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This is a list of United States military installations in Panama, all of which fall within the former Canal zone. The U.S. military installations in Panama were turned over to local authorities by 1999.

Transition phases[edit]

In 1903, the Hay–Bunau-Varilla Treaty was signed between Panama and the United States. It created the Panama Canal Zone as a U.S. governed region, and allowed the U.S. to build the Panama Canal. In 1977, the Panama Canal Treaty (also called Torrijos–Carter Treaties) was signed by Commander of Panama's National Guard, General Omar Torrijos and U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Over time, it would replace and absolve the 1903 treaty.

  • 1 October 1979, the Panama Canal Zone was abolished. All unused area (mainly forest) was transferred to Panama. Also some non-military constructions, like hospitals and schools, were transferred to Panama.
  • Between 1979 and 31 December 1999 U.S. transferred all military areas and constructions to Panama. Formal U.S. presence was ended by 2000. In total 95,293 acres (386 square kilometres) with 5,237 buildings were handed over. Their estimated value was some $4 billion US$.
  • After the United States invasion of Panama in 1989, some installations were reactivated by the U.S. Still, these were disestablished by 2000.[1]


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Former U.S. military installations in the Panama Canal Zone (1904–1999)[2]
Name Branch Unit Aban­doned Current name Current use Area Coordinates
Galeta Island Navy CDAA (Wullenweber) radio detection 2002 Atlantic 9°24.14′N 79°52.33′W / 9.40233°N 79.87217°W / 9.40233; -79.87217 (Galeta Island)
Fort Randolph Army coastal defense 1999 Atlantic,
Margarita Island
9°23′4″N 79°53′16″W / 9.38444°N 79.88778°W / 9.38444; -79.88778 (Fort Randolph)
Coco Solo Navy submarine base 1999 Manzanillo International Terminal container terminal Atlantic,
near Colón
9°22′21″N 79°52′52″W / 9.37262°N 79.8812°W / 9.37262; -79.8812 (Coco Solo)
Fort De Lesseps Army coastal defense 1955 Atlantic,

9°21′56″N 79°54′18″W / 9.36556°N 79.90500°W / 9.36556; -79.90500 (Fort De Lesseps)

Fort Sherman Army coastal defense,
Jungle Operations Training Center
1999 harbour: Shelter Bay Marina unused,
opposite Colón
9°21′47″N 79°57′11″W / 9.36302°N 79.953035°W / 9.36302; -79.953035 (Fort Sherman)
France Field Army,
Air Force
1949 Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport airfield Atlantic,
near Colón
9°21′24″N 79°52′3″W / 9.35667°N 79.86750°W / 9.35667; -79.86750 (France Field)
Gatun Tank Farm Navy underground fuel storage with oil terminal at Cristobal 1991 Atlantic,
near Gatun locks

9°18′37″N 79°53′03″W / 9.31035°N 79.88425°W / 9.31035; -79.88425 (Gatun Tank Farm)

Fort Gulick Army School of the Americas 1984, 1999 Fuerte Espinar hotel Melia Atlantic,
Gatun locks
9°19′N 79°52′W / 9.317°N 79.867°W / 9.317; -79.867 (Fort Gulick)
Fort William D. Davis Army infantry, jungle warfare training,
special forces training
Jose Dominador Bazan residential area Atlantic,
Gatun locks
9°17′20″N 79°54′33″W / 9.28892°N 79.90914°W / 9.28892; -79.90914 (Fort Davis)
Semaphore Hill Navy long-range radar and communications link 1979,
Canopy Tower nature observatory[3] Inland, Culebra summit 9°4′42″N 79°38′56″W / 9.07833°N 79.64889°W / 9.07833; -79.64889 (Summit (antenna))
Summit Navy Naval Communications Station Balboa, VLF (sender) Inland, Culebra summit 9°4′42″N 79°38′56″W / 9.07833°N 79.64889°W / 9.07833; -79.64889 (Summit (antenna))
Fort Clayton Army HQ US Southern Command,
1999 Ciudad del Saber academic campus, residential housing, schools Miraflores locks 9°01′N 79°34′W / 9.017°N 79.567°W / 9.017; -79.567 (Fort Clayton)
Albrook AFS Air Force 1999 Albrook "Marcos A. Gelabert" International Airport (PAC) regional civil airport Pacific,
near Balboa
08°58′33.24″N 079°33′19.91″W / 8.9759000°N 79.5555306°W / 8.9759000; -79.5555306 (Albrook "Marcos A. Gelabert" Airport)
Arraijan Tank Farm Navy underground fuel storage with oil terminal at Rodman 1997 civil usage (PATSA) Pacific,
opposite Balboa
8°57′12″N 79°36′53″W / 8.95325°N 79.61466°W / 8.95325; -79.61466 (Arraijan Tank Farm)
Rodman Naval Station Navy harbor (Formerly called Balboa Naval Station, Canal Zone) Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Naval Base Panamanian National Maritime Service Pacific,
opposite Balboa
8°57′8″N 79°34′23″W / 8.95222°N 79.57306°W / 8.95222; -79.57306 (Rodman Naval Base)
PSA Panama International Terminal container terminal
Fort Amador Army coastal defense 1999 recreation, new hotel (2001) Pacific,
near Balboa
8°56′17″N 79°32′52″W / 8.93806°N 79.54778°W / 8.93806; -79.54778 (Fort Amador)
Naval Communications Station Balboa Navy HQ radio communications Pacific,
near Fort Amador
8°56′17″N 79°32′56″W / 8.93805°N 79.54900°W / 8.93805; -79.54900 (Naval Communications Station Balboa (HQ))
Farfan Navy Naval Communications Station Balboa (receiver) Radio Holland Panama marine communications Pacific,
near Howard AFB

8°55′56″N 79°34′55″W / 8.93222°N 79.58194°W / 8.93222; -79.58194 (Farfan (antenna))

Howard Air Force Base Air Force 1999 Panama Pacifico real estate (development) Pacific,
opposite Balboa
8°54′54″N 79°35′58″W / 8.91500°N 79.59944°W / 8.91500; -79.59944 (Howard Air Force Base)
Fort Grant Army coastal defense 1948 Islas Naos, Penco, Flamenco tourism Pacific,
near Balboa
8°54′29″N 79°31′15″W / 8.90806°N 79.52083°W / 8.90806; -79.52083 (Fort Grant)
Fort Kobbe Army 2000 Pacific,
near Howard AFB

8°54′N 79°35′W / 8.900°N 79.583°W / 8.900; -79.583 (Fort Kobbe)

Transisthmian Pipeline Navy cross-isthmus

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