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This is a list of episodes for the Canadian animated television series Rupert, which was originally broadcast on YTV.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 13 7 September 1991 (1991-09-07) 23 November 1991 (1991-11-23)
2 13 13 September 1992 (1992-09-13) 9 December 1992 (1992-12-09)
3 13 3 March 1994 (1994-03-03) 26 May 1994 (1994-05-26)
4 13 3 September 1995 (1995-09-03) 26 November 1995 (1995-11-26)
5 13 27 March 1997 (1997-03-27) 19 June 1997 (1997-06-19)


Season 1 (1991)[edit]

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
11"Rupert and Pong Ping"Dale SchottPeter Sauder7 September 1991 (7 September 1991)
When Rupert and Pong Ping journey to China, the Emperor's pet dragon becomes jealous of Pong Ping and has him kidnapped by a ferocious fire-breathing relative. Rupert rescues Pong Ping, and seals the friendship between the Emperor and his pet dragon.
22"Rupert and the Sage of Um"Dale SchottBruce Robb8 September 1991 (8 September 1991)
When a young magician Rupert's age threatens the last herd of unicorns, Rupert and his friend Tiger Lily fly to mythical Um Island. There they not only help a timid young unicorn learn to stand up to her problems, but teach the young magician a lesson about growing up.
33"Rupert and Algy's Misadventure"Dale SchottPeter Sauder14 September 1991 (14 September 1991)
Algy learns a lesson about letting his curiosity get the better of him when he accidentally sends himself back to medieval England in The Wise Old Goat's time machine. It's up to Rupert to follow Algy and rescue him from the hands of an evil knight.
44"Rupert and the Purple Cakes"Dale SchottDale Schott15 September 1991 (15 September 1991)
When Rupert and Podgy find what appear to be purple cakes in the forest, Podgy ignores Rupert's warnings and eats them. Too late, he discovers that they are The Professor's creations, devised to make things lighter than air. In danger of floating helplessly into space, Podgy is saved by Rupert and learns never to eat anything unless you know exactly what it is and where it came from.
55"Rupert and Bill in Gameland"Dale SchottPeter Sauder21 September 1991 (21 September 1991)
Rupert and his friend, Bill Badger, learn that there are some things more important than winning when they find themselves on opposing sides in the ultimate game that could well destroy Gameland.
66"Rupert and Little Yum"Dale SchottDale Schott28 September 1991 (28 September 1991)
Rupert chooses to work around his friend, Officer Growler, and the laws he represents in order to free a rare baby abominable snowman from the influential Sir Jasper and Scrogg. However, it's only when he plays by Growler's rules is he able to help his new friend and understand that, although it might seem slow, the law is fair and just and does punish the wrongdoers.
77"Rupert and the Knight"Dale SchottDale Schott12 October 1991 (12 October 1991)
Rupert loses his battle to break an age-old tradition when his attempts to kindle a friendship between a knight and a fire-breathing dragon ultimately end up with them engaged in a duel to the death. Only afterward does Rupert realize that the fight was staged and now, having done what was traditionally expected of them, the dragon and knight can co-exist as friends.
88"Rupert and the Crocodiles"Dale SchottBruce Robb13 October 1991 (13 October 1991)
When his appetite ultimately gets himself and Rupert caught by hungry crocodiles, Podgy promises to change. However, it's also his appetite that allows them to escape, allowing Rupert to learn to accept others for what they are, faults included.
99"Rupert and Raggety"Dale SchottBruce Robb20 October 1991 (20 October 1991)
Rupert's unsuccessful attempts to teach a cantankerous wood troll the meaning of friendship only causes problems for the Imps of Spring, hard pressed to bring spring to Nutwood on time. Only when Rupert allows their Wand of Spring to be destroyed in order to save the troll from his own mischief does the troll finally understand what being a friend is all about.
1010"Rupert's Undersea Adventure"Dale SchottPeter Sauder26 October 1991 (26 October 1991)
When Rupert is falsely accused, caught and tried by King Neptune's undersea court for kidnapping his prized Whistle Fish, it's up to Rupert and a little mermaid, Marina, to race against time and save the Fish, demonstrating that creatures of the land and sea must work together for the benefit of all.
1111"Rupert and the Twilight Fan"Dale SchottBruce Robb
Dale Schott
9 November 1991 (9 November 1991)
Tricked by an evil sorcerer, Tung Lai, into putting Tiger Lily under a sleeping spell, Rupert flies to the Bird Kingdom, hoping to find the cure. However, it's only when he learns to read between the lines that he's able to find the way to awaken his friend.
1212"Rupert and Billy Blizzard"Dale SchottBruce Robb17 November 1991 (17 November 1991)
Rupert's old snowman has fled to Nutwood seeking refuge from Billy Blizzard. Rupert learns that Blizzard has frozen King Frost and all the snowmen. Rupert and his snowman, as well as Reika, one of Santa's elves, must now head to the North Pole and end Billy's reign of terror.
1313"Rupert and the Pirates"Dale SchottPeter Sauder23 November 1991 (23 November 1991)
When Rupert finds a treasure map in the hull of a model ship, he convinces three retired pirates to get up out of their rocking chairs and go after it. In so doing, the ancient mariners recapture their bygone days and ultimately realize that life isn't over just because they are old.

