List of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania faculty

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This is a list of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania faculty.

Notable faculty[edit]

Name Department Notability Reference
William Adger 1883, first African American University of Pennsylvania baccalaureate degree graduate
Edythe Scott Bagley founder of the theater department; sibling of Coretta Scott King
Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett second principal; first African American American diplomat
Edward Bouchet hired in 1876; first African American Yale University doctoral graduate
Octavius Catto valedictorian in 1858 at the Institute for Colored Youth; taught at Cheyney briefly after graduating; influential in getting the 15th Amendment passed in 1870, which gave black men the right to vote; founder of the first black baseball team in the United States (The Pythians, 1867) and the Equal Rights League (1864)
John Chaney 1972-82 Hall of Fame basketball coach
Fanny Jackson Coppin first African American woman to become a school principal; was at the Institute for Colored Youth for 37 years; responsible for vast educational improvements in Philadelphia
Richard Theodore Greener hired in 1870; first African American Harvard University graduate
Leslie Pinckney Hill faculty 1913-1951; fifth and final principal, first president of Cheyney
William "Billy" Joe former NFL and AFL player; College Football Hall of Fame coach
Mary Jane Patterson faculty 1862-1869; first African American woman to receive a bachelor's degree when she graduated from Oberlin College in 1862; taught at ICY in Philadelphia for seven years; in 1869 she moved to Washington, D.C. to teach; in 1871 became the first black principal of the newly established Preparatory High School for Negroes, later renamed Dunbar High School
Charles L. Reason first principal; prolific writer of political journalism and poetry; known for poems "Freedom," "The Spirit Voice," and "Silent Thoughts"
C. Vivian Stringer 1972-83 Hall of Fame basketball coach
Laura Wheeler Waring hired in 1908; artist; art and music teacher