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Utawarerumono is a 26-episode anime television series based on the visual novel of the same name by Leaf. The series aired in Japan between April 3 and September 25, 2006.[1] With the first DVD release of the anime on August 23, 2006, a short bonus episode lasting about seven minutes was also included. The opening theme is "Musōka" by Suara, the first ending theme used for the first 25 episodes is "Madoromi no Rinne" by Eri Kawai, and the second ending theme used for the final episode is "Kimi ga Tame" by Suara. The North American rights to the Utawarerumono anime were initially held by ADV Films for US$109,201 effective August 1, 2006,[2] who completed a full DVD release of the entire series. In July 2008, Funimation announced that the license to Utawarerumono (and other titles formerly held by ADV) had transferred to them.[3]

A three-episode Utawarerumono original video animation (OVA) series was developed by the creators of the anime. These episodes focus on side stories from the game which were not covered in the TV series. The first OVA was released on June 5, 2009. The OVA's opening theme is "Adamant Faith" by Suara and its ending theme is "Yume no Tsuzuki" by Rena Uehara. In the first OVA, the episode focuses mainly on Urutori's relationship with the child rescued from Niwe's attack, and how she refuses to give up the child to another family, going so far as to attack her friends.

Episode list[edit]

Utawarerumono (2006)[edit]

# Title Original air date
1 "Something Uninvited"
"Manekarezaru Mono" (招かれざるもの) 
April 3, 2006
A strange man is found by a girl and her family and nursed back to health. He appears to have lost all of his memories, and can't seem to remove a mask of bone affixed to his forehead. A girl introduces herself to the man. The girl’s name is Erurū. With her is her grandmother, Tusukuru and her little sister, Arurū. The man appreciates the help the family did for him and ask about Erurū’s parents. Erurū said that their father has already died when they were little and their mother also died right after giving birth to Arurū. The man wanted to go outside to find something he could do. Worried that the man’s health might get worse, Erurū is asked by Tusukuru to assist him. While they walk around the village, Nuwangi and his men came to take the villager’s money and belongings. The man stops Nuwangi and his men and forced them to leave the village. Away from the village, Nuwangi throws rocks and destroyed a shrine in his anger towards the man who humiliates him. At night, the villagers talked about Mutikapa the Queen of the Forest being angry because someone wrecked her shrine. The villagers blamed the man for it but Erurū told them that it’s not him because the man is with her all day. The villagers apologize to the man and decided to rebuild Mutikapa’s shrine and offer something to please her. 
2 "The Violent King of the Forest"
"Araburu Mori no Ō" (荒ぶる森の王) 
April 10, 2006
The Queen of the forest, Mutikapa, is angered and begins killing some of the townspeople. Hakuoro works with the others to figure out a way to defeat it. 
3 "Purple Amber"
"Murasaki Kohaku / Muikōha" (紫琥珀) 
April 17, 2006
Tusukuru is thought to be missing from the village though is later found offering aid to a young girl with a strange affliction. 
4 "The Path of No Return"
"Modorenu Michi" (戻れぬ道) 
April 24, 2006
Tusukuru is inadvertently killed and members from the village go on a mission to kill the feudal lord responsible. 
5 "The Daughter of the Forest"
"Mori no Musume" (森の娘) 
May 1, 2006
Hakuoro takes over command of the station which he captures, beginning to strategically lead a large-scale rebellion. When rallying troops to rise up against the oppressive government, however, he runs into Benawi, the empire's Samurai leader. 
6 "The Assembled Powers"
"Tsudou Chikara" (集う力) 
May 8, 2006
Hakuoro gains more men at his command and once again has a battle involving Benawi and the men he commands. 
7 "Advance Towards the Emperor"
"Kōto Shinkō" (皇都侵攻) 
May 15, 2006
Finally, Hakuoro's small army reaches the castle of Emperor Inkara, to find, when they arrive, that he had already died by Benawi's blade. After this, Benawi and Kurou join Hakuoro. 
8 "The Arbitrator"
"Chōteisha" (調停者) 
May 22, 2006
Several Onkami come to Hakuoro's castle as arbitators and to gather more information on his new country Tusukuru. 
