List of Landor's Imaginary Conversations

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This is a list of the Imaginary Conversations of Walter Savage Landor, a series of dialogues of historical and mythical characters. It follows the retrospective order and arrangement of the five-volume collection, chosen by Landor himself and to be found in his Collected Works. These were then published separately (1883).

The original spelling and use of honorifics and titles is retained, but some names are made fuller in order to disambiguate.

First Series: Classical Dialogues[edit]


  1. Achilles and Helen of Troy
  2. Aesop and Rhodopè (two)
  3. Solon and Pisistratus
  4. Anacreon and Polycrates
  5. Xerxes and Artabanus
  6. Pericles and Sophocles
  7. Diogenes and Plato
  8. Xenophon and Cyrus the Younger
  9. Alcibiades and Xenophon
  10. Demosthenes and Eubulides (two)
  11. Aeschines and Phocion
  12. Alexander and the Priest of Hammon
  13. Aristoteles and Callisthenes
  14. Epicurus, Leontion, and Ternissa
  15. Epicurus and Metrodorus
  16. Menander and Epicurus (two)
  17. Lucian and Timotheus


  1. Marcellus and Hannibal
  2. P. Scipio Aemilianus, Polybius, Panaetius
  3. Metellus and Marius
  4. Lucullus and Caesar
  5. Marcus Tullius Cicero and Quinctus Cicero
  6. Tibullus and Messala
  7. Tiberius and Vipsania
  8. Epictetus and Seneca
  9. Virgilius and Horatius
  10. Asinius Pollio and Licinius Calvus

Second Series: Dialogues of Sovereigns and Statesmen[edit]

  1. Richard I and the Abbot of Boxley
  2. Henry IV and Sir Arnold Savage
  3. Oliver Cromwell and Walter Noble
  4. James I and Isaac Casaubon
  5. Peter Leopold and President Du Paty
  6. Kosciusko and Poniatowski
  7. Wolfgang and Henry of Melctal
  8. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin
  9. Andrew Hofer, Count Metternich, and the Emperor Francis
  10. Lord Chesterfield and Lord Chatham
  11. Romilly and Perceval
  12. Peter the Great and Alexis
  13. Louis XIV and Father La Chaise
  14. Soliman and Mufti
  15. Mr. Pitt[disambiguation needed] and Mr. Canning
  16. Archbishop Boulter and Philip Savage
  17. Mahomet and Sergius
  18. Fra Filippo Lippi and Pope Eugenius IV
  19. William Wallace and Edward I
  20. William Penn and Lord Peterborough
  21. Nicolas and Michel
  22. The Duke of Wellington and Sir Robert Inglis
  23. Bishop Shipley and Benjamin Franklin
  24. Windham and Sheridan
  25. Louis XVIII and Talleyrand
  26. Romilly and Wilberforce
  27. Oliver Cromwell and Sir Oliver Cromwell
  28. Admiral Blake and Humphrey Blake

Third Series: Dialogues of Literary Men[edit]

  1. Lord Brooke and Sir Philip Sidney
  2. Robert Southey and Porson (two)
  3. Bishop Burnet and Humphrey Hardcastle
  4. Abbé Jacques Delille and Walter Landor
  5. Middleton and Magliabechi
  6. John Milton and Andrew Marvel
  7. Lord Bacon and Richard Hooker
  8. Samuel Johnson and John Horne Tooke (two)
  9. David Hume and John Home
  10. Alfieri and Salomon the Florentine Jew
  11. Rousseau and Malesherbes
  12. Joseph Scaliger and Montaigne
  13. Boccacio and Petrarca
  14. Chaucer, Boccacio and Petrarca
  15. Isaac Barrow and Isaac Newton
  16. Isaak Walton, Charles Cotton and William Oldways
  17. Machiavelli and Michel-Angelo Buonarroti

Fourth Series[edit]

Dialogues of Literary Men (continued)[edit]

18. Robert Southey and Walter Landor (two)
19. Andrew Marvell and Bishop Parker
20. Steele and Addison
21. La Fontaine and De La Rochefoucauld
22. Melanchthon and Calvin
23. Galileo, John Milton and a Dominican
24. Essex and Edmund Spenser
25. Archdeacon Hare and Walter Landor
26. Alfieri and Metastasio
27. Machiavelli and Giucciardini
28. John Milton and Andrew Marvel (two)
29. Martin and Jack
30. Tiziano Vecelli and Luigi Cornaro.

