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Featured here is a chronological (by publication) list of story arcs in the epic space opera/fantasy comic book series Saga, which is created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. Saga premiered in March 2012, and is published monthly by Image Comics.[1]

Volume One[edit]

The first trade paperback collection, Saga, Vol. 1, which collects the first six issues, was published October 10, 2012, and appeared at Number 6 on the New York Times Graphic Books Best Seller list the week of October 29.[2]

Title Issue # Release date
"Chapter One" 1 March 14, 2012
On a planet called Cleave, Alana gives birth to their daughter, Hazel, while she and Marko flee soldiers from her people and his. Prince Robot IV and The Will are assigned to go after them.[3]
"Chapter Two" 2 April 11, 2012
Alana, Marko and Hazel make their way through the Endless Woods. The Will learns the identity of another freelancer on the hunt. Prince Robot IV arrives on Cleave to investigate.[4]
"Chapter Three" 3 May 16, 2012
After The Stalk's attack, Alana meets the feared "Horrors" of Cleave and is forced to consider a deal with one of them, Izabel, to save Marko. Prince Robot IV interrogates a prisoner.[5]
"Chapter Four" 4 June 20, 2012
Izabel uses magic to heal Marko while Alana doubts her marriage and relationship. Seeking a respite, The Will investigates the pleasures of Sextillion.[6]
"Chapter Five" 5 July 18, 2012
Alana and Marko are confronted by a group of Landfallian soldiers. Meanwhile, The Will deals with the consequences of rescuing a six-year-old sex slave from Sextillion named Slave Girl.[7]
"Chapter Six" 6 August 15, 2012
Prince Robot IV and The Will's paths intersect. Meanwhile, Alana and Marko make it to the Rocketship Forest, where they use an organic, tree-like rocket to leave Cleave, before being confronted by Marko's parents.[8]

Volume Two[edit]

The second trade paperback collection, Saga, Vol. 2, which collects issues #7-12, was released June 12, 2013.[9]

Title Issue # Release date
"Chapter Seven" 7 November 14, 2012
A flashback depicts how Marko was taught the history of his people's conflict with Landfall. In the present, Marko and his mother, Klara, go searching for Izabel, while Alana gets to know Barr, Marko's father, who reveals he has one month left to live.[10]
"Chapter Eight" 8 December 19, 2012
Alana and Marko's first meeting is shown in flashback. In the present, Barr asks Alana to conceal his illness from Klara and Marko. Meanwhile, while searching for Izabel in the Shadow City, Marko and Klara confront the giant, Fard, who tells them the planetoid they are on is a soon-to-hatch egg. Marko's ex-fiancée, Gwendolyn, makes an appearance at the Brio Talent Agency.[11]
"Chapter Nine" 9 January 16, 2013
Gwendolyn confronts The Will over his incomplete mission. To spur him to expedite it, she helps him rescue Slave Girl from Sextillion, after which Slave Girl reveals the psychometric ability to track Marko and Alana through their wedding rings, which were part of the same set as Gwendolyn's translation pendant.[12]
"Chapter Ten" 10 February 20, 2013
Alana's release of Marko from prison and their initial romance is depicted in flashback. In the present, Marko, Klara and Izabel return to the ship, after which the family is confronted by both The Will and the hatching of the giant egg.[13]
"Chapter Eleven" 11 March 20, 2013
Both Alana and Marko's and The Will are caught in the pull of the newly hatched giant space fetus. Marko's father, Barr, casts a spell to aid in the rocketship's escape, the strain of which kills him.[14]
"Chapter Twelve" 12 April 10, 2013
Prince Robot IV's pursuit of Alana and Marko leads him to the home of D. Oswald Heist, author of Alana's favorite novel. A discussion of the war gets heated and leads to hostilities, with Prince Robot unaware that his targets are hiding in Heist's home.[15]

Volume Three[edit]

The third trade paperback collection, Saga, Vol. 3, which collects issues #13-18, was released March 19, 2014.[16]

