List of Prime Ministers of King Edward VIII

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King Edward VIII surrounded by heralds of the College of Arms prior to his only State Opening of Parliament, 3 November 1936

King Edward VIII was the King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions and colonies of the British Commonwealth, Emperor of India, from 20 January to 11 December 1936, when he abdicated the throne.

During his reign Edward was served by eight prime ministers; one each from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, the Irish Free State, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, South Africa, and Southern Rhodesia.

Prime Ministers[edit]

Country Portrait Name Notes
Australia Joseph Lyons 1.jpg Joseph Lyons 20 January 1936 – 11 December 1936
Canada King1941.jpg William Lyon Mackenzie King
Irish Free State Eamon de Valera c 1922-30.jpg Éamon de Valera
New Zealand Michael Joseph Savage Portrait.jpg Michael Joseph Savage
Northern Ireland James Craig Viscount Craigavon.jpg Lord Craigavon
South Africa JBM Hertzog - SA.jpg J. B. M. Hertzog
Southern Rhodesia Huggins.jpg Godfrey Huggins
United Kingdom Stanley Baldwin ggbain.35233.jpg Stanley Baldwin


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