List of Kentucky Confederate Civil War units

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This is a list of Kentucky Confederate Civil War Confederate units. The list of Kentucky Union Civil War units is shown separately.



  • 1st Cavalry Regiment (1st (3rd) Cavalry)
  • 2nd (Duke's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 2nd (Woodward's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 3rd (Butler's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 3rd (Tucker's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 3rd & 7th (Consolidated) Cavalry
  • 4th Cavalry Regiment
  • 5th Cavalry Regiment
  • 6th Cavalry Regiment
  • 7th Cavalry Regiment ("3rd Cavalry Regiment")
  • 8th Cavalry Regiment
  • 8th and 12th (Consolidated) Cavalry
  • 9th Cavalry Regiment ("4th Mounted Rifles Regiment")
  • 10th Cavalry Regiment, Partisan ("10th Cavalry Regiment")
  • 10th (Diamond's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 10th (Johnson's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 10th Cavalry Regiment
  • 11th Cavalry Regiment ("7th (Chenault's) Cavalry Regiment")
  • 11th (Hollis') Cavalry Regiment
  • 12th Cavalry Regiment ("1st Kentucky and Tennessee Mounted Rifles")
  • 13th Cavalry Regiment ("10th Mounted Rifles," "10th Infantry Regiment," "10th Cavalry Battalion," "10th Mounted Rifles," "11th Mounted Rifles," or "11th Mounted Infantry Regiment")
  • 13th (Sypert's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 14th Cavalry Regiment ("10th (May's) Cavalry Regiment")
  • 14th (Richard C. Morgan's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 15th Cavalry Regiment ("2nd (Woodward's) Cavalry Regiment")
  • 16th (Chenowith's) Cavalry Regiment
  • 1st Cavalry Battalion
  • 1st (King's) Cavalry Battalion
  • 1st Special Cavalry Battalion
  • 2nd Cavalry Battalion
  • 2nd Special Cavalry Battalion
  • 3rd Cavalry Battalion - failed to complete organization
  • 3rd Special Cavalry Battalion
  • 4th Special Cavalry Battalion
  • 9th (Breckinridge's) Cavalry Battalion
  • Stoner's Cavalry Battalion
  • Buckner Guards, Cavalry
  • Morgan's Cavalry Squadron
  • Bolen's (Captain) Independent Company, Cavalry
  • Dudley's (Captain) Independent Cavalry
  • Jenkins' (Captain) Company, Cavalry

Mounted Rifles[edit]

  • 1st Cavalry Battalion, Mounted Rifles
  • 2nd Cavalry Battalion, Mounted Rifles
  • 2nd Cavalry, Mounted Infantry
  • 3rd Cavalry Battalion, Mounted Rifles ("1st Kentucky Mounted Rifles")
  • 3rd Cavalry Battalion, Mounted Rifles ("Jessee's")
  • Caudill's Army
  • May's Cavalry Battalion, Mounted Rifles
  • Morris' Cavalry Regiment, Mounted Rifles

Mounted Infantry[edit]

Partisan Rangers[edit]

  • Morehead's Regiment (Partisan Rangers)
  • Patton's Cavalry Battalion, Partisan Rangers
  • Field's (Captain) Company (Partisan Rangers)
  • Rowan's (Captain) Company (Partisan Rangers)


Horse Artillery[edit]

  • Byrne's (Captain) Company, Horse Artillery


  • 1st Kentucky Artillery (Lyon's Artillery Battery or Cobb's Artillery Battery)
  • Bell's Artillery Battery
  • Byrne's Artillery Battery
  • Cumberland Artillery Battery (Cpt Henry D. Green later Cpt. W. H. Hedden)
  • Graves' Battery
  • Harris'-Arnett's-Corbett's Artillery Battery
  • Issaquena Artillery Battery
  • Williams' Artillery Battery


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