List of governors of Samangan

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This is a list of the governors of the province of Samangan, Afghanistan.

Governor Period Extra Note
Sin foto.svg
Abdossamad Bakhshi[1] 1973
Sin foto.svg
Yusufi  ? Transferred and replaced by Toofan
Sin foto.svg
Allah Dad Toofan[2]  ?
Killed in fighting
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Mawlawi Abdol Manan[3] (Taliban period) Assassinated in 2005
Sin foto.svg
Mulla Mulla Muhammad Shafiq[4] (Taliban period)
Sin foto.svg
Amir Latif April 2006
June 2006
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Abdul Haq Shafaq June 2006
17 November 2007
Sin foto.svg
Enayatullah Enayat 17 November 2007
April 2010
Sin foto.svg
Khairullah Anush 13 April 2010

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