9 "Taboo"
"Kinki" (禁忌) 
May 29, 2006
As the large country of Shikeripetim threatens invasion, Hakouro devises a cunning plan to hold off Shikeripetim's emperor, Niwe, and his far superior military force. 
10 "The Mercenary"
"Yōhei" (傭兵) 
June 5, 2006
A powerful mercenary is brought to the castle and held captive until she is able to show her worth as a fighter and joins Hakuoro's army. 
11 "The Eternal Promise"
"Eien no yakusoku" (永遠の約束) 
June 12, 2006
Kuccha Keccha attacks Erurū's former village and massacres the inhabitants. In response to continued attacks, Tusukuru is forced to declare war with them. 
12 "Unrest"
"Dōyō" (動揺) 
June 19, 2006
Kuccha Keecha turns out to be a more formidable opponent than originally anticipated, more so now that they have the support of the Evinkuruga Touka. Hakuoro tries to find another way to attain victory. 
13 "Battle of Bloodshed"
"Chinurareta Tatakai" (血塗られた戦い) 
June 26, 2006
Hakuoro's plan to defeat the Kuccha Keccha succeeds and he confronts Emperor Orikakan; the result of their encounter however, is quite unexpected. 
14 "Destruction"
"Senka" (戦禍) 
July 2, 2006
More helpless villages in Tusukuru are attacked by Niwe, the emperor of Shikeripetim, as he advances through the countryside. Hakuoro hatches a desperate plan in order to defend his nation. 
15 "End of the Banquet"
"Utage no Owari" (宴の終わり) 
July 9, 2006
A final decisive battle between Hakuoro and Niwe begins in Shikeripetim's capital. 
16 "The End of the Bloodshed"
"Tatakai no Hate" (戦いの果て) 
July 16, 2006
Hakuoro is still haunted by what Niwe said to him and has nightmares about it. Later a duel between Benawi and Oboro takes places to see how strong each is. Near the end of the episode, Hakuoro is introduced to another emperor named Kuuya. 
17 "The Young Emperor"
"Osanaki Ō / Osanaki Ōruo" (幼き皇) 
July 23, 2006
Kuuya and Hakuoro have a long talk alone about the world they live in and the state of affairs. Later, Oboro is suffering from a hangover and must take Erurū revolting medicine in order for it to pass quicker. Also, the trader from before comes back to sell them a Mikyūm, which is a rare and extremely valuable animal. Finally, Hakuoro has yet another private discussion with Kuuya, in which he discovers that the masked emperor is in fact a young girl. 
18 "Liberation Army"
"Kaihōgun" (解放軍) 
July 31, 2006
Karura's younger brother, Derihouri, is leading a revolt in a neighboring country, although his small army is no match for the opposing force. It takes the aid of Hakuoro, Karura and the others in order to overcome the emperor. 
19 "The Parting"
"Ketsubetsu" (決別) 
August 7, 2006
Derihouri, with the aide of Hakuoro, his party, and a secret from Karura's past, infiltrate the capital of Nan-tunk, only to discover that the Kenam rebellion was hatched with ulterior motives. 
20 "First Battle"
"Uijin" (初陣) 
August 14, 2006
Kuuya again speaks with Hakuoro. Later, she reveals her impending plan of warring with the other countries. Thus, Hakuoro is left with the difficult choice of helping her or not. Hakuoro tries, unsuccessfully, to dissuade her. 
21 "The Great Seal"
"On Rīyāku" (大封印) 
August 21, 2006
Kuuya, convinced by her bloodthirsty advisers, declares war against every other nation in an attempt to unite the entire continent. Soon, the war reaches Hakuoro's empire. When he comes to the conclusion that the Avu-Kamuu of Kuuya seems to be unstoppable, Hakuoro decides to evacuate the capital. 
22 "The Accursed Contract"
"Imawashiki keiyaku" (忌まわしき契約) 
August 28, 2006
As the forces of Emperor Kuuya descend upon Tusukuru's capital, Hakuoro realizes that evacuation would take longer than they have and decides to sacrifice himself in an attempt to draw their attention. However, Aruruu isn't about to allow that to happen and shows up riding Mukkuru. Whereas the immortal Mutikapa is impervious to attacks from the Avu-Kamuu, Aruruu is not, and dies from a single landed attack. However, while the pool of blood grows beneath Aruruu's body, Hakuoro begins to regain some of his memories. New questions arise in his mind: What is he? What unknown powers does he harbor? 
