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The American situation comedy television series Soap originally aired 85 episodes over four seasons from September 13, 1977 to April 20, 1981. The series was a parody of soap operas and featured a large ensemble cast.

Information on this page was primarily sourced from the liner notes for Soap DVD sets, corroborated by television databases and fan websites.[1][2][3][4][5]

The show ran for 85 episodes in its original ABC broadcasts, but its syndication package included 93 episodes (several one-hour ABC episodes, mostly from the condensed Season 4, were split into half-hour syndication episodes). The 93-episode version of the episode list is shown below, with an indication of what the episode number would have been in the show's original run displayed in the Original Broadcast Episode No. column.

There were also four Soap retrospective specials, which were clip shows designed to catch viewers up with the previous seasons' storylines. The first of these was broadcast on December 20, 1977, after the first 13 shows had aired. The other three were shown at the beginning of each new season (on August 31, 1978, just before Season 2; on August 30, 1979, just before Season 3; and on October 29, 1980, just before the shortened Season 4.)

DVD releases[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Region 1 Region 2
1 25 1977–1978 September 16, 2003 February 25, 2009
2 23 1978–1979 July 20, 2004 TBA
3 23 1979–1980 January 25, 2005 TBA
4 22 1980–1981 October 11, 2005 TBA
Total 93 June 10, 2008 TBA


Season 1: 1977–1978[edit]

No. Focal Characters Introduced In The Episode (Associated Storylines Shown Below) Original Airdate Original Broadcast Episode No.
1 Benson (Robert Guillaume), Chester Tate (Robert Mandan), Jessica Tate (Katherine Helmond), Corinne Tate (Diana Canova), Eunice Tate (Jennifer Salt), Billy Tate (Jimmy Baio), The Major (Arthur Peterson, Jr.), Burt Campbell (Richard Mulligan), Mary Campbell (Cathryn Damon), Danny Dallas (Ted Wass), Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal), Peter (Robert Urich). September 13, 1977 (1977-09-13) 1

  • Benson, the butler for the Tate family, has a rivalry with Chester Tate, his employer; however, he is protective of the rest of the Tate family
  • Chester Tate, the patriarch of the Tate family, is cheating on his wife, Jessica Tate
  • Billy Tate is the youngest of Chester's and Jessica's children and the only person in the Tate family who seems to be normal
  • The Major is the father of Jessica Tate, and believes World War II is still in progress
  • Corinne Tate, the daughter of Chester and Jessica Tate, is having an affair with Peter, the tennis instructor
  • Eunice Tate, the daughter of Chester and Jessica Tate, appears to be prudish and snobbish
  • Jessica Tate is also having an affair with Peter, the tennis instructor, unbeknownst to her daughter Corinne
  • Burt Campbell, the patriarch of the Campbell family, can't get along with stepsons Danny and Jodie Dallas, and can't make love to his wife Mary Campbell, the sister of Jessica Tate, because he feels guilty about killing her former husband Johnny Dallas
  • Danny Dallas is in the mob
  • Jodie Dallas is gay

2 Claire (Kathryn Reynolds), The Godfather (Richard Libertini). September 20, 1977 (1977-09-20) 2

  • Jessica tells Mary she is having an affair, but not with whom
  • Chester is told by his secretary, Claire, with whom he is having an affair, that she intends to blackmail him into leaving Jessica
  • Jodie tells Mary he's planning to have a sex-change operation
  • Burt announces to his family that he will shortly be reunited with his long-lost biological son
  • Danny asks his employer in the mob, The Godfather, to let him leave the mob; The Godfather agrees to Danny's request, on the condition that Danny kill the person who killed his father
  • Peter the tennis pro, who is having an affair with both Jessica and Corinne, turns out to be Burt's long-lost son

3 None. September 27, 1977 (1977-09-27) 3

  • Mary is unable to convince Jessica that Chester has been unfaithful, and confronts Burt about their sexual problems
  • Jessica tries to confess to Chester about her affair with Peter, but Chester misinterprets the confession as an accusation
  • Burt analyzes his inability to get along with Danny and Jodie
  • Danny is told by The Godfather that Burt killed Danny's father

4 Dennis Phillips (Bob Seagren), Pigeon (Marianne Bunch), Molly (Olivia Barash). October 4, 1977 (1977-10-04) 4

  • Jessica tries to say goodbye to Peter, only to end up in bed with him again, and is caught by Corinne at Peter's apartment
  • Jodie learns that his boyfriend, Dennis the quarterback, has been dating a woman to protect his media image, and tells Dennis that he plans to solve the problem by becoming a woman
  • Chester is confronted at a restaurant by the two women, Claire and "Pigeon", with whom he has been conducting simultaneous affairs
  • Mary urges Jessica to break off with Peter, and suggests that Peter is also involved with Corinne.
  • Billy, trying to live a normal life amidst the strangeness of the Tate family, negotiates "going steady" with local girl Molly
  • Jessica reveals that Corinne is adopted
  • Danny gets nowhere in his attempts to kill Burt

5 Father Tim Flotsky (Sal Viscuso), Congressman McCallum (Edward Winter), Mrs. Fein (Nita Talbot). October 13, 1977 (1977-10-13) 5

  • Danny continues trying to kill Burt
  • Chester fakes being sick so he can sneak out to see Claire
  • Jodie and Dennis run into Eunice Tate, daughter of Chester and Jessica Tate, and Congressman McCallum, the married politician with whom she is having a tryst, at a restaurant
  • Mary and Burt visit a sex therapist
  • Corinne tells Father Tim, a Catholic priest, that she's in love with him, hoping that he'll offer her an alternative to moving in with Peter; later on, she catches Jessica kissing Peter goodbye
  • Jessica catches Mrs. Fein, yet another woman with whom Peter is having an affair, in Peter's apartment

6 None. October 25, 1977 (1977-10-25) 6

  • Billy (is depressed because Molly left him)
  • Jessica (breaks the news to Chester that Corinne is moving in with Peter)
  • Corinne (tells Eunice about Jessica and Peter)
  • Jessica (tries to apologize to Corinne); explains to Mary about Peter
  • Burt (announces that his son Chuck Campbell is coming to visit, along with Bob, his ventriloquist's dummy)
  • Corinne (tells Father Tim that she is going to move in with Peter, having failed to tempt him away from his vow of chastity)
  • Danny (is told by the Godfather to kill Burt at a cabin in the woods)

7 Chuck and Bob Campbell (Jay Johnson). November 1, 1977 (1977-11-01) 7

  • The Major (kidnaps the Tate's neighbor, Mr. Kirby)
  • Danny (invites Burt to the cabin in the woods)
  • Chester (is delivered an ultimatum by Claire)
  • Chuck (arrives at the Campbell house, and to everyone's surprise, Chuck expects his ventriloquist dummy Bob to be treated as if he is a real person)
  • Jessica (is told by Claire about her affair with Chester, but Jessica concludes that Claire is insane, much to Benson's dismay)
  • Danny (points a gun at Burt's head)

