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Infinity, Inc. is a team of superheroes that appear in comic books published by DC Comics.

The team has existed in two distinct iterations. These roster lists are of the members during each of those incarnations.

The codenames listed under "Character" are those used during the time frame of the particular iteration. Characters with more than one codename for that period have them listed chronologically and separated by a slash (/). Bolded names in the most recent iteration published are the current team members.

"First appearance" is the place where the character first appeared as a member of a particular iteration. It is not necessarily the first appearance of the character in print, nor the story depicting how the character joined the team.

All information is listed in publication order first, then alphabetical.

Original roster[edit]

This roster covers the iteration of the team that appeared during the 1980s created by Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas.

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Brainwave Jr. / Brainwave Henry King, Jr. All-Star Squadron #24 (August 1983)
Fury Lyta Trevor-Hall All-Star Squadron #25 (September 1983)
  • Founding member.
  • Apparent death in JSA #80 (February 2006).
Jade Jennifer-Lynn Hayden
Northwind Norda Cantrell
  • Founding member.
Nuklon Albert Rothstein
Obsidian Todd Rice
  • Later member of
    • Justice League of America
    • Justice Society of America
Silver Scarab Hector Hall
  • Founding member.
  • Later member of the Justice Society of America (as Doctor Fate).
  • Apparent death in JSA #80 (February 2006).
Power Girl Karen Starr All Star Comics #58 (January/February 1976)
Huntress Helena Wayne All Star Comics #69 (December 1977)
Star-Spangled Kid / Skyman Sylvester Pemberton Action Comics #40 (September 1941)
  • Founding member and leader.
  • Former member of:
  • Apparent death in Infinity Inc. #51 (June 1988).
Mister Bones Unknown Infinity Inc. #14 (July 1985)
Doctor Midnight Beth Chapel Infinity Inc. #21 (December 1985)
  • Apparent death in Eclipso #13 (November 1993).
Hourman Rick Tyler
  • Later member of the Justice Society of America.
Wildcat Yolanda Montez Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (September 1985)
  • Apparent death in Eclipso #13 (November 1993).

Second roster[edit]

This roster covers the iteration of the team that appears during the series 52 and later Infinity Inc. vol. 2.

Character Real name First appearance Notes
Everyman Hannibal Bates 52 Week 17 (August 30, 2006)
  • Founding member.
  • Apparently killed by Black Canary in Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special #1 (November 2007).
Fury Erik Storn
  • Founding member.
  • Killed by Codename: Assassin in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #2 (October 2009).
Nuklon/Double Trouble Gerome McKenna
  • Founding member.
  • Killed by his evil double in Infinity Inc. vol. 2, #12 (October 2008).
Skyman Jacob Colby
  • Founding member.
  • Replaced by teammate Everyman for an unknown amount of time, revealed deceased in 52 Week 38 (January 24, 2007).
Starlight/Vaporlock Natasha Irons
  • Founding member.
Trajectory Eliza Harmon
  • Founding member.
  • Killed by Blockbuster in 52 Week 21 (September 27, 2006).
Matrix Sierra (last name unknown) 52 Week 25 (October 25, 2006)
Jade Nicki Jones 52 Week 29 (November 22, 2006)
Steel John Henry Irons Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993)
Mercy/Vanilla Mercedes "Mercy" Graves Detective Comics #735 (August 1999)
Empathy Lucia Infinity Inc. vol. 2, #5 (March 2008)