Title Issue # Release date
"Chapter Thirteen" 13 August 14, 2013
In flashback, the family, weeks after Barr's death, arrive on Quietus and meet Heist, whom Alana hopes can advise them on their future. Upsher and Doff, a tabloid journalist and photographer, interview one of the Landfallian soldiers injured by Marko during the unsuccessful attempt to capture the family in Chapter Five. Meanwhile, The Will, Gwendolyn and Slave Girl are stranded on a planet awaiting repairs to their ship. The Will must deal with the sexual tension between himself and Gwendolyn, and decides to name Slave Girl Sophie.[17]
"Chapter Fourteen" 14 September 25, 2013
Upsher and Doff interview Alana's stepmother, Even. On Quietus, the family and Heist get to know one another. The Will decides to quit his pursuit of the family, but tells Gwendolyn that he will pass along any leads that his informants give to him to her. When he tries to kiss Gwendolyn, she rebuffs him, but the image of the Stalk tells him that she not entirely uninterested in him. The Will is contacted by an informant at a refueling station who informs him that Prince Robot IV is refueling his ship there and asked for directions to Quietus.[18]
"Chapter Fifteen" 15 October 30, 2013
Continuing their investigation on the planet Mota, Upsher and Doff are targeted by a sniper. On Quietus, Marko and Alana clash over plans for their future. Meanwhile, the Will's spaceship is repaired, but he is seriously wounded by a hallucinating Sophie.[19]
"Chapter Sixteen" 16 November 27, 2013
Upsher and Doff question Special Agent Gale about Alana and Marko, but Gale attempts to dissuade them from continuing their investigation by telling them that Alana is a deep cover agent, and later contacts the Brio Talent Agency to have them assassinated. Gwendolyn discovers the hallucinogenic nature of the flora and fauna of the planet on which The Will set down his ship, and manages to prevent Sophie from killing him, but to save him, she takes him to Quietus, arriving at the same time that Prince Robot IV does.[20]
"Chapter Seventeen" 17 December 18, 2013
Upsher and Doff are poisoned by a Freelancer named The Brand, with a substance that will kill them if they report their findings about Alana and her family to anyone else. On Quietus, The Will's vital signs fade as Prince Robot IV threatens to kill Heist, and their talk of the Prince's near-death experiences provides insight into Heist's next novel and his views on war. Klara and Gwendolyn then intervene, and as a result, the Prince is rendered unconscious and Heist is killed.[21]
"Chapter Eighteen" 18 January 29, 2014
As Izabel uses her illusions and a malfunctioning Prince Robot IV to save Klara, Gwendolyn confronts Alana and Marko, who escape her, in part with help from Alana's newly discovered power of flight. Upsher and Doff find a way to continue their investigation without triggering the poison in their system. After Gwendolyn takes The Will (about whom she reveals her feelings) to a hospital mentioned by Alana, he is visited by The Brand, who is revealed to be his sister, Sophie. The story jumps ahead to Hazel taking her first steps as the rocketship touches down on the family's newest refuge.[22]

Volume Four[edit]

The fourth trade paperback collection, Saga, Vol. 4, which collects issues #19-24, was released on December 17, 2014,[23] the same day as Saga Deluxe Edition volume 1, a hardcover that reprints the first 18 issues of the series, comprising its first three story arcs.[24][25]