8 None. November 8, 1977 (1977-11-08) 8

  • Danny (decides that he can't kill Burt after all)
  • Mary (has trouble accommodating Chuck and Bob at breakfast)
  • Danny (comes to terms with Jodie being gay)
  • Burt and Danny (make up a story about Danny being a spy so he can run away to hide from the mob)
  • Benson (alone, stands up to Chuck and Bob
  • Danny (shows up in disguise at a dinner at the Tates' house to which the Campbells have been invited, but the mob attempts to assassinate him anyway)

9 Barney Gerber (Harold Gould), Nurse Nancy Darwin (Udana Power), Johnny Dallas (Eric Mason). November 15, 1977 (1977-11-15) 9

  • Jodie (checks into the hospital for his sex-change operation; meets Barney Gerber, a heart patient in the next bed; receives an offer from Nurse Nancy to cure Jodie of his desire to be a woman)
  • Burt (tells his therapist about how and why he killed Mary's first husband Johnny Dallas; the therapist reassures Burt that it was self-defense and not murder)
  • Jodie (is visited by Dennis, Corinne, Eunice, Benson and Danny – in disguise – in the hospital)
  • Corinne (tells Jodie that she's in love with Father Tim)
  • Mary and Jessica (meet for lunch, where they happen to see Chester and Claire kissing)

10 None. November 22, 1977 (1977-11-22) 10

  • Jessica and Mary (conclude that there's a curse on the family)
  • Danny (is pursued by The Godfather to the Campbell house, but Danny's rabbi disguise fools him)
  • Burt (is finally cured of his impotency after his therapy session, but Mary is too overwhelmed by the family's other problems to get "in the mood")
  • Father Tim (asks God what he should do about Corinne)
  • Jodie (attempts suicide after Dennis backs out of his relationship with him, but Barney tries to cheer him up with his views on the unpredictability of happiness)

11 None. November 29, 1977 (1977-11-29) 11

  • Burt and Mary (are both nervous about their first sexual encounter in six months)
  • Jodie (promises that he won't try again to commit suicide after the hospital calls the Campbells about his suicide attempt; abandons the sex-change operation)
  • Corinne (tells Peter that she'll kill him if she ever catches him cheating)
  • Jessica (confronts Chester about his affair with Claire; admits to having had an affair of her own when Chester won't take her seriously; walks out on Chester when he flatly denies ever having been unfaithful)

12 None. December 6, 1977 (1977-12-06) 12

  • Jessica (comes home after staying out all night; warns Chester that she won't tolerate any further infidelity)
  • Jodie (checks out of the hospital; is corralled by Nurse Nancy into going on a date; says goodbye to Barney, with a promise of staying in touch)
  • Jessica (visits Peter and catches Mrs. Fein hiding in the bathroom – again; threatens to kill Peter for cheating on Corinne)
  • Burt (gives Jodie advice about his date with Nurse Nancy)
  • Corinne (tells Father Tim that she has caught Peter with another woman)
  • Peter (is murdered by an unseen assailant)

13 Piece of Cholief Tinkler (Gordon Jump). December 13, 1977 (1977-12-13) 13

  • Burt and Mary (finally get their sex life going again)
  • Burt (finds Peter dead in the shower)
  • The Tates and the Campbells (are informed by Chief of Police Tinkler – who occasionally misrefers to himself as "Piece of Cholief" Tinkler – that they are all suspects in Peter's murder)
  • Jodie (reveals that he didn't go out with Nurse Nancy after all)

14 Marilyn McCallum (Judith-Marie Bergan). December 27, 1977 (1977-12-27) 14

  • Chester (finally realizes what it feels like to be cheated on, learning that Jessica's affair had been with Peter)
  • The Tates and the Campbells (speculate about which of them murdered Peter)
  • Eunice (tells Congressman McCallum that he is her alibi for the night of the murder; is almost caught, by McCallum's alcoholic wife Marilyn, with the Congressman in the bathroom)
  • Corinne (is arrested by Chief Tinkler for the murder of Peter)

15 Babette (Susan Harris), Ingrid Svenson (Inga Swenson), Randolph (Bernard Fox), Elaine Lefkowitz (Dinah Manoff), Charles Lefkowitz (Sorrell Booke). January 3, 1978 (1978-01-03) 15

  • Corinne (is taken to jail)
  • Burt (tries to recreate the scene of Peter's murder)
  • Danny (tiring of running from the mob, plans to confront Mr. Lefkowitz, the crime kingpin)
  • Randolph and Ingrid (the brother of Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell, and his paramour, respectively, learn of Corinne's arrest)
  • Danny (breaks into Lefkowitz's house and meets his sex-starved daughter, Elaine) (This was Dinah Manoff's first appearance as Elaine)
  • Jodie (is given motherly advice by Mary about rebuilding his life)
  • Tinkler (is surprised by Ingrid's appearance at the jail, and surprised further to learn that she is Corinne's real mother)

16 Heinrich Himmel (William Daniels). January 10, 1978 (1978-01-10) 16

  • Corinne (is visited by Jessica, Chester and Ingrid; is devastated to learn that Ingrid is her natural mother)
  • Burt (continues to examine the evidence about Peter's murder)
  • Danny (decides to no longer live his life in disguise)
  • The Campbells (are interrogated by Heinrich Himmel, a private detective hired by Ingrid)
  • Mary (explains about Randolph and Ingrid)
  • Jessica (blames herself for all the family's problems; is arrested after evidence found clears Corinne and implicates her)

17 Mr. Franklin #1 (Howard Hesseman). January 17, 1978 (1978-01-17) 17

  • Jessica (goes to jail, causing Ingrid to gloat)
  • Burt (is behaving obsessively about Peter's murder, causing the Campbells much worry)
  • The Campbells (are informed by Ingrid about Jessica's arrest)
  • Danny (is let off the hook by Mr. Lefkowitz on the condition that Danny agrees to do him an undisclosed "favor")
  • Eunice (is disturbed to learn someone is blackmailing Congressman McCallum about his affair with her)
  • Benson (poses as Jessica's lawyer to bring her breakfast)
  • Chester (hires a lawyer to defend Jessica; Jessica admits that the gun that killed Peter does belong to her, and the lawyer refuses to take the case)

18 E. Ronald Mallu (Eugene Roche). January 24, 1978 (1978-01-24) 18

  • Father Tim (tells Corinne that he's going on a religious retreat so he can forget about her)
  • Burt (is confronted by Mary about his emotional problems; Burt tells Mary that he can make himself invisible)
  • Chester (hires E. Ronald Mallu to represent Jessica)
  • Jessica (tries to leave the country while out on bail, but Benson talks her out of it; Mary convinces her that she's loved and needed)
  • Chester (fires Claire, so Claire turns him in to the SEC)

19 None. February 7, 1978 (1978-02-07) 19

  • The Tates and Campbells (are interviewed by E. Ronald Mallu, who is looking in vain for acceptable character witnesses)
  • Mary (is advised by a psychiatrist to have Burt hospitalized for observation)
  • Corinne (is visited by Jessica, who makes a heart-felt plea for her to return home, but Ingrid, seeks to poison her mind against Jessica)
  • Eunice (is shocked as Congressman McCallum receives compromising pictures from the blackmailer; climbs out on a ledge to avoid being caught by Marilyn; is in a difficult position as a courier comes to pick up McCallum's speech and walks off with the pictures instead)

