List of Canadian plants by genus D

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Below is a list of Canadian plants by genus. Due to the vastness of Canada's biodiversity, this page is divided.

This is a (partial) list of the plant species considered native to Canada. Many of the plants seen in Canada are introduced, either intentionally or accidentally. For these plants, see List of introduced species to Canada.

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  • Dalea — prairie clovers
  • Dalibarda — dewdrops
    • Dalibarda repensdewdrop, false violet, robin-run-away, star violet
  • Danthonia — oatgrasses



  • Diarrhena — beak grasses
  • Dicentra — dicentras
  • Diervilla — bush honeysuckles
  • Digitaria — witchgrasses
  • Dioscorea
  • Diphasiastrum — clubmosses
    • Diphasiastrum complanatumtrailing clubmoss, northern ground-cedar, northern running-pine, flat-branched clubmoss, trailing evergreen, Christmas green, ground-pine
    • Diphasiastrum digitatumfan clubmoss, southern running-pine, southern ground-cedar, fan ground-pine, crowfoot clubmoss, trailing ground-pine
    • Diphasiastrum sabinifoliumground-fir, savinleaf clubmoss, heath-cypress
    • Diphasiastrum sitchenseSitka clubmoss, tufted ground-cedar, Alaskan clubmoss
    • Diphasiastrum tristachyumthree-spiked clubmoss, blue ground-cedar, northern ground-pine
  • Diplazium — glade ferns
  • Dirca — leatherwoods
    • Dirca palustrisleatherwoods, ropebark, moosewood, wicopy






See: Flora of Canada#References