List of Real Madrid C.F. presidents

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Real Madrid C.F. is a football club based in Madrid, Spain that competes in La Liga, the most senior football league in Spain. Since its founding in 1902, the club has had 19 different presidents. The club is owned by the club-members of Real Madrid C.F., and similarly to a limited liability company, they elect the president by a ballot. The president has the responsibility for the overall management of the club, including formally signing contracts with players and staff. In Spain, it is customary for the president to watch the games in which the first-team participates, together with the president from the opposing team.

Since its foundation, Real Madrid C.F. has been owned and operated only by its members (all Spanish) called socios, unlike most European football clubs. Santiago Bernabéu Yeste remains the longest-running president of The Whites (35 years, from 1943 to 1978). In addition, under Bernabéu's presidency the club won the most trophies (28). On July 2000, former Real player Alfredo Di Stéfano was appointed Honorary President of the Club.[1]

List of presidents[edit]

Below is the official presidential history of Real Madrid C.F., from when Julián Palacios took over at the club in 1900, until the present day.[2]

Rafael Sánchez Guerra presidency coincided with the Spanish Civil War.
Florentino Pérez is the current president of the club.
Name From To
Spain Julián Palacios 1900 6 March 1902
Spain Juan Padrós 6 March 1902 January 1904
Spain Carlos Padrós January 1904 1908
Spain Adolfo Meléndez 1908 July 1916
Spain Pedro Parages July 1916 16 May 1926
Spain Luis de Urquijo 16 May 1926 1930
Spain Luis Usera 1930 31 May 1935
Spain Rafael Sánchez Guerra 31 May 1935 4 August 1936
Spain Adolfo Meléndez 4 August 1936 1940
Spain Antonio Santos Peralba 1940 11 September 1943
Spain Santiago Bernabéu Yeste 11 September 1943 2 June 1978
Spain Luis de Carlos September 1978 24 May 1985
Spain Ramón Mendoza 24 May 1985 26 November 1995
Spain Lorenzo Sanz 26 November 1995 16 July 2000
Spain Florentino Pérez 16 July 2000 27 February 2006
Spain Fernando Martín Álvarez 27 February 2006 26 April 2006
Spain Luis Gómez-Montejano 26 April 2006 2 July 2006
Spain Ramón Calderón 2 July 2006 16 January 2009
Spain Vicente Boluda 16 January 2009 31 May 2009
Spain Florentino Pérez 1 June 2009 present

List of honorary presidents[edit]

Name Appointed
Spain Carlos Padrós 1908[3]
Spain Adolfo Meléndez 1913[4]
Spain Alfonso XIII de Borbón 29 June 1920[5]
Spain Santiago Bernabéu de Yeste 27 May 1948[6]
ArgentinaColombiaSpain Alfredo Di Stéfano 5 November 2000[7]