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The following is a list of information systems journals, containing academic journals that cover information systems. The list given here contains the most influential, currently publishing journals in the field.

To understand which are the best journals for a particular Information Systems (IS) field of study, one needs to understand that IS is a multidisciplinary research area and that the "IS discipline draws on the social science as well as the engineering research traditions. The social science tradition is represented by the economics-based and behavioral research, whereas the engineering tradition is epitomized by the design science approach in IS research." [1]

Top management information systems journals which are "focused on behavioral, business-oriented IS research" [2][edit]

The following journals were selected by the Association for Information Systems Senior Scholars as a top basket of journals, (but only "focused on behavioral, business-oriented IS research").[3]

Management journals that publish information systems research[edit]

Top information systems journals with an engineering tradition, epitomized by the design science approach[edit]


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