20 Mr. Franklin #2 (Howard Hesseman), Judge Anthony Petrillo (Charles Lane). February 14, 1978 (1978-02-14) 20

  • Eunice (climbs off the ledge and into a stranger's hotel room; Congressman McCallum promises her a new life, but backs out when the courier returns the pictures)
  • Jodie (confronts Chuck about the nasty notes he's been getting from Bob)
  • Danny (tries to break off with Elaine; Mr. Lefkowitz tells him that he has to marry Elaine)
  • Burt (learns that Mary intends to have him committed)
  • Jessica (begins her pre-trial hearings in the murder case, and is shocked to learn the prosecutor in Peter's murder case turns out to be the twin brother of the lawyer who refused to defend Jessica; it is also revealed that the judge once lost $40,000 because of bad advice he got from Chester)

21 Carol David (Rebecca Balding). February 21, 1978 (1978-02-21) 21

  • Danny (brings Elaine home to meet the dysfunctional Campbell family, in an attempt to get her uninterested in him)
  • Corinne (breaks into Father Tim's retreat cabin)
  • Jessica (locks herself in the bathroom to avoid going to trial)
  • Jodie meets Carol David, E. Ronald Mallu's assistant, and is immediately propositioned by her)
  • Jessica (is nervous as her trial begins)

22 None. February 28, 1978 (1978-02-28) 22

  • Jodie (is convinced by Carol to go away for the weekend, despite his insistence that they can only be friends)
  • Burt (checks into the mental hospital)
  • Danny (explains to Mary why he has to marry Elaine)
  • Billy (runs away from home because he failed math, and doesn't want to add to the family problems)
  • Jessica (goes through with her defense at the trial; Benson, Chester and Jessica herself testify; the prosecutor boasts that his surprise witness will make the jury want to lynch her)

23 None. March 14, 1978 (1978-03-14) 23

  • Eunice (is dumped by Congressman McCallum after Marilyn threatens to ruin his political career)
  • Burt (confesses to Mary that he killed her first husband)
  • Ingrid (has a sexual encounter with the judge in Jessica's trial)
  • Corinne (walks out after learning of Ingrid's vendetta against the Tates)
  • Father Tim (tells his mother that he may leave the priesthood because of Corinne, but she doesn't take it well)
  • Jessica (is asked by Mallu if she knows who the surprise witness might be; the surprise witness turns out to be Mrs. Fein, who testifies that she heard Jessica threaten to kill Peter)

24 None. March 21, 1978 (1978-03-21) 24

  • Jodie (finds himself in bed with Carol)
  • Mary (can't decide how she feels about Burt when he comes home from the hospital)
  • Jodie (tells Carol that he won't have sex with her again)
  • Jessica (is the only person in the Tate household who gets any sleep after Mrs. Fein's testimony in court)
  • Corinne (realizes that Jessica is her true mother; Ingrid comes to reconcile with her, but she refuses to go with Ingrid)
  • Chester (is arrested by Chief Tinkler for stock fraud)
  • Jessica (has her murder case go to the jury)

25 None. March 28, 1978 (1978-03-28) 25

  • Danny (is frightened as Mr. Lefkowitz threatens to kill the Campbells if he runs away from his responsibility to marry Elaine)
  • Mary (finally decides that she would've been more devastated if Burt had been the one to die instead of Johnny)
  • Father Tim (tells Corinne that he is leaving the priesthood, but refuses to be intimate with her until they are married)
  • Jodie (is convinced by Carol that they should live together, but Dennis resurfaces, and announces that he wants Jodie back)
  • Jessica (admits to Chester that she's scared about what the jury might decide)
  • Mallu (tells Jessica that he is in love with her)
  • Jessica (is found guilty by the jury)
  • Peter (is revealed to have been murdered, not by Jessica, but by either Chester, Jodie, Corinne, Benson, or Burt)

Season 2: 1978–1979[edit]

No. Focal Characters Introduced In The Episode (Associated Storylines Shown Below) Original Airdate Original Broadcast Episode No.
26 Flo Flotsky (Doris Roberts). September 14, 1978 (1978-09-14) 26 (first half)

  • The Tates and Campbells (insinuate back and forth between them concerning who might have murdered Peter)
  • Chester (attempts suicide due to his grief about Jessica's situation – as well as his own – but only succeeds at giving himself a bump on the head)
  • Jodie and Carol (move in together, with Burt and Danny's help; Dennis brings a housewarming gift, causing Carol to experience some jealousy)
  • Mary (is concerned about a comment Jessica makes which implies that Burt might be having an affair)
  • Jessica (is told by Mallu that he will do whatever it takes to exonerate her; tells Benson to put on a strong face in light of her situation, for everyone else's sake)
  • Tim and Corinne (visit Mother Flotsky, Tim's mother, who is so distressed at Corinne's encouragement of Tim's leaving the priesthood that she puts a curse on the both of them)
  • Jessica (appeals to the real killer to step forward before the judge pronounces sentence)

27 Dutch Leitner (Donnelly Rhodes). September 14, 1978 (1978-09-14) 26 (second half)

  • Jessica (is sentenced to 50 years in jail for the murder of Peter)
  • Chester (confesses to having murdered Peter; explains to Jessica that he had repressed all memory of the murder, but it came back to him when he got bumped on the head during his suicide attempt)
  • Jessica (urges the children not to stop loving their father)
  • Chester (gets put in the same cell with Dutch, another convicted murderer)
  • Burt (convinces Mary that he is not having an affair)
  • Chester (is visited in jail by Jessica; is subsequently bullied by Dutch into helping him escape)
  • Danny (tells Jodie that his attempt to fake impotence didn't fool Elaine)
  • Carol (is pregnant with Jodie's child, but doesn't yet have the nerve to tell him)

28 Aunt Esther (Florence Halop). September 21, 1978 (1978-09-21) 27

  • Chester and Dutch (overpower their guard and escape)
  • Burt (asks Danny to be his partner in the construction business)
  • Danny (faces his wedding day with trepidation, as he detests his wife-to-be, Elaine; most of Danny's family agrees that Elaine is, in fact, detestable)
  • Elaine (is also found detestable by her mobster father, Mr. Lefkowitz, who surprises everyone by announcing at the wedding reception that he wants nothing more to do with her, emotionally or financially)
  • Carol (tells Jodie that she's pregnant)
  • The Tates (learn of Chester's escape, then, one by one, Benson, Billy, Eunice, Corinne and Jessica all disappear into the basement)

