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This is a list of Jäger units in various national armies. Jäger, or Jaeger, is the German word for "hunter", and describes a kind of light infantry. [1] In English the word Jaeger is also translated as "rifleman" or "ranger".

National armies[edit]




  • Hunter Corps, a special forces unit of the Royal Danish Army


Germany (Imperial)[edit]

Germany (First World War)[edit]


  • Guard Reserve Jägerbattalion
  • Guard Reserve Schützenbattalion
  • Reserve Jägerbattalions 1-14
  • Bavarian Reserve Jägerbattalions 1-2
  • Bavarian Ski Battalions 1-2


  • Reserve Jägerbattalions 15-26
  • Royal Prussian 27th Jäger Battalion (Finnish Volunteers)
  • Bavarian Ski Battalions 3-4
  • Württemberg Ski Company (later renamed the Württemberg Mountain Company and expanded to a Battalion, then a Regiment)
  • Bavarian Jägerregiment No.1 (1st and 2nd Bavarian Jäger Battalions, 2nd Bavarian Reserve Jäger Battalion)
  • Jägerregiment No.2 (10th Jäger Battalion, 10th and 14th Reserve Jäger Battalions)
  • Bavarian Jägerregiment No.3 (1st - 4th Bavarian Ski Battalions)
  • Alpine Corps (1st, 2nd & 3rd Jäger Regiments)


  • Württemberg Mountain Battalion
  • Jägerregiment No.4 (11th Jäger Battalion, 5th and 6th Reserve Jäger Battalions)
  • Jägerregiment No.5 (17th, 18th and 23rd Reserve Jäger Battalions)
  • Jägerregiment No.6 (5th, 6th and 14th Jäger Battalions)
  • Jägerregiment No.7 (13th Jäger Battalion, 25th and 26th Reserve Jäger Battalions)
  • Jägerregiment No.8 (4th, 16th and 24th Reserve Jäger Battalions)
  • Jägerregiment No.9 (8th Jäger Battalion, 12th Reserve Jäger Battalion)
  • Jägerregiment No.10 (12th Jäger Battalion, 13th Reserve Jäger Battalion)


  • Royal Bavarian 29th Infantry Regiment (Jager Regiment) (1st Bavarian Reserve Jagerbattalion, 7th and 9th Reserve Jägerbattalions)
  • German Jäger Division (11th, 12th & 13th Jägerregiments)


  • Württemberg Mountain Regiment
  • Jägerregiment No.11 (Guard Reserve Jägerbattalion, Guard Reserve Schützenbattalion, 1st Jägerbattalion)
  • Jägerregiment No.12 (2nd and 7th Jägerbattalions, 1st Reserve Jägerbattalion)
  • Jägerregiment No.13 (8th, 20th and 21st Reserve Jägerbattalions)
  • Jägerregiment No.14 (15th, 19th and 22nd Reserve Jägerbattalions)
  • Bavarian Reserve Jägerregiment No.15 (1st Bavarian Reserve Jagerbattalion and Caucasian Railway Protection Battalion)

Germany (Third Reich)[edit]

Germany (Federal Republic)[edit]

  • Jäger Regiment 1, an air-mobile infantry unit that was downsized to battalion level
  • Jägerbataillon 91, a unit that was formed in 2015[2]
  • Gebirgsjägerbrigade 23, Mountain Infantry Brigage 23[3]
    • Gebirgsjägerbataillion 231
    • Gebirgsjägerbataillion 232
    • Gebirgsjägerbataillion 233
  • Fallschirmjägerregiment 26, formed in 2015 from parts of Fallschirmjägerregiment 261 and Fallschirmjägerregiment 263[4][5]
  • Fallschirmjägerregiment 31, formed in 2015

The Netherlands[edit]

  • Garderegiment Grenadiers en Jagers, guards regiment, an amalgamation of the Garderegiment Grenadiers and the Garderegiment Jagers. Consists of one air mobile infantry battalion
  • Regiment Limburgse Jagers, line infantry (former 2nd Infantry Regiment). Consists of one armoured infantry battalion


  • Hærens Jegerkommando, the armed forces competence center for ranger, airborne and counter terrorist duty in the Norwegian Army
  • Jegerkompaniet, the Norwegian Army's northern-most unit
  • Kystjegerkommandoen, (Coastal Ranger Command) marine unit trained to operate in littoral combat theatres, filling the role of a marine corps and coastal artillery in the Norwegian Navy
  • Marinejegerkommandoen, a marine commando unit of the Norwegian Navy.
  • Artillerijeger, a ranger unit specialising in special reconnaissance and forward observing for artillery and aircraft.
  • Grensejeger, border rangers at the border between Russia and Norway


  • Jägare, elite units in the Swedish Armed Forces
  • Fallskärmsjägarna, the Parachute Ranger Corps
  • Fallskärmsjägarskolan (Fjs) Parachute ranger school
  • Lapplands Jägarna I 22(1975–2000) Arctic Ranger Battalion
  • Arméns Jägarbataljon (AJB) The Army's Jäger Battalion
  • 31. Luftburna Bataljonen (K3) 31. Airborne Jäger Battalion
  • 32. Underättelsebataljonen (K3) 32. Intelligence Jäger Battalion
  • Flygbasjägarskolan (Fjbs) Air (base)force ranger school
  • Kustjägarna (AMF1), (Coastal Rangers) marine commandos trained to operate in littoral combat theatres, filling the role of a marine corps and coastal artillery

United States[edit]

-The 24th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment was also known as the "Hecker Jaeger Regiment” after Friedrich Hecker, its original commander.

-The Scout Sniper Platoon of Second Battalion, Third Marine Regiment is identified by the callsign "Jaeger".


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