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This is a list of Baywatch Nights episodes.

Season 1 (1995–1996)[edit]

  1. Pursuit
  2. Bad Blades
  3. Silent Witness
  4. Deadly Vision
  5. Just a Gigolo
  6. 976 Ways to Say I Love You
  7. Pressure Cooker
  8. Balancing Act
  9. Blues Boy
  10. Kind of a Drag
  11. Takeover
  12. Thin Blood
  13. Payback
  14. Backup
  15. Thief in the Night
  16. The Curator
  17. Code of Silence
  18. Vengeance
  19. Epilogue
  20. Rendezvous
  21. A Closer Look
  22. Heat Rays

Season 2 (1996–1997)[edit]

Starting this season, the show was revamped into being more of an X-Files-like show, pitting Mitch and Ryan against out of the ordinary threats.

  1. Terror of the Deep: Mitch, Ryan and Griff investigate a sunken freighter after rescuing a woman who claims it was destroyed by a sea monster...and Mitch and Griff soon learn there's a fine line between reality and myth.....
  2. The Creature: In the vein of Species, a human fish hybrid escapes from a lab to mate.
  3. The Rig: Mitch and Ryan are trapped aboard an abandoned oil rig with an amorphous creature.
  4. The Strike: After saving a kid from drowning and then being struck by lightning, Mitch soon learns the kid isn't exactly what he seems....
  5. Circle of Fear: Ryan is targeted by dark spirits.
  6. The Cabin: Mitch, Ryan, and Teague find themselves in one bizarre scenario after another while investigating a cabin.
  7. Curse of the Mirrored Box: An evil houngan plagues Mitch.
  8. Last Breath: A madman kidnaps several lifeguards to recreate the death of his family.
  9. Night Whispers: Mitch and Ryan have a run-in with an evil vampire.
  10. Space Spore: An alien virus strikes a farm, trapping Mitch and Ryan in the area.
  11. The Mobius: Mitch, Ryan, and an old friend of Ryan's are transported to a possible future world.
  12. Possessed: Donna becomes possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. But she's not the only one...
  13. Frozen Out of Time: A reanimated Viking warrior goes on a rampage.
  14. Nights to Dragon One: A computer game turns deadly when Mitch and Ryan are literally sucked into it...and are playing for their lives.
  15. Ascension
  16. Zargtha: A dangerous wolf like creature flees from Yugoslavia and begins hunting and killing teenagers.
  17. The Servant: A mummy begins to stalk a museum warehouse.
  18. Symbol of Death: When Teague vanishes, Mitch and Ryan meet a man who claims to have been tracking aliens.
  19. The Eighth Seal: After saving a young girl from killing herself, Mitch soon learns there's more to her story than meets the eye....and becomes involved with the plans of a sea demon.
  20. Hot Winds: Mitch, Ryan, and Teague try to find the source of an insanity inducing wind.
  21. The Vortex
  22. A Thousand Words: Series finale. While investigating a series of murders at a restaurant, Mitch and Ryan learn the horrifying truth behind the establishment's pictures.


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