29 None. September 28, 1978 (1978-09-28) 28

  • Chester and Dutch (are discovered hiding in the basement)
  • The Campbells (have trouble tolerating Elaine)
  • Eunice (is frightened by Dutch in her bedroom, but after a brief standoff, they discover that they like each other)
  • Chuck (makes an unsuccessful attempt to go on a date without Bob)
  • Jodie (tells Burt and Mary that Carol is pregnant)
  • Dutch and Eunice (have a sexual encounter)
  • Mary and Jessica (compare family scandals)
  • Tim and Corinne (get married; Mother Flotsky, somewhat unsurprisingly, chooses not to hold her peace at the wedding)

30 None. October 5, 1978 (1978-10-05) 29

  • Jessica (gives Corinne advice about marriage)
  • Chester (is going insane from being cooped up in the basement)
  • Tim and Corinne (face a series of obstacles on their wedding night)
  • Mary (tells Burt that she wants to go back to school)
  • Burt and Danny (hatch a scheme to tame Elaine)
  • Chester (has a seizure; Dutch runs away, but rather than tell the police the truth about their aiding and abetting the two escaped criminals, the Tates plant the unconscious Chester on their front doorstep to make it appear that he had only just arrived and pressed the doorbell)

31 Sally (Caroline McWilliams), Dr. Kanter (Ron Rifkin). October 12, 1978 (1978-10-12) 30

  • Chester (is taken to the hospital, where he remains in a coma, attended by Dr. Kanter, who suggests brain surgery)
  • Eunice (discusses with Jessica her feelings for Dutch)
  • Danny (follows Burt's advice to "kill Elaine with kindness")
  • Jodie (proposes to Carol, in order to take responsibility as the father of their expected child)
  • Tim and Corinne (are shocked as Mother Flotsky, who has a history of claiming that Tim's independent choices will kill her, actually does drop dead)
  • Danny and Burt (find themselves a target for seduction by the construction company's secretary, Sally)
  • Chester (needs brain surgery, because of a tumor, which turns out to be what had caused him to kill Peter and then forget all about it)

32 Professor Anatole Martins (Lee Bergere). October 19, 1978 (1978-10-19) 31

  • Tim (still reeling from the death of his mother, concludes that he's cursed)
  • Mary (is pleased that her college professor, Professor Martins, is showing an interest in her, but Burt is jealous)
  • Dutch (romantically climbs in Eunice's window to be her midnight lover, despite the fact that he is still fleeing the authorities as an escaped convict)
  • Jodie and Carol (find their marriage plans vigorously opposed by Dennis)
  • Burt (tells Elaine how Danny really feels about her)
  • Mary (suggests to Danny that he might try being nice to Elaine)
  • Danny and Elaine (see each other in a new light)
  • Chester (survives the brain surgery, but loses his memory)

33 "Boomer" David (Michael Conrad). November 2, 1978 (1978-11-02) 32

  • The Tates (visit Chester in the hospital)
  • Jodie and Carol (tell Carol's father, Mr. David, about her pregnancy and their impending marriage)
  • Elaine (reveals to Danny why she acts the way she does)
  • Burt and Mary (talk about why Burt works so hard)
  • Sally (continues to attempt to seduce Burt, but still to no avail)

34 None. November 9, 1978 (1978-11-09) 33

  • Chester (comes home after a brain operation, but is a long way from being as mentally sharp as he was previously)
  • Jodie (has a fight with Dennis, and is sufficiently provoked as to slug him)
  • Dutch and Eunice (decide to run away together)
  • Corinne (tells Jessica that she's pregnant)
  • Mary (is kissed by her college professor Dr. Martins, who, it turned out, was interested in her for being more than just his student; Mary does not return the professor's interest and tries to fend off his advances)
  • Burt (walks in on Mary and her professor at exactly the wrong moment, and believes that he has witnessed Mary cheating on him; shocked by what he believes he has seen, he goes out and gets drunk; after a series of missteps, he ends up spending the night in Sally's apartment)

35 None. November 23, 1978 (1978-11-23) 34

  • Burt (wakes up next to Sally, much to his horror)
  • Tim (faces his first day working for Burt's construction company)
  • Chester (is so addled by the aftereffects of his brain surgery that he thinks he's Marlene Dietrich)
  • Burt (lies to Mary about why he was out all night)
  • Mary and Elaine (share a tender moment at the makeup table)
  • Tim (has an awful day at work and decides the construction business is not for him)
  • The Tate and Campbell women (throw a bridal shower for Carol)
  • Mary (tells Jessica that Burt is having an affair)

36 None. November 30, 1978 (1978-11-30) 35

  • Dutch and Eunice (say their goodbyes to Jessica and Chester, as they are leaving together to go into hiding)
  • Chester (agonizes over his lost memory)
  • Mary (is troubled, and Jodie guesses at what's troubling her)
  • Burt (tries to break off with Sally; it is revealed that Sally's interest in Burt is merely part of a malicious plot against him)
  • Chester (disappears without a trace, in his confused condition)
  • Elaine (gets kidnapped by the mob, just as Danny's relationship with her begins to blossom)

37 Detective George Donohue (John Byner). December 7, 1978 (1978-12-07) 36

  • The Campbells (are in a panic because of Elaine's kidnapping)
  • Jessica (hires Detective George Donohue for the job of finding Chester)
  • Corinne (learns that her pregnancy is much further along than she can explain)
  • Jodie (has trouble directing a TV commercial when Carol and Dennis compete for his attention on the set)
  • Burt and Danny (negotiate with the kidnappers)

38 None. December 14, 1978 (1978-12-14) 37

  • Danny (is allowed by the kidnappers to speak on the phone to Elaine)
  • Eunice and Dutch (find their hideout cabin a bit too rustic)
  • Detective Donohue (declares his love for Jessica)
  • Burt and Mary (are emotional wrecks on the day of Jodie's marriage to Carol)
  • Danny and Jodie (reminisce about their childhood)
  • Carol (fails to show up for the wedding, much to Jodie's dismay)

39 None. December 21, 1978 (1978-12-21) 38

  • Burt and Danny (rehearse the ransom drop)
  • Elaine (gets shot while escaping from the kidnappers)
  • Corinne (tells Tim about her unexplainable five-month pregnancy)
  • Mary and Burt (confront their mutual misunderstandings, and reconcile)
  • Jessica (tells Detective Donohue that she loves him, too, but of course cannot act on those feelings due to her marriage to Chester; Benson, out of concern for Jessica, warns Donohue to watch his step)
  • Jodie (assures a fearful Mary he won't attempt suicide again)
  • Elaine (dies in the arms of her horrified husband Danny) (Dinah Manoff's last appearance on the show, though she would work with Susan Harris and Richard Mulligan again on Empty Nest a decade later)

40 None. January 4, 1979 (1979-01-04) 39

  • Burt (asks Sally to find another job; Sally reacts badly to this suggestion)
  • The Tates (visit Dutch and Eunice at the hideaway cabin, with the police not far behind)
  • Danny (sets out to find Elaine's killers, with Burt in tow)
  • Detective Donohue (finds Chester's wallet at the scene of a train wreck, and tells Jessica that Chester is dead)
  • Chester (is in fact still alive and wandering around the world aimlessly, currently in Toledo; he manages for a moment to regain his memory, only to promptly lose it again)