Season 2 (1992)[edit]

Note: This is the last season for cel animation.

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
141"Rupert and the Temple Ruins"Dale SchottDale Schott13 September 1992 (13 September 1992)
Rupert, Edward, and The Professor set out on a pleasant balloon ride, which soon turns into a harrowing adventure amongst ancient temple ruins on a remote tropical isle.
152"Rupert and the Missing Snow"Dale SchottDavid Finley20 September 1992 (20 September 1992)
After Santa asks him to find out why it hasn't snowed this winter, Rupert finds himself adrift on an ice floe in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, in pursuit of the stolen North Pole.
163"Rupert and the Leprechauns"Dale SchottBruce Robb
Peter Sauder
27 September 1992 (27 September 1992)
Rupert learns there are no easy solutions to age-old animosities when he becomes involved in a bitter feud between an elderly recluse and a band of Leprechauns.
174"Rupert in Timeland"Dale SchottDavid Finley4 October 1992 (4 October 1992)
When Rupert and Podgy find themselves unaffected by a sudden freeze in time, they visit Father Time in order to set things right but both end up on a journey into the future and age with each leap of time.
185"Rupert and the Tiger's Eye"Dale SchottAaron Barzman
David Finley
14 October 1992 (14 October 1992)
While on holiday in Sandy Cove, Rupert and a local girl named Frances become involved in a dangerous game of cloak and dagger as they match wits with an infamous jewel thief called The Chameleon.
196"Rupert and the BIGsmall Machine"Dale SchottBruce Robb21 October 1992 (21 October 1992)
Rupert and Podgy must prevent a rival inventor from stealing all of The Professor's gadgets, after his latest invention accidentally shrinks them to the size of insects.
207"Rupert and Uncle Grizzly"Dale SchottAaron Barzman
David Finley
28 October 1992 (28 October 1992)
Rupert visits his Uncle Grizzly in the Wild West, and they find themselves at odds with scheming neighbors who are looking for gold.
218"Rupert and the Fiddle"Dale SchottDavid Finley4 November 1992 (4 November 1992)
Rupert and Podgy find themselves in Storyland, where their attempts at playing the fiddle for a not-so-merry Old King Cole lands them in the dungeon.
229"Rupert and Nessie"Dale SchottMary Crawford
Alan Templeton
11 November 1992 (11 November 1992)
Rupert travels to the shores of Loch Ness to rescue his legendary friend Nessie from the clutches of a fortune-hunting adventurer.
2310"Rupert and the Ghost"Dale SchottDavid Finley18 November 1992 (18 November 1992)
Rupert and his parents spend an uneasy night in a tumble-down castle, which comes complete with a ghost and a hidden pirate treasure. The workmen, Milton and Monty are after the pirates' treasure.
2411"Rupert and the Lamp"Dale SchottMary Crawford
Alan Templeton
25 November 1992 (25 November 1992)
A flying carpet whisks Rupert and Bill far from home, where they free the people of Shandalar from the tyrannical rule of an evil Genie.
2512"Rupert and the Firebird"Dale SchottAaron Barzman
David Finley
2 December 1992 (2 December 1992)
A little bird that thinks Rupert is his mother turns out to have some surprising, and dangerous, abilities.
2613"Rupert and the Mulp Gulper"Dale SchottBruce Robb9 December 1992 (9 December 1992)
Rupert and Bill's practical joke on Algy leads to a confrontation with the gigantic, and hungry, Mulp Gulper. The boys find they are the next items on the Gulper's menu.