Dialogues of Famous Women[edit]

  1. Queen Elizabeth and Cecil
  2. Roger Ascham and Lady Jane Grey
  3. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
  4. Beniowski and Aphanasia
  5. Bossuet and the Duchess of Fontanges
  6. John of Gaunt and Joanna of Kent
  7. The Lady Lisle and Elizabeth Gaunt
  8. The Empress Catharine and Princess Dashkof
  9. Leofric and Godiva
  10. The Maid of Orleans and Agnes Sorel
  11. Rhadamistus and Zenobia
  12. Tancredi and Constantia
  13. Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth
  14. Philip II and Donna Juana Coello
  15. Dante and Beatrice
  16. Queen Elizabeth, Cecil, Duke of Anjou, and De La Motte Fénélon
  17. Mary and Bothwell
  18. Tasso and Cornelia
  19. Vittoria Colonna and Michel-Angelo Buonarroti
  20. The Count Gleichem; the Countess; their children; and Zaida
  21. Dante and Gemma Donati
  22. Leonora di Este and Father Panigarola

Miscellaneous Dialogues[edit]

  1. Marchese Pallavicini and Walter Landor
  2. General Kleber and French officers
  3. The Emperor Alexander and Capo D'Istria
  4. Bonaparte and the President of the Senate
  5. General Lacy and Cura Merino
  6. Cavaliere Puntomichino and Mr. Denis Eusebius Talcranagh
  7. Maurocordato and Colocotroni
  8. Lopez Baños and Romero Alpuente
  9. Don Victor Saez and El Rey Netto
  10. Lord Coleraine, Rev. Mr. Bloombury, and Rev. Mr. Swan

Fifth Series: Miscellaneous Dialogues (concluded)[edit]

11. Duke de Richelieu, Sir Firebrace Cotes, Lady Glengrin. and Mr. Normanby
12. Florentine, English Visitor, and Landor
13. Pope Leo XII and his valet Gigi
14. M. Villele and M. Corbiere
15. Odysseus, Tersitza, Acrive, and Trelawny
16. Don Ferdinand and Don John-Mary-Luis
17. King of the Sandwich Isles, Mr. Peel[disambiguation needed], Mr. Croker, and Interpreter
18. King of Ava and Rao-Gong-Fao
19. Photo Zavellas and Kaido
20. Miguel and his mother
21. Sandt and Kotzebue
22. The Cardinal-Legate Albani and picture-dealers
23. Blucher and Sandt
24. Eldon and Encombe (courtesy title)
25. Queen Pomare, Pritchard, Captains Polverel and Des Mitrailles, Lieutenant Poignaunez, Mariners
26. Walker, Hattaji, Gonda, and Dewah
27. Talleyrand and Archbishop of Paris
28. Marshal Bugeaud and Arab chieftain
29. Emperor of China and Tsing-Ti
30. Louis Philippe and M. Guizot
31. M. Thiers and M. Lamartine
32. Nicholas, Frederic-William, and Nesselrode
33. Beranger and La Roche-Jaquelin
34. Nicholas and Nesselrode
35. King Carlo-Alberto and Princess Belgioioso
36. Garibaldi and Mazzini
37. Cardinal Antonelli and General Gemeau
38. Louis Bonaparte and Count Molé
39. Pope Pio Nono and Cardinal Antonelli
40. Archbishop of Florence and Francesco Madiai