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List of honeydew sources

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This is a list of honeydew sources. Honeydew is a sugary excretion from plant sap sucking insects such as aphids or scales. There are many trees that are hosts to aphids and scale insects that produce honeydew

Honeydew sources[edit]

Common name Latin name Country and Comments
Silver fir Abies alba Source of German Black Forest honey, Serbia, Kosovo
Bulgarian fir Abies borisiiregis Bulgaria
Greek fir Abies cephalonica Greece
Maple Acer spp.  
Hazel Corylus spp.  
Common hazel Corylus avellana Serbia, Kosovo
Turkish filbert Corylus colurna Serbia, Kosovo
Hawthorn Crataegus spp.  
Beech Fagus sylvatica Serbia, Kosovo
Ash Fraxinus excelsior, Fraxinus ornus  
Hickory Carya spp. Erratic producer; low quality honey
Eastern juniper Juniperus virginiana Honeydew crop rare
Larch Larix decidua  
Apple Malus sylvestris  
Red beech Nothofagus fusca Source of New Zealand honeydew honey from Ultracoelostoma assimile and Ultracoelostoma brittini
Black beech Nothofagus solandri Source of New Zealand honeydew honey from Ultracoelostoma assimile and Ultracoelostoma brittini
Norway spruce Picea abies Europe, Serbia, Kosovo, Source of German Black Forest honey
Pine Pinus spp.  
Turkish pine Pinus brutia Source of Turkish honeydew honey from Marchalina hellenica
Aleppo pine Pinus halepensis  
Mountain pine Pinus mugo Serbia, Kosovo
Black pine Pinus nigra Serbia, Kosovo
Scots pine Pinus sylvestris  
White poplar Populus alba Serbia, Kosovo
Black poplar Populus nigra Serbia, Kosovo
Aspen Populus tremula Serbia, Kosovo
Apricot Prunus armeniaca  
Cherry Prunus spp.  
Plum Prunus domestica  
Peach Prunus persica  
Pear Pyrus communis  
Oak Quercus spp. Spain
Austrian oak Quercus cerris Serbia, Kosovo
Oak Quercus dilatata Himalaya
Hungarian oak Quercus frainetto Serbia, Kosovo
Sessile oak Quercus petraea Europe, Serbia, Kosovo
Downy oak Quercus pubescens Serbia, Kosovo
Pedunculate oak (English oak) Quercus robur Europe, West Asia
Gooseberry Ribes uva-crispa  
Weeping willow Salix × sepulcralis 'Chrysocoma'  
Willow Salix alba  
Rowan Sorbus aucuparia  
Linden Tilia spp.  
Small-leaved lime Tilia cordata Serbia, Kosovo
Large-leaved lime Tilia platyphyllos Serbia, Kosovo
Silver lime Tilia tomentosa Serbia, Kosovo
American elm Ulmus americana