Season 3 (1994)[edit]

Note: This is the first season for digital animation.

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
271"Rupert and Ginger"Gary HurstDale Schott3 March 1994 (3 March 1994)
Rupert's encounter with a friendly Stegosaurus in Nutwood Forest leads him on an adventure to the Jurassic Era. Once there, he helps his friend, The Wise Old Goat, repair his malfunctioning Time Machine and avoid becoming a Tyrannosaurus' next meal.
282"Rupert and Growler"Gary HurstDale Schott10 March 1994 (10 March 1994)
Constable Growler's day off is canceled when Rupert is kidnapped by a river pirate and his grandsons, and both find themselves working against other police officers while trying stop the thieves.
293"Rupert and the Dragon Race"Gary HurstMary Crawford
Dale Schott
Alan Templeton
17 March 1994 (17 March 1994)
A series of misadventures involving a flying couch necessitates a trek by Rupert and Pong Ping to the Valley of Dragons, on a rescue mission to save pals Edward, Bill and Toby from an uncertain fate.
304"Rupert and the Hedgehog"Gary HurstBob Ardiel24 March 1994 (24 March 1994)
Rupert and Bill's experiment with the art of topiary leads them to use a bit too much of The Professor's new growth formula to restore one of Dad's favorite shrubs to its proper size, which results in a "hedgehog" the size of a tour bus running loose through the Nutwood countryside.
315"Rupert and Ottoline"Gary HurstDale Schott31 March 1994 (31 March 1994)
Rupert and his new friend Ottoline Otter are swept up on a race to find the long lost King's Gold before it falls into the hands of a "ghost" and his cohort, who are actually a pair of nasty treasure hunters.
326"Rupert and the Cloud Pirates"Gary HurstMary Crawford
Alan Templeton
7 April 1994 (7 April 1994)
Rupert and Bill do battle with a Cloud Pirate who has shanghaied the Four Winds as part of his dastardly plan to control the world's weather.
337"Rupert and the Nile"Gary HurstNicola Barton
Frank Diteljan
14 April 1994 (14 April 1994)
While on holiday in Egypt, Rupert foils the plans of the evil explorer Sir Humphrey Pumphrey to loot the newly discovered tomb of the legendary Pharaoh Ramindas.
348"Rupert and the Lost Memory"Gary HurstMary Crawford
Alan Templeton
21 April 1994 (21 April 1994)
In a bid to get his hands on The Professor's latest invention, a misguided inventor steals the entire Nutwood file from the Memory Bank, the place where everyone's memories are stored.
359"Rupert and the Sea Serpent"Gary HurstBob Ardiel28 April 1994 (28 April 1994)
While on vacation at the seaside, Rupert meets up with Podgy along with his spiteful cousin Rosalie. When the two pigs fail to get along, Rosalie sets off with a playful young sea serpent, and Rupert and Podgy are forced to go after her.
3610"Rupert and the Bell"Gary HurstAndrew Nickolds5 May 1994 (5 May 1994)
The local delinquents, Freddy and Ferdy Fox, find a bell that renders them invisible when they ring it. They put it to good use by playing nasty tricks, making Rupert appear to be the perpetrator.
3711"Rupert and the Carousel"Gary HurstNicola Barton
Frank Diteljan
12 May 1994 (12 May 1994)
Rupert and Ottoline find a merry-go-round that has been abandoned on the common, and restore it to its former grandeur. After The Sage of Um accidentally brings the wooden characters to life, the kids find they must rescue the enchanted carousel from the evil Thogmort who wants it for his own financial gain.
3812"Rupert and the April Fool"Gary HurstDavid Finley19 May 1994 (19 May 1994)
Rupert and Gregory Guinea Pig encounter The April Fool, an odd little man living in an even odder little house. He's a load of fun at first, but when the boys grow sick of his relentless jokes and tricks, The Fool isn't inclined to let them leave...
3913"Rupert and the Clock Cuckoo"Gary HurstDale Schott26 May 1994 (26 May 1994)
Rupert enlists the help of his pal Odmedod the scarecrow to rescue his new friend Ticktock the Clock Cuckoo from the clutches of a greedy bird collector.

