List of Brooklyn Horsemen players

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This is a list of American football players who have played for the Brooklyn Horsemen in the first American Football League. It includes players that have played at least one match in the AFLI season. The Horsemen franchise was originally merged with the Brooklyn Lions of the National Football League in 1926.

Name Position College
George Baldwin Guard Virginia
Shep Bingham End Yale
Jim Bolger Back1 St. Mary’s, St. Bonaventure
Paul Brennan Guard2 Fordham
Earl Britton Back3 Illinois
Ted Drews End Princeton
Jim Fitzgerald Blocking Back4 St. John's
Jim Flaherty Wingback Georgetown
Jim Frugone Back1 Syracuse
Hec Garvey5 Tackle Notre Dame
Ed Harrison End Boston College
Red Howard Guard New Hampshire, Princeton
Charlie Hummell Tackle Lafayette
Ed Hunsinger End Notre Dame
Bill Koelick Tackle none
Elmer Layden6 Fullback Notre Dame
Bob Nicholas Tackle Oglethorpe
Swede Olsen Guard none
Ted Plumridge Center Colgate, St. John's
Sheldon Pollock Center Lafayette
Leo Prendergast Tackle2 Lafayette
Dave Sehres Wingback7 New York University
Nate Share Tackle Tufts
Jack Sheely Guard2 New York University
Ray Smith Back8 Lebanon Valley
Harry Stuhldreher Blocking Back Notre Dame
Tarzan Taylor Guard Ohio State

1 Played tailback and wingback
2 Also played center
3 Played fullback and tailback
4 Position later known as quarterback
5 Started season with Hartford Blues
6 Started season with Rock Island Independents
7 Also played end
8 Played tailback, wingback, and blocking back