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The Prague Castle at night.

This is the List of castles and châteaux located in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. There are many palaces and châteaux in the area, therefore this list is not complete. After the name of the castle or château comes the area where it is located, the architectural style in which it was built or remodeled, and a short description of the subject. To use the sortable table, click on the icons at the top of each column to sort that column in alphabetical order; click again for reverse alphabetical order.

Table of contents[edit]

Name Image District Architecture Summary Refs
Biskupský dvůr Castle *** *** *** ***
Chodov Fort Chodov Fort Prague CZ.JPG Prague 11 Gothic (Pictured)The Chodov water fort dates back to 1185, when it was owned by the Vyšehrad Chapter. In the 19th century neo-classical arcades were added, and the north tower was demolished. [1]
Chvaly Chateau Chvalská tvrz.jpg *** *** Chvaly Chateau. ***
Ctěnice Chateau Ctěnice Castle 2, Prague Vinoř.jpg *** *** Carriage museum at Ctěnice Chateau. ***
Čakovice Chateau Čakovický zámek.JPG *** *** Čakovice Chateau. ***
Ďáblice Chateau *** *** *** *** ***
Děvín Castle Děvín.jpg *** *** Hill of Děvín (310 m) above Zlíchov where Děvín Castle used to stand in Middle Ages. ***
Dolní Počernice Chateau Dolní Počernice, zámek a dětský domov.jpg Prague 14 Neo-Baroque Protected as an architectural cultural monument of Czech Republic, the château currently houses an orphanage. [2]
Hloubětín Chateau *** *** *** ***
Hlubočepy Chateau *** *** *** ***
Jenerálka Chateau Jeneralka-castle.jpg Prague 6 Neo-Baroque A farmyard in the 1850s, in the second half of the 18th century it allegedly housed part of the Austrian General Staff - hence the name Jenerálka. [3]
Jinonice Chateau Praha Jinonice-Zamek-800x600.jpg *** *** Entrance of Jinonice Chateau. ***
Koloděje Chateau Government Castle, Prague Koloděje.jpg *** *** Koloděje Chateau, sometimes used for government sessions. ***
Komořany Chateau Komořanský zámek (03).jpg *** *** Komořany Chateau houses Czech Hydrometeorological Institute. ***
Krč Chateau Praha-krc-zamek.jpg *** *** Krč Chateau. ***
Kuglvajt Castle *** *** *** ***
Kunratice Chateau *** *** *** ***
Letohrádek Hvězda Chateau Praha, Liboc, Obora Hvězda, letohrádek Hvězda.JPG *** *** Hvězda Summerhouse has a unique shape of a six-pointed star. ***
Letohrádek Kinských Chateau Letohradek kinskych zezadu.jpg *** *** Kinsky Summerhouse on southern side of the Petřín Hill. ***
Letohrádek Královny Anny Pražský hrad, Letohrádek královny Anny 01.jpg *** *** Queen Anne's Summerhouse in Royal Garden of Prague Castle. ***
Libeň Chateau Libensky zamecek.jpg Prague 8 *** Libeň Chateau where Treaty of Libeň between Emperor Rudolf II and his brother Archduke Matthias was signed in 1608. ***
Lochkov Chateau *** *** *** ***
Malešice Chateau *** *** *** ***
Michnův letohrádek Chateau *** *** *** ***
Místodržitelský letohrádek Chateau Praha, Bubeneč, Místodržitelský letohrádek.jpg *** *** Viceroy's Summerhouse in Stromovka Park. ***
Motol Chateau Praha, Motol, zámeček.JPG *** *** Motol Chateau. ***
Nový Hrad u Kunratic Castle Novy hrad u Kunratic3.jpg *** *** Ruins of Nový Hrad (New Castle) in Forest of Kunratice. This was a favourite residence of King Wenceslas IV but the castle was destroyed by Hussites shortly after his death. ***
Petrovice Chateau Praha-petrovice-zamek.jpg *** ** Petrovice Chateau. ***
Portheimka Chateau Portheimka, od parku.jpg *** *** Portheimka Chateau in Smíchov. ***
Práče Chateau *** *** *** ***
Prague Castle Prague Castle By Night.jpg *** *** Prague Castle by night. ***
Suchdol Chateau *** *** *** ***
Troja Chateau Prague 07-2016 Troja Castle.jpg *** *** Troja Chateau. ***
Uhříněves Chateau *** *** *** ***
Veleslavín Chateau Veleslavin-zamecek.jpg *** *** Veleslavín Chateau. ***
Villa Amerika Prague Villa Amerika.JPG *** *** Michna's Summerhouse in the New Town, nowadays it houses a museum of composer Antonín Dvořák. ***
Vinoř Chateau Vinoř Castle, Prague Vinoř.jpg *** *** Vinoř Chateau. ***
Vyšehrad Castle Vysehrad as seen over the Vltava from Cisarska louka 716.jpg Prague 2 Baroque (Pictured) Vyšehrad as seen over the Vltava River from Císařská louka (Imperial Meadow) Island. The Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, which dominates Vyšehrad, was remodelled in the second half of the 14th century and again in 1885 and 1887 in Neo-gothic style [4][5]
Záběhlice Chateau Záběhlický zámek, z ulice Za potokem, hlavní vjezd.jpg *** *** *** ***
Zbraslav Chateau Zbraslav10.jpg *** *** Zbraslav Chateau ***

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