Season 4 (1995)[edit]

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
401"Rupert and the Giant"Gary HurstJ.D. Smith3 September 1995 (3 September 1995)
After stumbling upon a Giant's castle, Rupert must rescue Bill from the clutches of a baby giant who decides the cuddly badger is his favorite new dolly.
412"Rupert and the Wool Gatherers"Gary HurstBob Ardiel10 September 1995 (10 September 1995)
Rupert helps his scarecrow pal Odmedod foil a pair of thieves who have been shearing Farmer Brown's sheep.
423"Rupert and the Marsh Mystery"Gary HurstNicola Barton
Frank Diteljan
17 September 1995 (17 September 1995)
Rupert travels with Ottoline to her Aunt Felicity's Inn, and once there they both learn of her aunt's financial trouble. To make matters worse, any attempt to keep the inn fixed up is being sabotaged in an attempt to force Felicity into selling off her property against her wishes.
434"Rupert and A.R.C.H.I.E."Gary HurstPatrick Granleese24 September 1995 (24 September 1995)
The Professor invents a robot named A.R.C.H.I.E. that he believes will help people in many ways, and no one has to miss out on leisure activities ever again. But problems arise when A.R.C.H.I.E. starts getting a mind of his own.
445"Rupert in Toyland"Gary HurstBob Ardiel1 October 1995 (1 October 1995)
When Rupert's favorite toy Mr. Squeezer is accidentally thrown away, Rupert follows him to Toyland where he hopes to retrieve him, but winds up becoming a prisoner of Colonel Tinker who has resentment against all former owners of toys.
456"Rupert in Dreamland"Gary HurstMary Crawford
Alan Templeton
8 October 1995 (8 October 1995)
Podgy keeps having the same nightmare every night, and he and Rupert both travel to Dreamland to see if there is a way to stop this nightmare from happening.
467"Rupert's Roman Adventure"Gary HurstNicola Barton
Frank Diteljan
15 October 1995 (15 October 1995)
Rupert and Bill travel back to the days of the Roman Empire, where they save the village of Nutwoodium from destruction at the hands of the local Governor.
478"Rupert in Mirrorland"Gary HurstPatrick Granleese22 October 1995 (22 October 1995)
Rupert finds himself in Mirrorland, where The Professor's ill-tempered reflection threatens to destroy everything in his bid to cross through to Nutwood.
489"Rupert and the Crystal Kingdom"Gary HurstMary Crawford
Alan Templeton
29 October 1995 (29 October 1995)
After a disagreement with his friends, Rupert goes his own way to the campsite. Along the way he detours into Tourmaline Valley, where he becomes trapped into a dispute between a Prince and his people, and realizes that trust is very hard to come by.
4910"Rupert and the Space Pilots"Gary HurstBob Ardiel5 November 1995 (5 November 1995)
While Freddie and Ferdie have the town fooled into thinking that evil aliens landed in Nutwood, Rupert has a real encounter with aliens who are not evil but are instead young and helpless.
5011"Rupert and the Mystery Isle"Gary HurstNicola Barton
Frank Diteljan
12 November 1995 (12 November 1995)
While on vacation in Rocky Bay, Rupert sees an island that shouldn't be there. His old enemy, Sir Humphrey Pumphrey, is at the helm of an elaborately disguised submarine, intent on plundering King Neptune's Palace.
5112"Rupert and Mum's Adventure"Gary HurstPatrick Granleese19 November 1995 (19 November 1995)
A shopping trip with Mum leads to a trip to China and a harrowing adventure on a mysterious mountain.
5213"Rupert's Christmas Adventure"Gary HurstDale Schott26 November 1995 (26 November 1995)
When all of Nutwood's Christmas trees are stolen, Rupert discovers that it's the work of the Pine Ogre, and finds himself with the task of retrieving the trees in addition to helping Santa give Gregory his present, which is to be as brave as Rupert.

