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Financial data feeds are price services provided by financial data vendors. Most data is now delivered as plain text format. Data is provided through APIs as "raw" data files.


Financial Data Feeds are the primary source of revenues to Financial data vendors. They are considered authoritative sources and the value of their Evaluation service is highly regarded. The feed's entry points will be listed here to help small investors to access free feeds for their own testing along with the paid feeds with their respective subscription price range.

Free Feeds Tentative[edit]

Several companies [1] have tried to provide free and reliable data feeds but only the big names have succeeded so far.[2]

Type of Feeds[edit]

Intraday Data

Intraday Data [3] are prices provided during the day, they are usually released every 15 minutes.

Historical Data

The majority of financial data vendors can access Exchange provided data during trading sessions but to better analyze Market Data historical data [4] analysis is most often regarded as the best part of data analysis.

List of feeds[edit]

Provider Financial Instruments
1Forge Forex (Every Second)
Live-Rates Forex (Every Second)
Intradata Stocks and Forex
Knoema All
Oanda Forex
Olsen Financial Technologies] Forex (Every Second)
Quandl All
Yahoo End of day


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