List of eponymous medical devices

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Some medical devices are named after persons.

Letter Device Name Specialty Description External link (if no internal link)
A Adson's forceps Alfred Washington Adson General use Tissue forceps Adson-Graefe forceps at Who Named It?[1]
A Allis clamp Oscar Huntington Allis General use Soft tissue clamp Allis' tweezers or clamp at Who Named It?[2]
A Arruga forceps Hermenegildo Arruga Ophthalmology Forceps used for intracapsular removal of cataracts Arruga forceps at Who Named It?[3]
A Asch's septum forceps Morris Joseph Asch Otolaryngology Forceps used to reduce deviated nasal septum Corry J. Kucik, LT, MC, USN; Timothy Clenney, CDR, MC, USN, and James Phelan, CDR, MC, USN, Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida (2004-10-01). "Management of Acute Nasal Fractures". Am Fam Physician. 70 (7): 1315–1320. Retrieved 2011-01-22. 
A Auvard's speculum Pierre-Victor-Adolphe Auvard Gynaecology vaginal speculum [4]
L Luer taper, Luer lock Hermann Wülfing Luer General use Fitting to ensure leak-free connection in medical fluid administration systems [5]


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