List of Mars analogs

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Concordia Research Station at Dome Charlie. Concordia station is a Franco-Italia effort that replicates certain aspects of the human Mars mission and supports the ESA Aurora program.[1]
Biosphere 2 in Arizona
Crew for a Mars research mission practice techniques on Devon Island, in the Canadian arctic

This is list of Mars analogs, which simulate aspects of the conditions human beings could experience during a future mission to Mars.

For example, in the 1960s the Soviets confined three cosmonauts for a year to prepare for longer space missions.[2] Modern examples include an 120-day study in Hawaii to test a space food diet,[3] and equipment tests inside Austrian mountain caves in 2012.[4]

Mars analogs are sometimes chosen for their location, for example, Devon island is at 75°N latitude which provides solar radiance similar to the Martian Equator.[5] Similarly, high altitudes can provide an equivalent to the low pressure of the Mars atmosphere

Among these are:

At about 28 miles (45 km) Earth altitude the pressure starts to be equivalent to Mars.[7]

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