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Not to be confused with protoplasts, the primitive cells or parts of a cell.

A protoplast, from ancient Greek πρωτόπλαστος (prōtóplastos, "first-formed"), is the mythological progenitor of mankind in a creation story (as in Adam and Eve), or of surviving humanity after a cataclysm (as in Deucalion or Noah).

List of protoplasts[edit]

Australian Aboriginal mythology

Abrahamic religions

Ayyavazhi mythology

Chinese folk religion

Cowichan peoples
  • Quiltumtun
Germanic mythology
  • Tuiscon - first ancestor of Germans

Greek mythology

  • Kunu
  • An unnamed one-legged man
  • Turtle


Inca mythology

Kikuyu people

Lakota people
  • Tokahe - first human emerged from the underworld
  • Wa and Ka

Maori mythology
  • Tiki and Marikoriko

Navajo mythology

Norse mythology

Polynesian mythology

Philippine mythology


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