Season 5 (1997)[edit]

Ep Title Directed by: Written by: Air date
531"Rupert and the Jolly Roger"Gary HurstBob Ardiel27 March 1997 (27 March 1997)
The boys at the Rocky Bay Home for Retired Pirates need Rupert's help, when thieves make off with the treasure they've put on display for Rocky Bay's First Annual Pirate Days Festival.
542"Rupert and the Great Mephisto"Gary HurstNicola Barton
Frank Diteljan
3 April 1997 (3 April 1997)
Soon after a traveling magician arrives in town and performs a magic show, numerous burglaries occur in Nutwood, and Rupert and Bill discover they are linked to hypnotism by the magician.
553"Rupert and the Little Bear"Gary HurstKen Ross10 April 1997 (10 April 1997)
The constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear) escapes and Rupert and Podgy help return him to the sky where he belongs.
564"Rupert and the Paper Folders"Gary HurstPatrick Granleese17 April 1997 (17 April 1997)
While chasing after a kite, Rupert and Bill find that all the paper in Nutwood is being taken away to be recycled into building material for Origami City, a place made completely out of paper. Additionally, the boys discover the environmental consequences caused by the city's construction.
575"Rupert and the Crystal Ball"Gary HurstKen Ross24 April 1997 (24 April 1997)
Rupert and Tiger Lily find a magic crystal that allows them to see into the future. While both hope to use its power to stop the worst events from happening, it doesn't occur to them what really causes the future events to happen.
586"Rupert and the Sun Bandit"Gary HurstFrank Diteljan1 May 1997 (1 May 1997)
While Nutwood's citizens are losing their money to a salesman selling bottled sunshine, Rupert investigates the reason why the sun has not been out for many days.
597"Rupert and the Song Snatcher"Gary HurstNicola Barton8 May 1997 (8 May 1997)
A king's toymaker desperately tries to impress his majesty with singing toys using voices from the forest, as Rupert and Bill both discover while chasing after Bill's baby brother, Toby.
608"Rupert and Queen Bess"Gary HurstPatrick Granleese15 May 1997 (15 May 1997)
Rupert visits Ottoline at her mansion, and both find themselves traveling back in time to meet Shakesphere.
619"Rupert and the Water Works"Gary HurstFrank Diteljan22 May 1997 (22 May 1997)
An ambitious Imp of Spring's crazy irrigation scheme threatens to put Nutwood under water.
6210"Rupert and the Deep Freeze"Gary HurstBob Ardiel29 May 1997 (29 May 1997)
Rupert assists Jack Frost in keeping his ice wand away from Billy Blizzard, only for it to go missing and end up in the hands of Freddie and Ferdie who both team up with Billy Blizzard and together create an icy mess of Nutwood.
6311"Rupert and the Chalk Drawings"Gary HurstNicola Barton5 June 1997 (5 June 1997)
Rupert and Gregory draw themselves out of a tight spot in the Land of Chalk Drawings.
6412"Rupert and the Dragon Festival"Gary HurstPatrick Granleese12 June 1997 (12 June 1997)
While trying to return a baby dragon to the Chinese Emperor, Rupert and Pong Ping discover that all the imperial dragons are being led away by a mysterious flute player.
6513"Rupert and the Whizz Watch"Gary HurstBob Ardiel19 June 1997 (19 June 1997)
The Professor's latest invention stops time, resulting in the usual unpredictable mayhem.