feline humanoids, who are threatened by the evil Norka.

The player character is Valdyn, an outlaw who is also known as Lionheart because of his fierceness and courage, after the holy relic of the Cat People. He was arrested from the Bloodied Claw and taken to the palace's dungeons. He is summoned by the King and is assigned a quest: the Lionheart had been stolen and if the King is not able to show it in the Showing Festival he will be forced to abdicate the throne, replaced by his arch-chancellor Nargle. Furthermore, Valdyn's beloved Ilene had been turned to stone by the thieves. Based on his nickname, the priests declare that Valdyn is destined to reclaim the jewel.

In the intro sequence Valdyn is given a flying dragon but on his way to Norka's country, he is snatched by a flying ship. Valdyn escapes and is forced to travel on foot.

The first few levels feature an environment of forests and caves before Valdyn reaches a city in Norka's domain. A "volcano level" follows, which includes a hidden level where the player can gain several power-ups and an amulet.[2] In the following level Valdyn finds a dinosaur-like steed running after Norka's flying ship. Valdyn frees his dragon, and rides it towards Norka's flying fortress in a level that resembles a rail shooter. The final levels feature Valdyn climbing to the top of the fortress and his final confrontation with Norka.

The game epilogue has Valdyn return the Lionheart in the Temple, still grieving for Ilene. However the optimal ending, if the player has found the amulet in the earlier hidden level, Valdyn is able to heal Ilene.


The game received favorable reviews by several gaming magazines.[citation needed]


Valdyn is a playable character in Ambermoon, a Role-playing video game also from Thalion. He is a Ranger.


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