Liscarroll Castle

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Liscarroll Castle
County Cork, Ireland
Liscarroll Castle
Liscarroll Castle is located in Ireland
Liscarroll Castle
Liscarroll Castle
Coordinates52°15′38″N 8°48′15″W / 52.260481°N 8.804103°W / 52.260481; -8.804103
Site information
ConditionPartial ruin
Site history
Built13th Century
EventsIrish Confederate Wars

Liscarroll Castle is a 13th-century Hiberno-Norman fortress in County Cork, Ireland.

In July 1642, at the start of the Irish Confederate Wars, the castle was seized by Irish Confederate forces commanded by Garret Barry.[1] After the subsequent Battle of Liscarroll, the castle was recaptured by British forces commanded by Murrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin.

The castle is the subject of an 1854 poem by Callaghan Hartstonge Gayner which concludes:

Beneath its folds assemble now, and fight with might and main,
That grand old fight to make our land "A nation once again",
And falter not till alien rule in dark oblivion falls,
We’ll stand as freemen yet, beneath those old Liscarroll walls.[2]

The remains of Castle Liscarroll still tower over the village of Liscarroll and the surrounding countryside.


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