List of North American hummingbirds

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Ruby-throated hummingbird

Order: Apodiformes   Family: Trochilidae

Hummingbirds are small birds capable of hovering in mid-air due to the rapid flapping of their wings. They are the only birds that can fly backwards.

Unless otherwise noted, all species listed below are considered to occur regularly in North America as permanent residents, summer or winter residents or visitors, or migrants. The following codes are used to designate some species:

  • (A) Accidental - occurrence based on one or two (rarely more) records, and unlikely to occur regularly
  • (C) Casual - occurrence based on two or a few records, with subsequent records not improbable
  • (E) Extinct - a recent species that no longer exists
  • (Ex) Extirpated - a species which no longer occurs in North America, but populations still exist elsewhere
  • (I) Introduced - a population established solely as result of direct or indirect human intervention; synonymous with non-native and non-indigenous

Conservation status - IUCN Red List of Threatened Species:

EX - Extinct, EW - Extinct in the wild
CR - Critically endangered, EN - Endangered, VU - Vulnerable
NT - Near threatened, LC - Least concern
DD - Data deficient, NE - Not evaluated
(v. 2013.2, the data is current as of March 5, 2014[1])

and Endangered Species Act:

E - endangered, T - threatened
XN, XE - experimental non essential or essential population
E(S/A), T(S/A) - endangered or threatened due to similarity of appearance
(including taxa not necessarily found in the United States, the data is current as of June 8, 2012.[2])

List of hummingbirds known to occur in North America[edit]


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