23 "Where the Heart Lies"
"Kokoro no arika" (心の在り処) 
September 4, 2006
The first heavy defeat in battle with Kuuya in the previous episode slows down the war. In the next relatively calm days, Hakuoro remembers more of his past. Who really is the Iceman? Why does this "Mikoto" in his memories resemble Erurū so much? Genjimaru leaves Kunnekamun since he knows they are on a path to annihilation. He joins Hakuoro, offering his guidance to the armies. Genjimaru seems to be betraying Kuuya, but he only acts this way since he wants to save her from the war. Understanding that, Hakuoro accepts his help. The first step is unite all the rebels left by Kunnekamun's passage. To that end, Hakuoro arranges a mission to rescue the Oruyankuru. The old man is saved, but then he declares Urutorii to be the new Oruyankuru and immediately retires. 
24 "The Passing One"
"Horobi yuku mono" (滅びゆくもの) 
September 11, 2006
With the help of the rebels and Genjimaru's military command the Tusukuru empire stops Kunnekamun and soon turns the tables of the war. Inside the castle of Kuuya the final battle ensues, but there are more factions at work than just Tusukuru and Kunnekamun... 
25 "Traces of the Ancient Dream"
"Taiko no yumeato" (太古の夢跡) 
September 18, 2006
The episode begins with the fate of Kuuya being revealed. Hakuoro rushes to Onkami Yamukai to rescue Kamyu, but all is not as it seems. Hakouro's true identity is confirmed and he remembers more of the Iceman's heartbreaking story. 
26 "The One Being Sung"
"Utawarerumono" (うたわれるもの) 
September 25, 2006
After a climatic battle and the final pieces of Hakouro's past being revealed, Hakouro makes a very difficult decision that will forever affect the future. 

Omake episodes[edit]

# Title Original air date
1 "Hidden Chimaku"
"Kizuna" (絆) 
August 23, 2006
Hakuoro is working and finds that he is hungry so he sets out to find Erurū, but is unable to locate her. Upon going to the food storage hut, Oboro approaches him and helps him find some food hidden in a secret compartment. Erurū almost catches them and frustratingly remarks how the hidden food was spoiled and leaves. Afterwards, Hakuoro and Oboro are stricken by serious stomach problems and fight to go to the restroom before the other does. However, the situation is further complicated by Aruru, who has shown up ready to dive headfirst into Hakuoro. 
2 "Eyewitness"
"Mokugeki" (目撃) 
December 25, 2006
Munto searches around the castle for Kamyu, who has skipped out of her lessons. It is revealed she is playing hide-and-go-seek with Arurū. Hakuoro watches the entire tableau from his balcony, while drinking tea with Erurū and Benawi. Once Arurū is flushed from her "hiding place" the girls decide to head to the bath house and clean themselves up. 
3 "The One Being Broken"
"Kowasareru Mono" (こわされるもの) 
January 7, 2007
Touka is seen caring for a doll that she treasures. She runs off to get some tea for Hakuoro, leaving him alone with the doll. Hakuoro plays with the doll and accidentally breaks it, leading to him running frantically around the castle looking for some way to repair it. He quickly glues it back together, but it's a very sloppy job. Oboro wanders in and starts playing with the already damaged doll, which breaks again. It is at this point that Touka returns, and Hakuoro lays all the blame on Oboro, leading to him taking the brunt of Touka's fury. 
4 "The God Of Nugizono"
"Nuguisomukami" (禍日神 ヌグィソムカミ) 
February 21, 2007
Touka's doll from the previous episode is fixed by a merchant in town, but she loses it soon after when she places it on a transport wagon. Touka starts to pursue the wagon, effectively terrifying the drivers into thinking she is a monster that is going to kill them. In the end, one of the men in the wagon throws Touka's doll over a cliff which makes Touka jump after it and fall a vast distance. Later, Erurū recounts the story of the "monster" to Hakuoro, and Touka is shown lying in bed, injured from the fall. 


