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The cover of the first tankōbon of the Blue Exorcist manga released in Japan by Shueisha.

The chapters of the Blue Exorcist manga series are written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. The story revolves around Rin Okumura, a teenager who discovers he is the son of Satan born from a human woman and is the inheritor of Satan's powers. When Satan kills his guardian, Rin decides to become an exorcist in order to defeat his father.

Blue Exorcist has been serialized by Shueisha in the monthly manga magazine Jump Square since April 2009.[1] The first tankōbon volume was released on August 4, 2009;[2] nineteen volumes have been released as of April 4, 2017.[3] The digital versions of the tankōbon in Japan are released in "Remastered" format, which include color on pages within each chapter that were originally printed in color in the monthly issues.

Outside Japan, the series is licensed in France by Kazé Manga, with the first volume released on May 27, 2010.[4] The series was licensed by Viz Media for release in North America, who released the first volume on April 5, 2011,[5] with sixteen volumes released.[6]

Volumes list[edit]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 August 4, 2009[2] ISBN 978-4-08-874709-5 April 5, 2011[5] ISBN 978-1-421-54032-0
  1. "The Mockery of Satan" (笑う青焔魔(サタン)?, Warau Satan)
  2. "Big Brother, Little Brother" (兄と弟?, Ani to Otōto)
  3. "The Garden of Amahara" (天空の庭?, Amahara no Niwa)
After having an encounter with a demon, Rin Okumura learns that he is the son of Satan, the most powerful demon ever. Satan possesses the body of Rin's guardian, Father Shiro Fujimoto, and tries to drag him to the demon realm, Gehenna, but Fujimoto sacrifices himself to protect Rin, who is forced to unlock his demonic powers to escape. On Shiro's funeral, Rin asks the True Cross Academy's chairman Mephisto Pheles to let him enroll there to become an Exorcist and confront Satan himself, but much to his surprise, he learns that his twin brother Yukio is already a full-fledged exorcist and will be his teacher. Among Rin's new classmates is Shiemi Moriyama, the daughter of the Exorcism-related shop owner who was being afflicted by a demon until she was saved by him and his brother.
2 November 4, 2009[7] ISBN 978-4-08-874757-6 June 7, 2011[8] ISBN 978-1-421-54033-7
  1. "Child of a Cursed Temple" (祟り寺の仔?, Tatari Dera no Ko)
  2. "Flock of Plovers" (友千鳥?, Tomochidori)
  3. "One Suffers Here" (此に病める者あり?, Koko ni Yameru Mono Ari)
  4. "Memory" (おもひで?, Omoide)
Rin becomes acquainted with his new classmates and together they take part on the Exwire exam to get one step closer to become exorcists, but while waiting for the exam to begin, they are attacked by powerful monsters, and Rin must find a way to fight back without revealing his demonic nature to the others, unaware that one of the teachers is also after his life.
3 March 4, 2010[9] ISBN 978-4-08-870016-8 August 2, 2011[10] ISBN 978-1-42-154034-4
  1. "Black Cat" (黒猫?, Kuroneko)
  2. "Tag" (鬼事?, Onigokko)
  3. "Proof" (証明?, Shōmei)
  4. "Fun Camp" (愉しいキャンプ?, Tanoshii Kyanpu)
One of Fujimoto's familiars cause a commotion after learning of his death and Rin, now an Esquire, manages to calm it down and becomes its new owner. But the True Cross Headquarters sends Shura Kirigakure, a former student of Fujimoto's, to investigate about Rin and dispose of him after confirming his connection with Satan. Seeing Rin's determination to become a Paladin, the highest ranked exorcist just like his guardian once was, Shura decides to spare his life and aid with his training instead.
4 July 2, 2010[11] ISBN 978-4-08-870079-3 October 4, 2011[12] ISBN 978-1-42-154047-4
  1. "Light Trap" (誘蛾灯?, Yūgatō)
  2. "Something Kind" (やさしい事?, Yasashii Koto)
  3. "The Wager" (?, Kake)
  4. "Every Last One" (どいつもこいつも?, Doitsu mo Koitsu mo)
While taking part in a special training camp, Rin and his classmates are attacked by the demon Amaimon and he is forced to reveal his secret to protect them. Then he is captured by Arthur Auguste Angel, True Cross' current Paladin, and brought to the upper echelons at the Vatican to have them decide his fate. Mephisto intervenes on Rin's favor, claiming that having him live and become an exorcist could help them to get the upper hand against the demons and the Order declares that he has six months to pass the exorcist exam, thus Rin starts his special training with Yukio and Shura.