41 Lurleen David (Peggy Pope). January 11, 1979 (1979-01-11) 40

  • The Tates and Campbells (share their memories of Chester, believing him to be dead on the basis of Detective Donohue's information)
  • Sally (tells Mary that Burt is having an affair with both her and an eighteen-year-old girl)
  • Jodie (meets Mrs. David, Carol's mother)
  • Carol (tells Jodie that she doesn't want him to be the father of her baby)
  • Chester (still wandering around aimlessly, manages to remember that his name is Lester Pate – or something like that)

42 Alice (Randee Heller). January 18, 1979 (1979-01-18) 41

  • Burt, Danny, Jodie and Chuck (drown their sorrows at a bar)
  • Tim (announces that he's going to become a hermit)
  • Dutch (is captured by the police)
  • Jodie (befriends Alice, a suicidal lesbian)
  • Mary (leaves Burt and moves in with the Tates)
  • Eunice (comes home)
  • Corinne (goes into labor)

43 None. February 1, 1979 (1979-02-01) 42

  • Corinne (gives birth to a boy)
  • Mary (violently confronts Burt about Sally's accusations)
  • Burt (vows to prove himself innocent)
  • Donohue (stumbles through his first date with Jessica)
  • Jodie (invites Alice to become his roommate)
  • Chester (regains his memory and sets out for Connecticut)

44 None. February 8, 1979 (1979-02-08) 43

  • Corinne (brings her new baby home, and the baby's cries keep everybody at the Tate house awake)
  • Jessica (tells Mary about her date with Donohue)
  • Burt (learns that Ingrid has been blackmailing Sally to get her to pretend that she and Burt have consummated an affair, which they actually have not)
  • Danny (asks Jodie to help Mary and Burt resolve their problems)
  • Jessica and Donohue (spend the night together)
  • Chester (returns home)

45 Lisa (Ruth Cox), the Voice of the Devil (Tim McIntire). February 15, 1979 (1979-02-15) 44

  • Jessica and Donohue (agonize about the future of their relationship)
  • Jessica (tells Chester about her affair with Donohue)
  • Billy (is attracted to a classmate named Lisa, who lures him into a religious cult called the Sunnies)
  • Eunice (urges Dutch to turn state's evidence so he can be freed from jail and can be with her on the outside)
  • Sally (confesses to Mary that she lied about Burt's affairs)
  • Corinne's baby (exhibits ominous and demonic behavior)

46 Mel (Frank Coppola), Dave (Greg Antonacci). March 1, 1979 (1979-03-01) 45

  • Chester (reacclimates himself to life in the Tate household)
  • Jodie (introduces Alice to the Campbell family)
  • Danny (gets a tip about Elaine's killers)
  • Corinne's baby (displays telekinetic powers and speaks full sentences)
  • Danny and Burt (track the killers, Mel and Dave)
  • Corinne (tells Tim that the baby is possessed)
  • Burt (sees a flying saucer, but Danny doesn't believe him)

47 None. March 8, 1979 (1979-03-08) 46

  • Burt (begs Mary to believe that he really saw a UFO)
  • Billy (is confronted by Benson about his involvement with the Sunnies)
  • Jessica (tells Donohue that she's still undecided about their relationship)
  • Tim (learns first-hand what's been happening with the baby)
  • Jodie and Alice (Jealous of each other's dates, decide to date each other)
  • Tim (believes that confronting the baby's demon is the key to his own redemption)
  • Benson (decides to join Tim in confronting the baby's demon)

48 Millie (Candice Azzara), Reverend Sung (Michael DeLano). March 15, 1979 (1979-03-15) 47

  • The Tates prepare to exorcise the baby's demon
  • Corinne believes that the baby is possessed because of her promiscuous past
  • Danny confronts Mel, the mobster who murdered Elaine, but gets clobbered by Mel's girlfriend, Millie
  • Billy is not allowed to go home by the Sunnies
  • Jessica confronts the demon possessing Corinne's baby, which runs away screaming
  • Jessica calls Chester and Donohue together to deliver her decision about which of the two men she will remain with
  • Burt is abducted by aliens
    Note:- In 2005, this episode was ranked number 88 as part of TV Land's 'Top 100 Most Unexpected Moments in TV History'.[6]

Season 3: 1979–1980[edit]

No. Focal Characters and Associated Storylines Original Airdate Original Broadcast Episode No.
49 Alien Burt (Richard Mulligan). September 13, 1979 (1979-09-13) 48

  • Jessica (chooses Chester over Donohue, but offers to let Donohue stay in the Tate house until he recovers from the shock)
  • Burt (is taken to the alien ship, where they tell him that they plan to replace him with a replica)
  • Jodie (is introduced to his newborn daughter, Wendy, by Carol's mother, Mrs. David, who shows up with the child at Jodie's apartment)
  • Benson, Chester, Donohue and the Major (prepare to rescue Billy from the Sunnies)
  • Burt's alien double, "Alien Burt" (teleports to Earth and moves in with the unsuspecting Mary)

50 Saul (Jack Gilford), Sunnie Leader Simon (Robert Englund). September 20, 1979 (1979-09-20) 49

  • Alien Burt (proves to be a sexual juggernaut with Mary)
  • Billy (is indoctrinated by the Sunnies, which use torture and deprivation to their will on him)
  • Jodie (is told by Mrs. David that Carol has run off with another man, and offers him custody of Wendy – if he agrees to kick Alice out of his apartment)
  • The real Burt (meets Saul, another captive of the aliens, who claims to have been captured by them 4,000 years ago)
  • Eunice (talks Dutch out of escaping from jail)
  • Benson, Chester, Donohue and the Major (invade the Sunnies compound, only to be captured themselves)

51 None. September 27, 1979 (1979-09-27) 50

  • Billy (rescues the team – Benson, Chester, Donohue and the Major – which had organized to rescue him)
  • The Tates (celebrate Billy's return home)
  • The real Burt (receives an offer of help from Saul to escape from the aliens)
  • Alice and Jodie (say their goodbyes, in order to satisfy Mrs. David's requirement for Jodie receiving custody of Wendy)
  • Mary (tells Jessica that she senses that Burt isn't really Burt)
  • Burt and Saul (beam themselves off the spaceship)
  • Benson (leaves to take a new job – as the governor's aide on Benson)

52 Leslie Walker (Marla Pennington). October 4, 1979 (1979-10-04) 51

  • Burt and Saul (beam themselves into and out of nasty situations in the past history of the Earth, by accident)
  • Jessica (tells Donohue that it's time for him to leave)
  • Jessica, Mary, Corinne and Eunice (can't get any sleep because of Chester, Alien Burt, Tim and Dutch)
  • Danny (turns Millie against Mel by promising to marry her; she helps him to escape)
  • Chester (begins to revert to his old promiscuous ways)
  • Billy (stays late to study with his high-school teacher, Leslie – and the two share a kiss)