# Title Original air date
1 "The Lullaby of the Watchtower"
"Bōrō no Komoriuta" (望楼の子守唄) 
June 26, 2009
It is a peaceful day at the palace. Urutori found an abandoned baby. Benawi told Kurou to investigate nearby villages to identify the baby’s parents. Meanwhile, Urutori takes care of the baby. She experienced motherhood while taking care of the baby. Karura warns her not to get too attached to the baby because it will be hard for her to separate with the baby when baby returns to its family. But day after day, Urutori keeps on worrying on the baby and takes good care of the baby. Not for long she eventually got attached to the baby. After a few days of investigation, they found out the baby’s parents are from conflicting village tribes and the baby is an unwanted child. But with the influence of the palace, they were able to unite the tribes and the baby’s parents wanted to have their child back. When Urutori heard of the news, she ran away with the baby. Hakuoro and the others went looking for her. After they found her, they ask Urutori to return the baby. Urutori refused to give the baby. Karura told her that she is keeping the baby away from its family and what she is doing is kidnapping. Urutori still doesn’t listen and had a fight with Karura. Their fight was interrupted when the baby cries. Urutori came into her senses and accepted the fact that she must return the baby to its parents. After they returned the baby to its parents, Urutori got depressed and went to drink sake with Karura. 
2 "The Prescription of Secret Love"
"Hiren no Shohōsen" (秘恋の処方箋) 
December 23, 2009
Erurū was kidnapped by an Onkami named Nopon and a Kimamau named Gomuta. They asked Erurū to make a medicine that will make someone look young to help their mistress, Kamuchatāru, a bar owner who is in love with a man who likes young women. Kamuchatāru found out that Nopon and Gomuta kidnapped Erurū and told them to return her to the palace. Nopon told Erurū about Kamuchatāru’s life and gains Erurū’s sympathy, helping them to make the medicine. Erurū asked Nopon about the person Kamuchatāru is in love with. He told Erurū that the man is someone Erurū knows in the palace and told her more and more about him. But before he could tell the man’s name, he got interrupted by Kamuchatāru whereas Erurū has already made a conclusion that the man is Benawi. After that, Erurū asked Nopon and Kamuchatāru to get her materials and some ingredients at the palace. Kamuchatāru asked her to stop doing it because helping her will hurt her pride. Then, she told Erurū that she was once a princess of their country, the daughter of Inkara. She got betrayed by the people of their country and sought revenge against their new empire, Tusukuru. She, Nopon, and Gomuta were captured and were supposed to be executed. The man she fell in love pardoned them out of compassion. She told her that she doesn’t want to trouble that person anymore. Erurū told Kamuchatāru that she won’t stop. Furthermore, she told Kamuchatāru that she mustn’t deceive her heart because a medicine for one’s heart is better than a medicine for the body. Meanwhile, at the palace, news of Erurū’s disappearance has spread. After finding a lead, Benawi told Hakuoro that he will be handling the case. After gathering the things they need at Erurū’s room and were about to return, Nopon and Gomuta were seen by Arurū, Kamyu, and Yuzuha. They told them that Erurū is with them and is helping them to make a medicine for their mistress. After that, they successfully return to Kamuchatāru’s place. They also brought Arurū along with them to assist Erurū. Back at the palace, Kurou saw Kamyu and Yuzuha. He asked Arurū’s whereabouts because Kamyu and Yuzuha always hangs out with Arurū. They told Kurou that she is with an old man and a kimamau. Knowing that there’s only one place where they could find the kimamau, Kurou asked Benawi that he will be handling the case and sets out to Kamuchatāru’s place to check Arurū. In there, he had a fight against Nopon and Gomuta. Kamuchatāru stopped their fight. Erurū and Arurū came out of Kamuchatāru’s place to tell them that the medicine is complete. Erurū tripped and the medicine fell on Nopon and made him look young instead. After that, Erurū and Arurū returned to the palace. Kamuchatāru and Kurou had a conversation. Kamuchatāru told Kurou how grateful she is to Kurou for taking care of her when she was a child. Kurou went near her and asked why she suddenly brought it up. Kamuchatarou blushed and it is revealed that the man she loves is Kurou. Meanwhile, Erurū never discover who Kamuchatāru really likes and still thinks that Benawi is the person that Kamuchatāru likes and also the man who likes young girls. She began to worry that Benawi might fall in love with Arurū. 
