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List of active German Navy ships is a list of ships in active service with the German Navy. There are approximately 73 ships in commission including; 10 frigates, 5 corvettes, 4 fast attack craft, 3 minesweepers, 12 minehunters, 6 submarines, 21 auxiliary vessels and 12 miscellaneous vessels.

Current ships[edit]

Class Picture Type Ships Displacement Note
Submarines (6 in service)
Type 212 U 34 in Fahrt.jpg Attack submarine S181 U31
S182 U32
S183 U33
S184 U34
S185 U35
S186 U36
1,830 tonnes 2 more planned till 2030 [1]
Frigates (10 in service)
Sachsen F221 Hessen-Kieler Woche 2007.jpg Air-defence frigate F219 Sachsen
F220 Hamburg
F221 Hessen
5,800 tonnes
Brandenburg Fregatte Mecklenburg-Vorpommern F218.jpg Multipurpose frigate F215 Brandenburg
F216 Schleswig-Holstein
F217 Bayern
F218 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
4,900 tonnes
Bremen Niedersachsen F208.jpg Multipurpose frigate F212 Karlsruhe
F213 Augsburg
F214 Lübeck
3,680 tonnes Being phased out, to be replaced by 4 F125-class frigates.[2]
Corvettes (5 in service)
Braunschweig Korvette Braunschweig F260 2895.jpg Multipurpose corvette F260 Braunschweig
F261 Magdeburg
F262 Erfurt
F263 Oldenburg
F264 Ludwigshafen am Rhein
1,840 tonnes 5 additionally planned 2019-2023 [3]
Fast patrol boats (4 in service)
Gepard Schnellboot Gepard-Klasse Typ 143 A.jpg Fast attack craft
P6123 S73 Hermelin
P6125 S75 Zobel
P6126 S76 Frettchen
P6130 S80 Hyäne
390 tonnes All to be withdrawn from service in September 2016.
Mine counter-measure vessels (15 in service)
Ensdorf M1098 Siegburg.jpg Minesweeper
M1093 Auerbach/Oberpfalz
M1090 Pegnitz
M1098 Siegburg
650 tonnes Mother ships for Seehund remotely controlled minesweeping drones as part of the TROIKA PLUS system (18 Seehund drones in stock, two-man crews only for transit).
Kulmbach KulmbachKlasse2.jpg Minehunter M1095 Überherrn
M1099 Herten
635 tonnes
Frankenthal Minenjagdboot Grömitz.JPG Minehunter M1063 Bad Bevensen
M1061 Rottweill
M1064 Grömitz
M1068 Datteln
M1065 Dillingen
M1069 Homburg
M1062 Sulzbach-Rosenberg
M1058 Fulda
M1059 Weilheim
M1067 Bad Rappenau
650 tonnes 2 removed from service in 2006.
Fleet auxiliary vessels (21 in service)
Berlin FGS-Frankfurt-Am-Main.JPG Combat support ship A1411 Berlin
A1412 Frankfurt am Main
A1413 Bonn
20,240 tonnes
Rhön 20060916-Piraeus-A1443-Roen.jpg Replenishment oiler A1443 Rhön
A1442 Spessart
14,169 tonnes
Elbe Tender Donau A516.jpg Tender A511 Elbe
A512 Mosel
A513 Rhein
A514 Werra
A515 Main
A516 Donau
3,586 tonnes
Oste Oker A 53 Hamburg 2261.jpg Electronic surveillance ship A52 Oste
A50 Alster
A53 Oker
3,200 tonnes
Wangerooge Ocean tug A1451 Wangerooge
A1452 Spiekeroog
1,310 tonnes
Helgoland Salvage tug A1458 Fehmarn 1,310 tonnes
Barbe MZL auf Abwegen.jpg Landing craft L762 Lachs
L765 Schlei
430 tonnes Currently part of the SEK-M Naval Special Forces command.
Nordstrand KNECHTSAND 2271.jpg Harbor tugboat Y817 Nordstrand
Y819 Langeness
Y816 Vogelsand
Y812 Lütje Hörn
Y815 Scharhörn
Y814 Knechtsand
Bottsand Ölauffangschiff Bottsand.jpg Oil recovery ship Y1643 Bottsand
Y1644 Eversand
650 tonnes
Gorch Fock Gorch Fock class Sail training ship A60 Gorch Fock 1,760 tonnes
Planet Neue Planet von vorn.jpg SWATH research ship A1437 Planet 3,500 tonnes
Schwedeneck Helmsand Schiff 2010 02 (RaBoe).jpg Multipurpose trials ship Y861 Kronsort
Y862 Helmsand

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