53 None. October 11, 1979 (1979-10-11) 52

  • Dutch (gets out of jail and moves in with the Tates)
  • Danny (brings Millie home to meet the Campbells)
  • Jodie (is thrilled as Mrs. David leaves Wendy in his care)
  • Saul (decides to stay with the aliens, but sends Burt home)
  • The real Burt and Alien Burt (have a traumatic first encounter)
  • Billy and Leslie (decide to pursue a relationship)

54 None. November 1, 1979 (1979-11-01) 53

  • The real Burt (calls Mary from a pay phone and asks her to meet him at the corner drugstore)
  • Millie (tells Danny that Alien Burt has been accosting her)
  • Alien Burt (diverts Mary from meeting with Real Burt)
  • Jessica (accuses Chester of cheating on her again)
  • Eunice (tells Corinne that she's lost interest in Dutch)
  • Eunice and Corinne (see Chester having an intimate lunch with somebody who isn't Jessica)
  • Billy and Leslie (go to a secluded restaurant, where they see Eunice with somebody who isn't Dutch, and Chester, with somebody who isn't Jessica, sees them)
  • Tim and Corinne (decide to end their troubled marriage)

55 Charlie Walker (Kenneth Gilman). November 8, 1979 (1979-11-08) 54

  • The Tates (have a party to welcome Dutch into their home)
  • Millie (decides that Danny's family is too strange for her)
  • Billy (meets Leslie's ex-husband, Charlie, and defends Leslie from him)
  • The real Burt (calls Mary again)
  • Corinne and Jodie (compare notes on the stresses of single parenthood)
  • Alien Burt refuses to beam back to the spaceship
  • Mary meets Real Burt at the drugstore, only to see him vanish – just as he had previously claimed he could do – when he is abruptly rebeamed to the spaceship
  • The real Burt begs the aliens for a chance to reason with Alien Burt.

56 None. November 22, 1979 (1979-11-22) 55

  • Dutch (cooks dinner for the Tates)
  • Mary (spouts gibberish about having seen Burt disappear)
  • Corinne (confronts Chester about his womanizing)
  • The real Burt (turns to Jodie for help)
  • Billy (is persuaded by Leslie not to book a hotel room for them; covers for Eunice when Dutch suspects her of cheating on him)
  • Eunice, Corinne & Chester (are all at the hotel as well, each with someone other than their respective other)
  • The real Burt (convinces Alien Burt to give him his life back)

57 Polly Dawson (Lynne Moody). December 6, 1979 (1979-12-06) 56

  • Billy (tells Jessica about his relationship with Leslie)
  • Burt (convinces Mary that he was really abducted by aliens)
  • Danny (makes friends with a recently widowed black woman named Polly, while visiting Elaine's grave)
  • Dutch (informs Eunice that he knows that she's cheating on him)
  • Mary (tries to explain to Jessica about Alien Burt)
  • Jessica (follows Chester after seeing him with another woman)

58 None. December 13, 1979 (1979-12-13) 57

  • Jessica (tells Chester not to come home after catching him and his latest mistress in a hotel room)
  • Burt and Mary (get a routine medical exam)
  • Danny (tells Burt about his infatuation with Polly)
  • Jessica (meets Leslie, despite her misgivings about Billy's getting involved with his high-school teacher)
  • Jodie (has his fitness to care for Wendy challenged by the Child Welfare Department)

59 None. December 27, 1979 (1979-12-27) 58

  • Jessica (agrees to let Chester live in the guest room, when he promises to get help for his problem with infidelity)
  • Jodie (has trouble finding a nanny for Wendy; Mary considers this an opportunity to ask him to move back home with his parents)
  • The real Burt (feels insecure about living up to Alien Burt's sexual performance)
  • Billy (has his 18th birthday party, but the festivities are strained by Jessica's anger at Chester and Dutch's mistrust of Eunice)
  • Jodie (agrees to move back home with his parents)
  • Leslie (announces that she's quitting her job so she and Billy can pursue their relationship more freely)

60 Gloria (Colleen Riley), Eddie Dawson (Kene Holliday). January 3, 1980 (1980-01-03) 59

  • The Campbells (welcome Jodie back home)
  • Jessica and Chester (consult a minister about their marital problems; Chester is committed to reforming his promiscuous ways, but is tempted by the minister's daughter, Gloria)
  • Danny (meets Polly's family, but Polly's brother Eddie disapproves of him)
  • Mary (is pregnant, according to their doctor)
  • Burt (has a terminal illness, also according to their doctor)

61 None. January 10, 1980 (1980-01-10) 60

  • Burt (doesn't tell Mary that he's dying)
  • Danny and Polly (profess their love for each other)
  • Billy and Leslie (have their first sexual encounter)
  • Danny (is torn by his feelings for Polly and his fears about being in an interracial romance in a world which is less than tolerant of such things)
  • Mary comes to the ghastly realization that Alien Burt might be the father of her baby

62 None. January 17, 1980 (1980-01-17) 61

  • Danny (learns that Burt is dying)
  • Burt (expresses a desire to get himself in the Guinness Book of Records before he dies, to make sure that he has done something notable with his life)
  • Eunice (asks Corinne to cover for her so she can continue to cheat on Dutch)
  • Chester (is seduced by Gloria, the minister's daughter)
  • Polly (brings her family to the Campbell family home for dinner, and misunderstandings between the two families abound)
  • Jessica (throws Chester out permanently, after he confesses to cheating on her again with Gloria)

63 None. January 24, 1980 (1980-01-24) 62

  • Mary (confronts Burt about his odd behavior in the pursuit of getting in the Guinness Book)
  • Dutch (turns to Corinne for advice about Eunice)
  • Jessica (seeks out Donohue, only to learn that he's gotten married to another woman since they last saw each other)
  • Jessica (tells Mary and Polly's mother about her chaotic love life)
  • Dutch (blows up at Eunice)

64 Dr. Alan Posner (Allan Miller). January 31, 1980 (1980-01-31) 63

  • Carol (drops in to see Wendy)
  • Jessica (consults Dr. Posner, a psychiatrist, about her problems, and he shares her frustration about having an unfaithful partner)
  • Burt (is told by his doctor that there was a clerical mistake and that it's not him that is dying after all)
  • Billy (is starting to get tired of Leslie)
  • Corinne (comforts Dutch after Eunice runs away)

65 None. February 7, 1980 (1980-02-07) 64

  • Burt (is overjoyed that he's not going to die)
  • Chester (is discarded as a lover by Gloria, the minister's daughter)
  • Danny and Polly (go house-hunting)
  • Dutch and Corinne (end up in bed together, much to Jessica's shock)
  • Dr. Posner (drops Jessica as a patient so he can ask her for a date)
  • Carol (tells Jodie that she intends to sue him for custody of Wendy)

66 None. February 28, 1980 (1980-02-28) 65

  • Burt (announces that he wants to run for Sheriff of Dunn's River, the town in which the Tates and Campbells live)
  • Danny (wants to serve as Deputy to Burt)
  • Jodie (hires Mallu to help him fight Carol in court)
  • Jessica (invites Dr. Posner over for dinner)
  • Leslie (fears she is losing Billy)
  • Jessica (refuses to let Chester come home)
  • Dr. Posner (professes his love for Jessica)