3 "The Sword Guard Sound in Deep Mountain"
"Shinzan no Tsubanari" (深山の鍔鳴) 
June 23, 2010
Hakuoro and Touka went to fish and they also brought Arurū and Mukkuru along with them. While fishing, Hakuoro told Touka, stories about the spirit of the river, who swims in the river in the form of a fish. After a while, Benawi found where they are fishing. Benawi dragged Hakuoro back to the palace to continue his royal duties. Before he goes, Hakuoro told Touka to catch the spirit of the river. With that said, Touka waited for the spirit of the river to take her bait. Then suddenly a huge fish grab her bait. Touka pulled her fishing rod as best as she can, struggling against the fish. Arurū got caught in their struggle and fell down in the river. The current dragged Arurū away and got lost. After she saw what happened to Arurū, Touka pulled her fishing rod even harder and finally caught the huge fish. With its size, Touka assumed that it is the spirit of the river. Then, she quickly went to look for Arurū while carrying the fish. Touka searched for Arurū for several hours. It’s at night time that she found Arurū sleeping within the forest. Touka camped there for the night and vowed to her sword that she must protect Arurū, grabbing the sword that was supposed to be with her. She remembered that she left her sword with Mukkuru from where she and Hakuoro went to fish earlier during the day. The huge fish gained consciousness and is going to return to the river. Touka saw it and knock it out again. Touka is surprised that it is still alive after staying at land for several hours, making her believe that the fish is really the spirit of the river. The next day, at the palace, Hakuoro and the others are having their breakfast. He knew that Touka and Arurū are still catching the spirit of the river but he felt that there is still someone missing on the table. He noticed that Oboro and one of the twins who serve Oboro are gone. He asked one of the twins, Gurā, of their whereabouts. Gurā told him that they are out to search for Touka and Arurū in the forest. Kamyu told everyone present at the table that there is a huge monster reported to be seen roaming the forest according to a newspaper and hoped that everyone in the forest are okay. At the forest, it didn’t take long for Oboro and Dorī to found Touka and Arurū. Intead of meeting with them, Oboro asked Dorī to observe what they are doing for now. Touka went to fish for breakfast. She went for a dive in the river and miserably fell head first on the shallow river. Oboro laugh at Touka’s blunder. In the end Touka failed to get any fish and went back to Arurū. She saw Arurū eating some edible worms in the forest. Arurū gave her one to eat but her appetite can’t take it and humorously passed out. After regaining consciousness, she went to gather mushrooms. Pretty sure that the mushrooms she gathered are not poisonous, she ate them. Moments later, she felt the effects of the mushrooms’ poison. Arurū quickly searched for an antidote and gave it to her. After that, they are on their way to return home. Touka leads the way and with every obstacle they found, she always fails to get by while Oboro gets to laugh at her. While taking their break, Touka said to Arurū that Arurū seems to be good at adapting in the forest. Arurū told her that she and Erurū were trained by their grandmother because it is necessary for them to gather herbs in the forest. As she got depressed, Touka apologized for being useless. Arurū got up and urged her that they should return to the palace. At night, they are almost out of the forest, when they heard someone screamed. They went to look for the source of the noise. They found Dorī and a huge monster, who Touka believe to be the real spirit of the forest, swallowing Oboro. Touka helped Oboro got out of the monster. After they helped him, Oboro emitted a foul smell that came from the monster. Without her sword, Touka is having a hard time fighting the monster. Mukkuru suddenly appeared and helped them. It gave Touka her sword. Before she attacks, she told to herself that even if the monster is the real spirit of the forest, such malicious being should not be presented to her master, Hakuoro. In four strikes, Touka defeated the monster. The monster retreated to the river. Touka, Arurū, and the others have finally returned to the palace. Hakuoro met up with them, relieved to see them okay. Touka reported to him that she failed to catch the spirit of the river and instead present to him the fish that may somehow be also called the spirit of the river. When presented, the fish is still alive and suddenly jumped high, swallowing the stinky Oboro’s head humorously. 

