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This list of Hollywood strikes includes industrial strikes carried out by various groups of Hollywood workers, ordered by the year in which they were carried out. Reasons for Hollywood strikes have historically included demands for increased monetary compensation, though other justifications have been given as well.

Hollywood strikes[edit]

2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike, 14 weeks, Nov 2007-Feb 2008

2000 Commercial actors strike, nearly six months

1988 Writers Guild of America strike, 22 weeks (the longest strike in the guild's history)

1987 Directors strike, 3 hours and 5 minutes (the shortest of all Hollywood strikes)

1985 Writers strike, two weeks

1981 Writers Guild of America strike, three months

1980 Actors strike, three months

1960 Writers Guild of America strike, 21 weeks

1960 Actors strike, led by SAG President Ronald Reagan, six weeks

1952 Actors strike, two and a half months

1945 Set decorators Hollywood Black Friday strike, six months

1942-44 Musicians' strike, thirteen months plus (the longest Hollywood strike)

1941 Disney animators' strike, five weeks

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