5 December 3, 2010[13] ISBN 978-4-08-870136-3 December 6, 2011[14] ISBN 978-1-42-154076-4
  1. "When It All Began" (事の始まり?, Koto no Hajimari)
  2. "Let's Go to Kyoto!" (京都へGo!?, Kyōto e Gō!)
  3. "Discord" (仲違い?, Nakatagai)
  4. "Drunken Son" (酔いどれ息子?, Yoidore Musuko)
Rin and Yukio fail to prevent a powerful demonic relic, the "Left Eye of the Impure King" from being stolen by Saburota Todo, an exorcist who was turned into a demon, thus they set with the other Esquires to Kyoto, hometown to his classmates Ryuji Suguro, Renzo Shima and Konekomaru Miwa to help the exorcists of the "Myoda Sect" who are keeping guard on its counterpart, the "Right Eye of the Impure King". To complicate matters, Rin must deal with the estrangement from his peers who are avoiding him since they learned that he is the son of Satan.
6 April 4, 2011[15] ISBN 978-4-08-870214-8 February 7, 2012[16] ISBN 978-1-42-154174-7
  1. "Traitor" (裏切者?, Uragirimono)
  2. "Calamity" (転変?, Tenpen)
  3. "Flare-up" (炎火?, Enka)
  4. "The Father's Story" (父語り?, Chichi Gatari)
  • Bonus Chapter 1 "Phantom Train" (幽霊列車?, Fantomu Torein)
  • Bonus Chapter 2 "Kuro Runs Away" (クロの家出?, Kuro no Iede)
The "Right Eye of the Impure King" is stolen by Mamushi, one of the Myoda students who claim that the True Cross Order can not be trusted for sheltering the son of Satan. High priest Tatsuma, the leader of the Myoda, rushes to follow her but not before being confronted by Suguro, who also happens to be his son. To worsen matters, Rin confronts Suguro for being rough on his father and unwillingly reveals his secret to the other members of the Myoda who end up having him imprisoned. Before leaving, Tatsuma leaves a letter to Rin explaining about his connection with Fujimoto and the sword "Komaken" that is currently on Rin's possession.
7 September 2, 2011[17] ISBN 978-4-08-870330-5 April 3, 2012[18] ISBN 978-1-42-154262-1
  1. "Empty Sword" (空虚の剣?, Kara no Ken)
  2. "Impure King" (不浄王?, Fujō-Ō)
  3. "Fire of the Heart" (こころのひ?, Kokoro no Hi)
  4. "Battle at Kongo-Shinzan" (決戦!金剛深山?, Kessen! Kongō-shinzan)
Mamushi finds that she was deceived by Todo and unwillingly helped him to awaken the Impure King. She rushes back to the Myoda asking them to help Tatsuma and Rin decides to go to his aid. However, for some reason he becomes unable to draw his blade and he is locked in a special prison awaiting execution by the Vatican's orders. Rin's classmates learn about his situation and manage to break him free, and once again reunited, the Esquires join the Myoda to confront the Impure King, whose poisonous miasma threatens to ravage the city of Kyoto.
8 April 4, 2012[19] ISBN 978-4-08-870409-8 November 6, 2012[20] ISBN 978-1-4215-5084-8
  1. "Crimson Lotus" (紅蓮?, Guren)
  2. "Barrier Spell" (結界呪?, Kekkai-shu)
  3. "Fateful Occurrence" (因縁生起?, In'nen Shōki)
  4. "Death" (入滅?, Nyūmetsu)
  5. "Abyss" (深淵?, Shin'en)
While the other exorcists struggle to contain the miasma, Rin, Suguro and Kuro dive into the core of the Impure King to purify it. Yukio faces and defeats a stronger Todo who became immortal after consuming the energy of a phoenix with the help of the other Myoda priests. When Suguro's powers reach their limit, he asks Rin to run away while he still can, but he refuses to, and finally manages to draw Komaken again, awakening a spirit who infuses itself into the sword to help him control his flames against the Impure King. Meanwhile, Mephisto watches it all by the sidelines, acting as a mere spectator as the battle unfolds.
9 September 4, 2012[21] ISBN 978-4-08-870505-7 April 2, 2013[22] ISBN 978-1-4215-5477-8
  1. "Obliterate" (砕破?, Saiha)
  2. "Wrapping Things Up" (事の結び?, Koto no Musubi)
  3. "The Sea is Vast and Wide" (海は広いな大きいし?, Umi wa Hiroina Ōkiishi)
  4. "Gone with the Blue Waves" (青い波ゆれてどこまで?, Aoi Nami Yurete Dokomade)
  5. "The Moon Falls and the Sun Rises" (月は沈むし日も登る?, Tsuki wa Shizumu shi Hi mo Noboru)
With his flames under control, Rin manages to protect his friends from the miasma and defeat the Impure King. Before returning to the academy, the Esquires take part in a mission to hunt down a Kraken that is terrorizing the coastline. While fighting the monster, Rin, Yukio and Shiemi get themselves stranded on a small island where they encounter an ancient whale-deity who helps them to defeat it.