Utawarerumono: The False Faces (2015–2016)[edit]

# Title Original air date
1 "Curse"
"Tatari" (タタリ) 
October 3, 2015
A man awakens in the snow with no memory of who he is or where he came from. He is soon after attacked by a large red centipede creature and is chased down a mountain. Just before it catches him, the man falls into a hole where a giant red slime creature resides. When the creature tries to follow him, it is swallowed whole by the red slime. A woman with cat ears and a cat tail throws a flash grenade into the cave and rescues the man from the red slime. She introduces herself as Kuon and takes the man to a nearby village where she is going to deliver medicine. As the man cannot give his name, Kuon names him Haku, mentioning that the name has a long history. Haku helps Kuon with jobs in the village, and is sent to work a broken grindmill. Rather then waste effort grinding grain manually, he fixes the broken water wheel so he can sleep. A man named Ukon discovers he has fixed the grindmill, but Haku asks him not to tell anyone so he won’t be requested to do more repair work. Later that night, a group of villagers that have left the village are attacked and killed by an unknown entity. 
2 "The Righteous Man"
"Gikyou no Otoko" (義侠の男) 
October 10, 2015
Kuon and Ukon enjoy their Amamunii at the inn whilst Haku is astonished at Kuon's insatiable appetite. The inn keeper finds Haku and in return for fixing the watermill, which we learn was a week ago, adds bonus to his pay. Haku's remarkable aptitude is hinted when he correctly calculates his pay without effort surprising the inn keeper and Kuon. Intrigued, Kuon tests Haku's arithmetic abilities which he passes with ease. Thus Kuon concludes that Haku is more suited with tasks involving his mind rather than physical labour. Shortly, the villagers gather around a group of injured field workers who were attacked by insects called Gigiri. Kuon tends to their wounds which catches Ukon's attention. Later, Ukon informs Kuon that he was instructed to get rid of Gigiris by the village elders and invites her to act as a healer in his group. Kuon accepts under the condition that Haku is allowed to tag along. Ukon obliges then the group sets off on their quest. Maroro, a scholar and a noble, is then introduced who is also part of the expedition. Upon arriving at their destination, the group begins laying traps to lure the Gigiris. As swarms of Gigiris fall for the trap, Maroro finishes them off using thaumaturgy (magic). The group then slays the remaining Gigiris when suddenly, a larger Gigiri (Boro-Gigiri) appears and slays one of Ukon's men. The group are forced to retreat as more Gigiris start appearing. With Maroro collapsing in fear and almost killed during the process, Haku pulls him to safety. As the group rests and regroup, they decide the Boro-Gigiri must be slain for the safety of their village. Ukon orders the wounded to return to the village whilst Kuon, Maroro and the reluctant Haku are asked to stay. With no other choice, Haku comes up with a plan to lure the tatari from where he first encountered it in order to use it against the Boro-Gigiri. Although he remains skeptical of his own plan, the effervescent Kuon agrees and sets of to lure the tatari leaving Haku, Ukon and Maroro to lure the Boro-Gigiri. The trio successfully lures the Boro-Gigiri however Ukon is forced to fight it while the helpless Maroro and Haku are forced to watch. With Ukon disarmed and his both hands battling against the monstrous clutches of the Boro-Gigiri's mandibles, Haku remembers the flash bang that Kuon had entrusted to him earlier. He then launches it at the Boro-Gigiri but it fails to activate. Nevertheless, the adept Ukon is able to activate it with his feet and is able free himself as a result. Meanwhile, Kuon is able to lure the tatari and the group is successfully able to force the tatari to devour the Boro-Gigiri. The tatari peacefully retreats, seemingly recognising Haku. The group returns to the village and have a feast celebrating their victory. Then Haku and Ukon pay respect to their fallen comrade. 