67 Saunders (Roscoe Lee Browne). March 6, 1980 (1980-03-06) 66

  • Danny and Polly (move into a suburban home, where they face both latent and overt racism from their new neighbors)
  • Leslie (threatens suicide when Billy tries to end their relationship)
  • The Campbells (are depressed about the prospect of Jodie's losing custody of Wendy)
  • Jessica (hires Saunders to replace Benson as the new butler for the Tate household)
  • The Tate and Campbell families (wait for the results of Burt's election for sheriff)
  • Jessica (passes out cold on the floor)

68 Dr. Hill (Granville Van Dusen), Judge Betty Small (Rae Allen), F. Peter Haversham (Michael Durrell). March 13, 1980 (1980-03-13) 67

  • Jessica (is brought to the hospital after her collapse during Burt's election day gathering; Dr. Hill, Jessica's new doctor, tells Chester that Jessica is very sick; Jessica asks Chester to move back home while she's in the hospital)
  • Burt (finds out that the current sheriff has committed fraud to get reelected against him, so his first assignment as sheriff is to remove his predecessor from office)
  • Corinne (convinces Dutch not to move out)
  • Carol (tells an outrageous lie in court about Jodie threatening to kill her, in order to convince the judge to award her custody of Wendy)

69 None. March 20, 1980 (1980-03-20) 68

  • Burt (successfully talks the old sheriff into relinquishing his office)
  • Mary (tells Jodie that her baby might be an alien)
  • The Tates (wait for news about Jessica's condition)
  • Leslie (threatens to commit suicide again)
  • Eunice (returns home and catches Dutch in bed with Corinne)
  • Jessica (is told by Dr. Hill that she's dying)

70 None March 27, 1980 (1980-03-27) 69 (first half)

  • Jessica (forgives Chester for all of his past indiscretions)
  • Jodie (is shocked and outraged as both Carol and her mother lie about him on the witness stand)
  • Mary (is unable to tell Burt that the baby might be an alien)
  • Corinne and Eunice (pressure Dutch into choosing between them)
  • Jodie (speaks his mind in court)

71 Elmore Tibbs (Hamilton Camp). March 27, 1980 (1980-03-27) 69 (second half)

  • Danny (proposes to Polly)
  • Jessica (sends a taped message home for the family)
  • Leslie (decides to kill Billy instead of killing herself)
  • Burt (is threatened by a corrupt businessman, Elmore Tibbs, who doesn't want his practices to be investigated by the sheriff's office)
  • Jessica (is besieged in her hospital room by four suitors – Chester, Mallu, Dr. Posner...and now Dr. Hill)
  • Mary (goes into labor)
  • Benson (drops in to visit Jessica in the hospital)
  • Jessica (succumbs to her mysterious illness and dies)

Season 4: 1980–1981[edit]

This season was originally shown as 16 episodes of which six were one hour in length. When the one-hour episodes were standardized into half-hour episodes this yielded 22 episodes.

No. Focal Characters and Associated Storylines Original Airdate Original Broadcast Episode No.
72 None. November 12, 1980 (1980-11-12) 70 (first half)

  • Jessica is revived from the dead by Dr. Hill, who subsequently warns Chester that Jessica may have suffered irreversible brain damage during the time her brain was denied oxygen during her death; she remains in a coma
  • Burt and Danny wake up in a sleazy motel, where Elmore Tibbs took them after drugging them in order to pose them for blackmail photos as if they were cavorting with scantily clad women
  • Mary gives birth to a son, Scotty
  • Leslie tries to shoot Billy, but grazes Saunders instead
  • Mary is relieved to learn that the baby isn't silver-colored and resembling an alien
  • Burt and Danny lie to Mary about their misadventure in the motel room
  • Burt meets his new son
  • Jessica describes what it was like being in heaven while mumbling incoherently during her coma

73 None. November 12, 1980 (1980-11-12) 70 (second half)

  • Eunice and Corinne draw cards to see who gets Dutch – and Eunice wins
  • Jessica recovers from her coma
  • Jodie wins custody of Wendy; Carol threatens revenge
  • Mary isn't completely sure that the baby isn't an alien
  • Jessica tells Mary that she's been to heaven
  • Burt and Danny receive copies of the seemingly incriminating pictures from Tibbs

74 None. November 19, 1980 (1980-11-19) 71

  • Jessica turns down all of her suitors
  • Burt decides to cave in to Tibbs, rather than let his family see the pictures from the motel room
  • Polly tells Danny that she isn't in love with him
  • Corinne tells Jessica that she plans to move to California
  • The Campbells welcome Mary and the new baby home
  • Burt decides to stand up to Tibbs after all
  • Jodie discovers that Wendy has been kidnapped

75 None. November 26, 1980 (1980-11-26) 72

  • Burt (is unable to help Jodie get Wendy back)
  • Jessica (returns home from the hospital)
  • Dutch and Eunice (announce that they're getting married)
  • Leslie (tries to kill the entire Tate family)
  • Jessica (tells Mary that she and Chester are getting a divorce)
  • Mary (finds the photos of Burt and Danny in the motel room)
  • Jessica (tells Chester that he can live in the pool house – if he earns his keep)

76 Annie Selig (Nancy Dolman), Carlos "El Puerco" Valdez (Gregory Sierra). December 3, 1980 (1980-12-03) 73

  • Dutch and Eunice (get married)
  • Chester (is taken with Annie Selig, Eunice's maid of honor)
  • Burt (is mortified as the x-rated photos of him and Danny show up in the newspaper; the family faces the public's outrage, as well as each other's)
  • Annie (moves into the pool house with Chester)
  • Jessica (announces her plans to go on a private vacation to the little-known country of Malaguay)
  • Jessica frees Carlos "El Puerco" Valdez, a Malaguayan counterrevolutionary who is sitting in a nearby seat on her plane; El Puerco immediately hijacks the plane and takes her hostage)

77 Maggie Chandler (Barbara Rhoades). December 10, 1980 (1980-12-10) 74

  • Billy (sets out to rescue Jessica from El Puerco)
  • Jodie (hires Maggie Chandler, a private detective, to help him find Carol and Wendy)
  • The Campbells (agonize over Burt's scandal, Wendy's kidnapping and Jessica's abduction)
  • Burt (proposes launching a sting operation against Tibbs)
  • Jessica (is led by El Puerco safely through the jungles of Malaguay)

78 Gwen (Jesse Welles). December 17, 1980 (1980-12-17) 75

  • Burt and Danny (in their capacity as undercover police officers, check into one of the brothels run by Elmore Tibbs)
  • Danny (meets a hooker named Gwen, and asks her to testify against Tibbs)
  • The Tates (find themselves low on money)
  • Billy (isn't home when Leslie drops by with a rattlesnake)
  • Jessica (is asked by El Puerco to spend the night with him, but he refuses to be intimate with her until they are married)