10 December 28, 2012[23] ISBN 978-4-08-870670-2 July 2, 2013[24] ISBN 978-1-42-155886-8
  1. "Exorcist" (エクソシスト?, Ekusoshisuto)
  2. "Demon Manners" (悪魔の作法(マナー)?, Akuma no Manā)
  3. "The Seven Mysteries of True Cross Academy" (正十字学園七不思議?, Seijūji Gakuen Nanafushigi)
  4. "Where Secrets Are" (秘密の在り処?, Himitsu no Arika)
Back at the academy, Rin learns that Godaiin, one of his classmates started to see demons against his will and strikes a deal with Mephisto. The chairman agrees to provide Rin with some special eyedrops for Godaiin to return to normal in exchange for him and the other Esquires to deal with some mischievous apparitions known as "The Seven Mysteries of True Cross Academy". Meanwhile the Order finds a gate to Gehenna opening in Russia and Mephisto uses his powers to stop time around it, which according to him will only give them some months to find a way to close it.
11 August 2, 2013[25] ISBN 978-4-08-870789-1 March 4, 2014[26] ISBN 978-1421565477
  1. "The World's Astir" (ざわめく世界?, Zawameku Sekai)
  2. "Friends" (友達?, Tomodachi)
  3. "Mephisto's Ramblings" (メフィストの戯言?, Mefisuto no Tawagoto)
  4. "The Walking Dead of the Youth" (青春の生ける屍(ウォーキングデッド)?, Seishun no Wōking Deddo)
  5. "Trial and Error" (トライアンドエラー?, Torai ando Erā)
  6. "True Cross Academy Festival: Eve" (正十字学園祭—前夜?, Seijūji Gakuen-Sai: Zen'ya)
Helped by his friends, Rin manages to keep his part in the bargain and obtain the eyedrops for Godaiin. As rumors of a spy among the members of the True Cross Order put all members in alert, a Festival is held in the Academy and Izumo agrees to help Rin with his food shop, but Takara Nemu, an Esquire who always kept a distance from the others, approaches her with unknown intentions.
12 December 27, 2013[27] ISBN 978-4-08-870895-9 November 4, 2014[28] ISBN 978-1-42-157536-0
  1. "The Night of the True Cross Academy Festival" (正十字学園祭—当夜?, Seijūji Gakuen-Sai: Tōya)
  2. "True Cross Academy Festival—The Final Night" (正十字学園祭—後夜?, Seijūji Gakuen-Sai: Kōya)
  3. "The Most Important Thing to Me" (私の一番大切なもの?, Watashi no Ichiban Taisetsu-na Mono)
  4. "A Fool Is the One Who Is Tricked" (騙される方がバカだって…?, Damasareru Hō ga Baka datte...)
  5. "I Can't Rely on Anyone" (もう誰も頼れない?, Mō Dare mo Tayorenai)
Izumo is kidnapped by Renzo, who is revealed to be a spy for the Illuminati organization led by Lucifer, another son of Satan. Nemu is revealed to be a spy as well but working under Mephisto, who sends Yukio, Rin and the other Esquires to look for Izumo at her homeland where they meet a fox spirit who reveals the tragic past of Izumo and her family. Meanwhile, Izumo is taken to the Illuminatti headquarters where she is reunited with her mother whose body is badly damaged from being possessed by a nine tailed fox for years, and is forced to become the next vessel for it.
13 July 4, 2014[29] ISBN 978-4-08-880140-7 June 2, 2015[30] ISBN 978-1-42-157974-0
  1. "This Is the Real Me" (これが本当のあたし?, Kore ga Hontou no Atashi)
  2. "I'm Not Going Back to the Order" (騎士團には戻らない?, Kishi-dan ni wa Modoranai)
  3. "Like Siblings" (兄弟みたいな?, Kyōdai Mitai na)
  4. "Intermedio" (幕間劇?, Makuai Geki)
  5. "Opening Rounds" (序盤戦?, Joban-sen)
Rin and his friends infiltrate the Illuminatti headquarters just to fall into a trap where they are separated and forced to confront the abominations created by the enemy's experiments. Meanwhile, preparations are being made for Izumo to become the vessel for the nine tailed fox, despite there is a high chance that the procedure fails, claiming her life in the process.
14 January 5, 2015[31] ISBN 978-4-08-880282-4 January 5, 2016[32] ISBN 978-1-42-158263-4
  1. "Middle Game" (中盤戦?, Chūban-sen)
  2. "Endgame" (終盤戦?, Shūban-sen)
  3. "Just Being Around Them Irritates Me" (一緒にいるだけで?, Issho ni Iru Dake de)
  4. "Treasure" (宝物?, Takaramono)
  5. "Quell This Evil Spirit" (悪祓ひ去らしめ給はむ?, Akuhara hi Sara Shime Tamahamu)
The Esquires reunite and reach Izumo just as she is about to be possessed by the nine tailed fox, but her mother makes it return to her body instead in order to save her daughter. The lead researcher, Gedouin, transforms himself into a demon and attacks the Esquires in revenge for ruining his plans, just to be exorcised by Izumo.
15 June 4, 2015[33] ISBN 978-4-08-880369-2 May 3, 2016[34] ISBN 978-1-42-158507-9
  1. "Goodbye" (さよなら?, Sayonara)
  2. "I'll Come Again" (行ってきます?, Ittekimasu)