3 "The Road to the Capital"
"Teito e no Michi" (帝都への道) 
October 17, 2015
A hung-over Haku is surprised to find himself talking to an extraordinarily large beast resembling a bird. But the misunderstanding is soon cleared when Ukon welcomes Rurutie, princess of Kujuuri, who was hiding behind the beast, Kokopo, and talking with Haku the entire time. Her motive to visit the village is revealed after Ukon explains to Haku and Kuon that he and his group were tasked to escort Rurutie to the capital, Yamato, and invites the duo to join him. Soon the group, Maroro included, leaves and Kokopo appears to have taken a liking to Haku surprising Rurutie. As night falls, the group sets up camp and as Kuon is about to fetch water inviting Rurutie along, Haku offers help and asks the girls to stay in an attempt to impress them. He soon regrets his short-lived bravado as he struggles to carry the buckets now filled with water. Maroro appears and offers help but to no avail with Kokopo having to save the "damsels" in distress in transporting the buckets. Back at camp, a relaxed Kuon and Rurutie enjoy their hot baths when Kuon notices a presence lurking in the shadows. Immediately, grabbing a wooden bucket, she darts towards the forest and tosses it towards the intruder, whom appears to be in sight, but the projectile is blocked by a tree. In the midst of the commotion, a nonchalant Haku appears in front of a nude Kuon but appears unfazed by the situation while Kuon shudders in embarrassment. The next day, the group continues their journey and Haku notices there are fewer people in it. Then in middle of the road, they encounter a woman whose cart has been stuck in a rut. As the group help her, they are ambushed by bandits whilst the woman, armed with a knife, suddenly points it at towards Ukon’s neck whose expression remains relatively calm. Since the group is outnumbered and surrounded, they are forced to surrender. The woman, Nosuri, is applauded by her partners in crime who begin looting the cargos. With ulterior motive, one of the bandits, Mozunu, taunts Rurutie and Kuon but is warned by Nosuri that their deal was to only loot cargos and if breached, their alliance is called off. The bandits leave but the group remains calm, having seemingly anticipated the commotion. As Haku asks Ukon what he plans to do, a cool-headed Ukon admits it was all a plot to capture the bandits while at the meantime, the 'missing bunch' from the group have already started making their move. As the bandits reach their hideout, an optimistic Mozunu, who appears to be the leader of his gang that partnered with Nosuri and her guard, begins to plan their future together to reign terror. However, immediately, Nosuri calls off the alliance along with her guard, having transpired that Ukon's group have used the Trojan Horse strategy to invade the hideout. The guard let loose the cargo and Ukon's men begin flooding the scene. Haku, Kuon, and Maroro stay with Rurutie and Kokopo whilst Ukon leads his group to join the battle to liberate the bandits. As Maroro worries about the safety of his comrades, Rurutie asks Haku how he is able to trust Ukon so easily admitting jealousy. Back at the battlefield, the bandits are easily overwhelmed by the opposition whilst the helpless Mozunu escapes from a secret passage along with two of his men as Nosuri and her guard looks on. Remarkably, the exit of the secret passage appears to be behind where Haku and his group are. Mozunu decides to take the group hostages so that they can escape. With Maroro knocked out from unsuccessfully trying to cast a spell and Kuon and Rurutie apprehended, Mozunu begins taunting Haku. However, his master plan is soon foiled by the enraged Kokopo who forces the three bandits to flee towards an unidentified masked man with a brigade of troops. The masked man, who appears to be the Royal General of the Right called Oshutoru, orders his troops to arrest the bandits then congratulates Haku and Kuon for protecting Rurutie and bids farewell remarking that they will meet at the capital, Yamato, again. After the credits, the group, having regrouped and recuperated, finally arrive at Yamato. 
