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Liopetri is located in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°00′34″N 33°53′34″E / 35.00944°N 33.89278°E / 35.00944; 33.89278Coordinates: 35°00′34″N 33°53′34″E / 35.00944°N 33.89278°E / 35.00944; 33.89278
Country Cyprus
DistrictFamagusta District
 • Total4,591

Liopetri (Greek: Λιοπέτρι [ʎoˈpetri]) is a village in southern Famagusta District, in Cyprus. It is close to the communities of Frenaros, Sotira, Avgorou and Xylofagou (Larnaca District). In 2011, Liopetri had a population of 4,591.

On September 2, 1958, a Battle was fought here between the British and four EOKA fighters, Fotis Pittas, Andreas Karios, Elias Papakyriakou and Christos Samaras, who were from Liopetri. The barn where this took place is now a National Memorial.


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