Title Issue # Release date
"Chapter Nineteen" 19 May 21, 2014
The family has been living on the planet Gardenia for several months. Alana is struggling as an actor on the Open Circuit, an underground acting troupe in which all the players wear masks. While caring for Hazel, who is now saying simple phrases, Marko meets a children's dance studio owner named Ginny. Prince Robot IV's son is born, although he himself is still missing in action. Alana and Marko disagree over balancing keeping a low profile with giving Hazel a happy childhood.[26]
"Chapter Twenty" 20 June 25, 2014
Prince Robot IV recuperates on Sextillion. Alana tries a drug called Fadeaway after learning that half her colleagues are high on it. Marko becomes closer to Ginny, the children's dance studio owner he met in the park. Robot IV's wife and her staff are assassinated by her custodian, Dengo, whose son died at age four due to lack of medical insurance available to commoners.[27]
"Chapter Twenty-One" 21 July 23, 2014
Alana continue to experiment with Fadeway, while Marko's and Ginny are brought closer by the time they spend away from their spouses. Dengo, with the infant Robot as his hostage, invades a Landfallian starship and kills its crew. Robot IV comes out of his stupor and after learning what has happened to his wife and son during his three-week convalescence, resolves to ask his father, King Robot, for assistance.[28]
"Chapter Twenty-Two" 22 August 27, 2014
Yuma cautions Alana to maintain her cover, but Alana's actions may have alerted Upsher to her whereabouts. When Marko discovers her drug use, and Alana confronts him over Ginny, the ensuring argument becomes physical, and leads to Marko's estrangement from their home. Prince Robot IV's father, King Robot, declines his request to take the lead in pursuing Dengo, but Special Agent Gale gives the Prince a lead that may prove useful. Dengo arrives at The Open Circuit Productions facility and demands airtime on which to broadcast a speech to the masses, and after he kills two of Alana's colleagues, Yuma says she can give him something better than airtime.[29]
"Chapter Twenty-Three" 23 September 24, 2014
Marko heads to Ginny's house, but abruptly has a change of heart and leaves to return home. Prince Robot IV pursues Dengo, and finds the wreckage of the ship Dengo hijacked, and its occupants dead, along with a clue to his son's survival. Yuma tells Dengo about the family and where to find them, after which Dengo shoots her. Izabel counsels Alana on the need for forgiveness. Dengo invades the treehouse/rocketship with the infant in tow, and although Alana launches the rocketship, he takes Klara hostage and demands Alana take the ship to a coordinates of his choice. Marko arrives home just after the launch of the ship, at which point he is met by both the wounded Yuma and by Prince Robot IV.[30]
"Chapter Twenty-Four" 24 October 29, 2014
Gwendolyn and Sophie, who is now Gwendolyn's duly sanctioned Page, meet The Will's sister, The Brand, who offers to aid them in their endeavor to acquire an elixir to heal The Will. Marko, Prince Robot IV and Yuma team up to seek the aid of Heist's neighbor, Ghüs, to use his link to Friendo to track their families.[31]

Volume Five[edit]

Title Issue # Release date
"Chapter Twenty-Five" 25 February 4, 2015
Three months after leaving Gardenia, Dengo and the captive family have set down on an unnamed planet of ice in the Solar Graveyard,a[›] where Dengo meets with revolutionaries in the hope of punishing the Robots for their participation in the war. Meanwhile, as they are led through space in The Stalk's dragon skull ship by Ghüs, Marko and Prince Robot IV struggle to maintain their alliance amid personal conflicts. Gwendolyn, Sophie and The Brand must contend with a family of giant dragons in their search for ingredients for the elixir. In narration, the adult Hazel reveals that it will be years before she and her father see each other again.[32]
"Chapter Twenty-Six" 26 March 4, 2015
Dengo and his captives meet a group of rebels called The Last Revolution, but Alana and Klara warn Dengo that they are terrorists. Gwen, Sophie and the Brand contend with a herd of female dragons, and learn they need a rare male dragon to complete their quest. After foiling an armed robbery by a fellow veteran in possession of the drug fadeaway, Marko learns more about what lured Alana to the drug, and decides to try it himself.[33]
"Chapter Twenty-Seven" 27 April 8, 2015
As Prince Robot IV and Ghüs deal with Marko and Yuma's overdose on a batch of bad Fadeway, Marko experiences a childhood flashback that clarifies his sense of himself and strengthens his resolve to find his family and kill Dengo.[34]
"Chapter Twenty-Eight" 28 May 13, 2015
On Demimonde, The Stalk's older brother, Halvor, confronts Gwendolyn, Sophie and the Brand. Alana pleads with an ambivalent Dengo to confront Quain, the leader of the Fourth Cell of the Last Revolution, who plans to trade Hazel in exchange for the release of one thousand of his comrades from prison. Marko, the Prince and their allies find themselves in battle against an immense Royal Guard starship sent by IV's father to capture them. During the battle, their dragon skull ship's engine room springs a fuel leak, and Yuma sacrifices her life to seal it.[35]
"Chapter Twenty-Nine" 29 June 10, 2015
Quain arranges to trade Hazel in exchange for a prisoner release from Wreath, but Vez's reaction to the presence of Dengo leads to a shift in loyalties for the Robot, who kills Quain. Prince Robot IV and Marko narrowly escape the Royal Guard ship, but teleport into an ice storm that results in an explosion that seriously injuries IV, and hurtles the dragon skull into an uncontrolled fall toward a planet. On Demimonde, Gwendolyn, Sophie and The Brand find a male dragon, but their attempt to procure its seed results in The Brand's death and a serious injury to Gwendolyn.[36]
"Chapter Thirty" 30 July 8, 2015
After Dengo and Alana kill Sirge, Lexis and Zizz leave the planet with Klara and Hazel. Marko and Prince Robot IV encounter Alana and Dengo, upon which IV kills Dengo, and is reunited with his infant son. Gwendolyn and Sophie manage to revive The Will with the elixir, but when he finds out that his sister, The Brand was killed in their quest, the grief-stricken mercenary is so outraged that he excoriates his two benefactors and banishes them from his bedside. Hazel is revealed to have been placed in a Landfallian detention center with Wreather children.[37]