4 "The Imperial Capital"
"Teito" (帝都) 
October 24, 2015
A young girl is informed that ‘they’ have arrived. She then laments how she can’t stop worrying about her brother. Meanwhile, at Hakuroukaku, the group enjoy their feast to celebrate their arrival at the capital when the young girl, revealed to be Nekone, gatecrashes the party, who seems to be quite popular with the audience. Nekone approaches Ukon and as she interrogates him, Haku is dumbfounded to find out they are siblings. After the siblings briefly catch up, Ukon suggests it is time to try out the inn’s famous baths which electrifies Kuon. At the bath, Nekone questions Kuon’s relationship with Ukon whilst Rurutie is happy Kuon considers her as a friend. On the other side of the bath, Ukon asks Haku what he is going to do now that he has reached the capital but Haku is lax about the whole situation and instead jokes if Nekone is really his sister. Then Maroro reveals that Nekone is actually a genius who was refused the title of scholar due to her young age. With the conversations on both sides intensifying, the topic turns to the relationship between Haku and Kuon but the two hints their relationship is platonic with Kuon being nothing more and nothing less of a guardian for Haku. The next morning, Nekone offers to guide Haku, Kuon and Rurtie around the capital. As the group tour the capital, it is revealed Yamato was built by the emperor centuries ago who is still alive and rules the country. The group reach a lively bazaar when all attention turns to the arrival of Oshutoru who appears to have the people of Yamato in his favour. The group then decide it is time to move on to the main event: finding Haku a job since he is living off Kuon ever since they first met. Immediately, Haku is forced to work at a restaurant and, to his dismay, straight away has to deal with rowdy customers. However, Haku is able to keep the customers at bay surprising Nekone. Later on, with Kuon and Rurutie having returned back, Haku is confronted by Nekone on how he is able to trusts others so easily; Nekone’s solitary past is unveiled with Ukon being the only person beside her the entire time, which explains why she is so affectionate of him. Haku explains to Nekone venturing to the unknown is exciting and that it is a waste to not enjoy it, which coincidentally is exactly what Ukon had told Nekone in the past. Later on at night, having completed his shift, Haku reunites with the group and surprises everyone when he is not able to read an invitation letter sent to him by Ukon. The group accompanies Haku to the meeting point but is surprised to find Oshutoru instead. Oshutoru informs Haku that he wishes to be his patron, on account of Maroro’s highest recommendation. He then removes his mask revealing to be Ukon all along with Oshutoru being his actual identity. Haku is unable to respond to what he just witnessed. The episode ends with Kuon, Rurutie and Nekone enjoying the inn’s famous bath. 
5 "The Pirate Girl"
"Kaizoku Musume" (海賊娘) 
October 31, 2015
6 "The Master of the Inn"
"Rōkaku no Nushi" (楼閣の主) 
November 7, 2015
7 "The Young Princess"
"Osanaki Ojou" (幼き皇女) 
November 14, 2015
8 "Imperial Capital Detective Stories"
"Teito Torimonochou" (帝都捕物帳) 
November 21, 2015
9 "Messengers from the Land Where Gods Sleep"
"Kami Nemurishi Kuni no Shisha" (神眠りし國の使者) 
November 28, 2015
10 "In Love"
"Renbo" (恋慕) 
December 5, 2015
11 "The Princess Plays With Fire"
"Ōjo no hiasobi" (皇女の火遊び) 
December 12, 2015
12 "Kamunagi of the Chains"
"Kusari no Kamunagi" (鎖の巫) 
December 19, 2015
13 "The Eight Pillar Generals"
"Hacchūshō" (八柱将) 
January 2, 2016
14 "Master of The Blade"
"Kengō" (剣豪) 
January 9, 2016
15 "Masks"
"Akuruka" (仮面) 
January 16, 2016
16 "Banquet"
"Utage" (宴) 
January 23, 2016
17 "Afterglow"
"Zanshō" (残照) 
January 30, 2016
18 "Invasion"
"Shinkō" (侵攻) 
February 6, 2016
19 "In Flames"
"Enjō" (炎上) 
February 13, 2016
20 "Warrior"
"Bujin" (武人) 
February 21, 2016
21 "Death of the Emperor"
"Hōgyo" (崩御) 
February 27, 2016
22 "Rescue"
"Kyūshutsu" (救出) 
March 5, 2016
23 "Escape"
"Dasshutsu" (脱出) 
March 12, 2016
24 "What Makes a Ruler"
"Hashataru Mono" (覇者たるもの) 
March 19, 2016
25 "Who Carries on His Will"
"Ishi o Tsugu Mono" (意志を継ぐもの) 
March 25, 2016

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