  64.5 "Welcome Home" (おかえり?, Okaeri)

  1. "Pink Spider: Part 1" (ピンクスパイダー 前編?, Pinku Supaidā Zenpen)
  2. "Pink Spider: Part 2" (ピンクスパイダー 中編?, Pinku Supaidā Chūhen)
  3. "Pink Spider: Part 3" (ピンクスパイダー 後編?, Pinku Supaidā Kōhen)
After returning safely, Izumo discovers that her little sister was in custody of the True Cross Order all this time and was given to an adoptive family, but much to her sadness, she does not remember her anymore. Renzo, who is revealed to be a double spy hired by Mephisto, returns to the Academy and rejoins the others. In the occasion, he inquires Yukio about his previous encounter with Lucifer, and if he still refuses to join his side, with the promise of having his latent powers unlocked.
16 January 4, 2016[35] ISBN 978-4-08-880507-8 December 6, 2016[6] ISBN 978-1-42-159041-7
  1. "Naked Festival" (はだかまつり?, Hadaka Matsuri)
  2. "Upper Class Round Table Meeting" (上層部圓卓会議?, Jōsōbu Entaku Kaigi)
  3. "Ambition" (野望?, Yabō)
  4. "Love Is in the Eye of the Beholder" (惚れたが因果?, Horeta ga Inga)
  5. "On The Way" (道すがら?, Michisugara)
  6. "Love Awakens" (戀い初める?, Koi Someru)
17 July 4, 2016[36] ISBN 978-4-08-880656-3 July 4, 2017[36] ISBN 978-1-42-159333-3
  1. "Hachinohe Station in the Snow" (八戸駅は雪の中?, Hachinohe Eki wa Yuki no Naka)
  2. "Hearing Only the Blizzard" (吹雪く音だけをきいている?, Fubuku Oto Dake o Kiite Iru)
  3. "Distant Northern Goodbye" (北のはずれでさようなら?, Kita no Hazure de Sayōnara)
  4. "As If Begging For Tears" (泣けとばかりに?, Nake to Bakari ni)
  5. "It's All Right if I Don't Go Back" (戻れなくてももういいの?, Modorenakutemo Mō Iino)
18 December 31, 2016[37] ISBN 978-4-08-880891-8 January 2, 2018
  1. "The Unfreezing Serpent" (凍えそうな蛇?, Kogoesōna Kuchinawa)
  2. "Aomori Winter Scenery" (ああ青森冬景色?, Ā Aomori Fuyu Geshiki)
  3. "Underground Library" (地下図書館?, Chika Toshokan)
  4. "Awakening" (啓蟄?, Keichitsu)
  5. "Sprout" (萌芽?, Hōga)
19 April 4, 2017[3] ISBN 978-4-08-881052-2 TBA
  1. "Foundation" (根幹?, Konkan)
  2. "Variant Leaves" (異形葉?, Ikeiyō)
  3. "Fruit Branches" (結果枝?, Kekkashi)
  4. "Embryo" (胚子?, Hai)
  5. "Happy (Merry X-mas) Birthday Eve!" (ハッピー(メリクリ)バースデー!イヴ?, Happī (Merikuri) Bāsudē! Ibu)

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format[edit]

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume. They were originally serialized in Japanese in the monthly issues of Jump SQ and in English in the issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that releases the week after the initial Japanese issue on Jump SQ.

  1. "Happy (Merry Xmas) Birthday" (ハッピー(メリクリ)バースデー?, Happī (Merikuri) Bāsudē)
  2. "Congratulations - Bridal Night" (寿・初夜?, Kotobuki Soya)

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