Volume Six[edit]

Title Issue # Release date
"Chapter Thirty-One" 31 November 25, 2015
Continuing from the previous issue, the Last Revolution's ship is captured by the Robot Kingdom's Royal Guard. Zizz is killed by Klara, and she, Hazel and Lexis are captured. After claiming to be civilians previously forced into slave labor, they are relegated to a Coalition detention center for enemy non-combatants. Izabel also reappears, now that Hazel is on a planet that experiences nightfall. Years later, Hazel is one of the pupils of a sympathetic teacher named Noreen. She also befriends an intersexed Wreather prisoner named Petrichor who is treated as an outcast by the female prisoners. On her fourth birthday, Hazel confides in Noreen that she is half Landfallian by showing Noreen her wings, but this causes Noreen to faint, and seriously injure her head.[38]
"Chapter Thirty-Two" 32 December 23, 2015
Alana and Marko manage to retrieve valuable information on the planet Variegate which reveals that Hazel and Klara were taken to a detention center on Landfall. On a "pocket world",b[›] Elsewhere, Ghüs crosses paths with Robot IV, who, after falling out of favor with his father, has lost his status as a prince, and now answers to Sir Robot. Ghüs informs IV on the arrival of Marko and Alana, but Robot IV refuses to meet with them, preferring to focus on the care of his son, Squire, who is now a young boy.[39]
"Chapter Thirty-Three" 33 January 27, 2016
When Upsher and Doff learn of The Brand's death, they decide to resume their investigation of Alana and Marko. The pair track down Ginny on Gardenia, who tells them of her brief friendship with Marko. Their continuing search leads them to the ice planet in the Solar Graveyard, where Marko and the former Prince Robot IV crash landed in the previous story arc. Upon their arrival, they are confronted by a now-obese The Will and Sweet Boy, who incapacitate the couple and informs them that they are now working for him in his quest for revenge against Sir Robot IV.[40]
"Chapter Thirty-Four" 34 February 24, 2016
Petrichor happens upon Hazel and the unconscious Noreen, learning Hazel's secret. Sympathizing with Hazel as a fellow outcast, she helps Hazel cover up the incident. Marko and Alana blackmail Sir Robot into helping them find Hazel. Doff agrees to give The Will the coordinates of the planet where he believes Sir Robot is hiding, on condition that he release them if the information is true. Noreen survives her injury, and after Hazel confides in her further, she offers to help Hazel escape.[41]
"Chapter Thirty-Five" 35 March 30, 2016
Klara protests when she learns of Noreen's plan to smuggle Hazel out of the prison, prompting Noreen to plead with her to ensure a better future for her granddaughter. Alana, Marko, and Sir Robot IV's plan to infiltrate the prison by having IV pose as a visiting royal is complicated when the rocketship finds itself in a minefield. After being tipped off by an informant, Upsher and Doff lead The Will to Robot IV's secret hideout planet, where he threatens Squire, leading to a standoff with Ghüs.[42]
"Chapter Thirty-Six" 36 April 27, 2016
On the pocket world, Ghüs and The Will have a brief altercation, in which The Will's right fingers are severed. As Upsher and Doff escape his ship, The Will is dissuaded from killing Squire and Ghüs by a hallucination of The Brand, who tells him that The Stalk was merely an obsession of his, not his true love, and that he should seek direction from "the one chick who calls [him] on [his] bullshit." Marko rescues Hazel from the detention center, but Klara, having developed a place among the prisoners' community, and refusing to be a burden to the couple, declines to leave, telling Marko how proud she is of him. Petrichor, however, escapes with Marko, and reveals to the couple that Alana is pregnant.[43]



^ a: The region of space is first named in Chapter 33.
^ b: The planet is first referred to as such in Chapter 35.

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