79 Juan One (Joe Mantegna). December 31, 1980 (1980-12-31) 76

  • Jessica (talks El Puerco and his lieutenant - "Juan One", one of his many subordinates named Juan – into fighting his revolution from the relative safety of Dunn's River)
  • Gwen (gives her deposition against Tibbs)
  • Chester (tries to auction off the household furnishings)
  • The Tates (receive unconfirmable news about what may or may not have happened to Jessica)
  • Burt and Mary (try to work out a schedule for their love life)
  • Jodie and Maggie (learn that Carol has run away with a circus clown)

80 None. January 7, 1981 (1981-01-07) 77

  • Burt (agrees to sell his construction company to Chester and Dutch)
  • Jessica and El Puerco (row their way to Jessica's home in Connecticut)
  • Jodie and Maggie (learn that Carol has run off with a Mexican fire-eater)
  • Billy (rescues Jessica and El Puerco)
  • Danny (asks Gwen to stop hooking)

81 None. January 14, 1981 (1981-01-14) 78

  • El Puerco and Juan One (move into the Tate house)
  • Danny (asks Gwen to move in with the Campbells)
  • Jodie and Maggie (learn that Carol has gone to Alaska, and, after much time on the road, admit that they're attracted to each other)
  • Burt (consults a minister for guidance)

82 None. January 21, 1981 (1981-01-21) 79

  • Danny (tells Mary that he's in love with Gwen)
  • Jessica (tells Mary that her divorce from Chester is official, and that El Puerco won't have sex with her; she later throws a dinner party for El Puerco)
  • Chester (announces that he and Annie are engaged)
  • Jodie (announces that he and Maggie are an item)
  • Leslie (makes another murder attempt on the Tates)
  • Danny (gets shot)

83 None. January 28, 1981 (1981-01-28) 80

  • The Campbells (wait for news of Danny's condition)
  • Chester and Annie (plan their future)
  • Jessica (tries to entice El Puerco into compromising his sexual principles)
  • Gwen (tells Danny that she loves him)
  • Burt (promises to take revenge against Tibbs for shooting Danny)
  • Danny (needs a kidney transplant, according to the doctor)
  • Mary (realizes that honesty about Danny's genetic history is important for his treatment, and reveals to Jodie that he and Danny had different fathers)

84 None. March 9, 1981 (1981-03-09) 81 (first half)

  • Jodie and Maggie (learn that Wendy is being held at a kung-fu fortress)
  • Burt (goes after Tibbs with a baseball bat)
  • Mary (tells Chester that he is Danny's real father, and asks him to donate a kidney to save Danny's life)
  • El Puerco (hires a prostitute, rather than dishonor Jessica)
  • Mary (tells her gynecologist that the baby can fly)
  • Jodie and Maggie (get captured by martial arts experts while they are trying to save Wendy)

85 None. March 9, 1981 (1981-03-09) 81 (second half)

  • Jessica and Danny (are both shocked by the news that Chester is Danny's real father)
  • Burt (becomes a media hero because of his attack on Tibbs)
  • Chester and Danny (face surgery together)

86 None. March 16, 1981 (1981-03-16) 82 (first half)

  • The Tates and Campbells (wait for the results of Danny's surgery)
  • Mary (explains to Burt about her relationship with Chester)
  • Jodie (proposes to Maggie)
  • Dutch and Eunice (try to spice up their sex life)
  • Mary (relives the circumstances that led Chester to leave her for Jessica)

87 None. March 16, 1981 (1981-03-16) 82 (second half)

  • Burt (alienates his family as his fame continues to grow)
  • Danny (is offended when Burt disapproves of his plans to marry Gwen)
  • Jessica (forgives Chester, but can't forgive Mary)
  • Saunders (proposes a plan to rescue Jodie and Maggie)
  • Gwen (is coerced by a hoodlum into spying on Burt and Danny)

88 Dr. Rudolph (George Wyner). March 23, 1981 (1981-03-23) 83 (first half)

  • Jodie, Maggie and Wendy (are rescued from the fortress by Burt, Chuck, Bob, Billy, El Puerco, Juan One, the Major, Dutch, and Saunders)
  • Jessica and Mary (come to an understanding)
  • Mary (tells Jessica that she has a drinking problem, the baby may be an alien, and she fears she is losing Burt)
  • Jodie (decides to see a therapist so he can be sure about his relationship with Maggie)
  • Danny (blames Burt when Gwen runs away)
  • Jodie (signs up for hypnotherapy with Dr. Rudolph)

89 Julius Kassendorf (Billy Crystal). March 23, 1981 (1981-03-23) 83 (second half)

  • El Puerco (learns a few things about women after spending the night with Jessica)
  • Eunice (is driving Dutch a bit crazy with her fantasy games in bed)
  • Chester and Annie (announce that they are married, but Chester continues to act possessively toward Jessica)
  • Mary (walks out on Burt when he accuses her of being drunk)
  • Dutch (fails to turn Eunice on with his Cyrano de Bergerac costume)
  • Jodie (comes out of hypnosis believing that he's a 90-year-old Jewish man named Julius Kassendorf)

90 None. April 13, 1981 (1981-04-13) 84 (first half)

  • Burt (is offered a job by The Governor, who wants him to become the new Lieutenant Governor)
  • Chester (goes mad with jealousy over Jessica and El Puerco)
  • Danny and Annie (turn to each other for comfort)
  • Mary (tries to convince Burt that their baby isn't normal)
  • Julius (is brought home by Jodie's psychiatrist to meet the Campbells)

91 None. April 13, 1981 (1981-04-13) 84 (second half)

  • El Puerco (challenges Chester to a duel)
  • Jessica (expresses concern about Burt and Mary's marital problems)
  • Danny and Annie (succumb to their mutual sexual attractions)
  • Maggie (meets Julius, and expresses shock at Jodie's mental transformation)
  • Burt (makes political enemies after addressing a panel of senators)

92 General Sandia (Luis Avalos), Private Esquivo (Barry Vigon) April 20, 1981 (1981-04-20) 85 (first half)

  • Burt (is asked by The Governor to disassociate himself from the Tates and the rest of the Campbells)
  • Jessica (is taken hostage by El Puerco's Communist enemies led by General Luis Sandia)
  • The Tates (receive the kidnappers' terms)
  • Julius (comforts Mary)
  • Burt's enemies (plot to kill him)

93 None. April 20, 1981 (1981-04-20) 85 (second half)

  • Burt (receives a tip about a major drug transaction)
  • Danny (tells Burt that he's in love with Annie)
  • The Tates, Dutch and El Puerco (worry about Jessica)
  • Chester (receives a call from Gen. Sandia and breaks the news to everyone that if El Puerco does not return to Malaguay in 36 hours, Gen. Sandia's forces would kill Jessica)
  • Jessica (makes life difficult for her communist captors, who demand El Puerco's surrender; she nevertheless prepares to face her execution)
  • Chester (catches Danny in bed with Annie; in his anger, he points his gun at the both of them and prepares to pull the trigger)
  • Burt (not realizing that the drug deal tip he received was phony, walks into an ambush)
  • Jessica (faces the firing squad)


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