List of Juventus F.C. chairmen

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This is a list of Juventus F.C. chairmen (Italian: presidente) of the board of directors.

Chairmen history[edit]

Juventus have had numerous chairmen over the course of their history, some of which have been the owners of the club, while others were nominated by the owners, such as Grande Stevens.[1]

Here is a complete list of them from when Eugenio Canfari took over at the club in 1898, until the present day.[2]

Name Years
Eugenio Canfari 1897–1898
Enrico Canfari 1898–1901
Carlo Favale 1901–1902
Giacomo Parvopassu 1903–1904
Alfred Dick 1905–1906
Carlo Vittorio Varetti 1907–1910
Attilio Ubertalli 1911–1912
Giuseppe Hess 1913–1915
Gioacchino Armano
Fernando Nizza
Sandro Zambelli
Corrado Corradini 1919–1920
Gino Olivetti 1920–1923
Edoardo Agnelli 1923–1935
Name Years
Giovanni Mazzonis 1935–1936
Emilio de la Forest de Divonne 1936–1941
Pietro Dusio 1941–1947
Gianni Agnelli (also honorary chairman) 1947–1954
Enrico Craveri
Nino Cravetto
Marcello Giustiniani
Umberto Agnelli 1955–1962
Vittore Catella 1962–1971
Giampiero Boniperti (current honorary chairman) 1971–1990
Vittorio Caissotti di Chiusano (it) 1990–2003
Franzo Grande Stevens (current honorary chairman) 2003–2006[1]
Giovanni Cobolli Gigli 2006–2009
Jean-Claude Blanc 2009–2010
Andrea Agnelli[3] 2010–

(cpg.) Chairmanship Committee of War.
(int.) Chairmen on interim charge.


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