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The following is a list of the 22 BBS door games.


Game Description
Barren Realms Elite[1]
Food Fight[2]
Freshwater Fishing Simulator[3]
Global War[2]
Land of Devastation (1990)[4]
Legend of the Red Dragon (1989)[2][5][6]
Legend of the Red Dragon II[7]
Netrunner The object is to break into computers and steal as much money as you can using a cyberdeck while the host system tries to stop or kill you with ICE.
"Nukem" A Commodore 64 BBS Game. Take control of one of the ruling countries and destroy the others.
Operation: Overkill II[2][8] The primary goal is to locate the Overkill commander and exterminate him. The hard part is surviving and fighting mutants for resources.
Planets: The Exploration of Space (1992)[2]
Solar Realms Elite (1990)[11]
Space Empire Elite (1987)[5]
Tele-Hang (1991)
DNDBBS (1990) DNDBBS The Dungeons And Dragons Bulletin Board Service Text Adventure System
The Pit (1989)[1][5][11][12] Become a gladiator. Earning fame, glory, and gold in The Pit battling for your life.
Trade Wars (1984)[5] (re: Star Trader[13])
Trade Wars 2002 (1986)[1][11][14][15][16]
Usurper (1985)[5]
VGA Planets (1991)[17][18]


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