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This is a list of the men's national futsal teams in the world.

Current FIFA affiliates[edit]

Map of the World with the six confederations.

There are currently 158 men's national futsal teams affiliated to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the world's football governing body, through their national football associations. They are eligible to enter the FIFA Futsal World Cup and matches between them are recognized as official international matches. Based on their match results, the Futsal World Ranking, published weekly, compare the relative strengths of the national teams.

Each of these national teams is also affiliated to one of the six confederations, according to their continental zones:

Below is a list of the national football teams by their confederations. Some national teams are full members of their confederation, but do not have membership of FIFA; these are listed with a note explaining this. There are also notes of teams who have left one confederation to join another.

AFC (Asia)[edit]

Due to the geographical size of Asia, the AFC is subdivided into five sub-federations:

1: Formerly member of OFC (Joined AFC in 2006)
2: Official name of the national team of the Republic of China (Taiwan); OFC member 1975-1989
3: Official names used by FIFA and AFC; official names used by EAFF are "Hong Kong, China" and "Macau, China"
4: Iran is member of two sub-federations (WAFF and CESAFA).

CAF (Africa)[edit]

Due to the geographical size of Africa, CAF is divided into six regional federations:

  • Council of East and Central African Football Associations (CECACAF) - represents nations generally regarded as forming the regions of East Africa and some nations of Central Africa.
  • Council of Southern African Football Associations (COSAFA) - represents nations generally regarded as forming Southern Africa, as well as island states off the coast of Southern Africa.
  • Union of West African Football Associations (WAFU) - one of two bodies that represent nations in West Africa.
  • Union of North African Federations (UNAF) - represents nations regarded as forming North Africa.
  • Union des Fédérations du Football de l'Afrique Centrale (UNIFFAC) - represents some of the nations that form Central Africa.
  • Union du Football de l'Ouest Afrique - one of two bodies that represent nations in West Africa.

CONCACAF (North and Central America and Caribbean)[edit]

The CONCACAF federation is divided into three regional federations that have responsibility for part of the region's geographical area:

1: Full CONCACAF member but not FIFA member.
2: Geographically part of South America, but member of CONCACAF (CFU).

CONMEBOL (South America)[edit]

OFC (Oceania)[edit]

1: Associate member of OFC but not FIFA member

UEFA (Europe)[edit]

1: Official name given by UEFA to the team representing Ireland
2: Formerly member of AFC (AFC 1954-1974; Joined UEFA in 1994)
3: Formerly member of AFC (Joined UEFA in 2002)

Current AMF affiliates[edit]

CAFS (Asia)[edit]

CAFUSA (Africa)[edit]

CONCACFUTSAL (North America, Central America and Caribbean)[edit]

CSFS (South America)[edit]

PANAFUTSAL (South America, Central America and Caribbean)[edit]

UEFS (Europe)[edit]

Full members[edit]

Associated members[edit]

Teams without confederation[edit]

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