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Lisa Jên

Lisa Jên Brown is a Welsh actress[1] and singer[2] with the Welsh language folk band 9Bach. She is originally from Bethesda, Gwynedd, North Wales and is the daughter of Welsh actress Linda Brown, who runs Theatre Bara Caws in Caernarfon. She attended drama school at Ysgol Glanaethwy, beginning her acting career at 14 years old; she landed her first acting break on the Welsh TV drama Rownd a Rownd on S4C. Brown met her husband, Martin Hoyland, the guitarist for 9Bach, in London. They have two children.[3]


In 2015 Lisa Jên Brown's band 9 Bach won the best album award at the Radio Two Folk Awards. Their album, Anian, has been nominated for the Welsh Language Album of the Year award. She also has a successful career in acting, appearing in numerous Welsh drama series, such as Gwaith/Cartref, Cara Fi, Emyn Roc a Rol and Rownd a Rownd.[4]


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