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The Stranger Genius Awards, given by Seattle alternative weekly newspaper The Stranger, "bring attention to, and recognize the contributions of, … outstanding artists in Seattle."[1] Winners are notified by receiving a chocolate cake bearing the message "You're a Friggin' Genius!"[1]

Stranger Genius Award winners
Person or organization Category Image Year
Susan Robb Visual Art 2003
Web Crowell Film 2003
Matt Briggs Literature 2003
Chris Jeffries Theater 2003
Velocity Dance Center Organization Seattle - Velocity Dance 01.jpg 2003
Vital 5 Organization 2003
Victoria Haven Visual Art 2004
David Russo Film 2004
John Olson Literature 2004
Sarah Rudinoff Theater 2004
Seattle School Organization 2004
SuttonBeresCuller Visual Art 2005
Michael Seiwerath Film 2005
Rebecca Brown Literature 2005
Gabriel Baron Theater 2005
Frye Art Museum Organization Frye Museum winter.jpg 2005
Lead Pencil Studio Visual Art 2006
James Longley Film 2006
Jonathan Raban Literature Jonathan Raban 07.jpg 2006
Jennifer Zeyl Theater 2006
On the Boards Organization Seattle - On the Boards 01.jpg Festival of Lies 01A.jpg 2006
Alex Schweder Visual Art 2007
Linas Phillips Film 2007
Heather McHugh Literature 2007
Cary Moon Politics 2007
Amy Thone Theater 2007
Strawberry Theatre Workshop Organization 2007
Wynne Greenwood Visual Art 2008
Lynn Shelton Film Lynn Shelton.jpg 2008
Sherman Alexie Literature Sherman alexie 2007.jpg 2008
Paul Mullin Theater 2008
Implied Violence Organization 2008
Jeffry Mitchell Visual Art 2009
Zia Mohajerjasbi Film 2009
Stacey Levine Literature 2009
The Cody Rivers Show Theater 2009
Pacific Northwest Ballet Organization 2009
Susie Lee Visual Art 2010
Charles Mudede and Robinson Devor Film Charles Mudede - Pop Conference 2016 - 02 (cropped).jpg 2010
Jim Woodring Literature JimWoodringDrawing.jpg 2010
Shabazz Palaces Music 2010
Marya Sea Kaminski Theater 2010
DK Pan Visual Art 2011
Gary Hill Film 2011
Lesley Hazleton Literature 2011
The Intelligence Music TheIntelligenceatSalaRossaMontreal)ctober2009.JPG 2011
John Osebold Theater Awesome - John Osebold 01A.jpg 2011
Sarah Bergmann Visual Art 2012
Megan Griffiths Film 2012
Ellen Forney Literature 2012
Lori Goldston Music 2012
Grady West Theater 2012
Zoe Scofield & Juniper Shuey Performance 2013
Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney Music Eyvind Kang.jpg 2013
Rodrigo Valenzuela Visual Art 2013
Maged Zaher Literature 2013
Benjamin Kasulke Film 2013
Valerie Curtis-Newton Performance 2014
Industrial Revelation Music 2014
C. Davida Ingram Visual Art 2014
Gary Groth Literature 2014
Drew Christie Film 2014
Yussef El Guindi Literature 2015
Steve Fisk Music Steve Fisk 03A.jpg 2015
Mary Ann Peters Visual Art 2015
Scarecrow Project Front of Scarecrow Video in Seattle, Washington.JPG 2015
Cherdonna Shinatra Performance 2015
Barbara Earl Thomas Art Barbara Earl Thomas 01 (cropped).jpg 2016
Tracy Rector Film Tracy Rector 01 (cropped).jpg 2016
Lindy West Literature Author Lindy West (cropped).jpg 2016
Erik Blood Music 2016
Emily Chisholm Performance 2016

Source for list: The Stranger Genius Awards: The Event, Accessed online 2016-10-07. 2016 winners from "We Saw You Dancing, Drinking, Cheering, Crying, and Winning Thousands of Dollars at the Stranger Genius Awards", Accessed online 2016-10-07.


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