List of active French Navy landing craft

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List of active landing craft of the French Navy is a list of landing craft currently in service with the French Navy. These craft operate from the Mistral-class amphibious assault ships in service with the Force d'action navale (Naval Action Force). As of July 2014, there are 16 in service.[1]

Landing craft[edit]

Class Picture Type Craft Displacement Note
EDA-R-class EDA-R.JPG Landing craft L9092 EDA-R 1
L9093 EDA-R 2
L9094 EDA-R 3
L9095 EDA-R 4
300 tonnes
CTM-class Chaland de transport de matériel recadré.png Landing Craft Mechanized CTM15
CTM20 Néké Grav
CTM21 Guéréo
CTM22 Kien An
CTM23 Song Can
CTM27 Indochine
CTM28 Tonkin
CTM29 Nui Dho
CTM30 Tchibana
CTM31 Koutio
56 tonnes[2]

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