List of High Court of Australia cases

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This is a chronological list of significant cases decided by the High Court of Australia.

The Griffith Court: 1903–1919[edit]

The Knox Court: 1919–1930[edit]

The Isaacs Court: 1930-1931[edit]

The Gavan Duffy Court 1931–1935[edit]

The Latham Court: 1935–1952[edit]

The Dixon Court: 1952–1964[edit]

The Barwick Court: 1964–1981[edit]

The Gibbs Court: 1981–1987[edit]

The Mason Court: 1987–1995[edit]

The Brennan Court: 1995–1998[edit]

The Gleeson Court: 1998 – 2008[edit]

The French Court: 2008 – present[edit]

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