List of moths of Canada (Geometridae)

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This is a list of the moths of family Geometridae that are found in Canada. It also acts as an index to the species articles and forms part of the full List of moths of Canada.

Following the species name, there is an abbreviation that indicates the Canadian provinces or territories in which the species can be found.

Subfamily Alsophilinae[edit]

Subfamily Archiearinae[edit]

Subfamily Ennominae[edit]

Tribe Abraxini[edit]

Tribe Anagogini[edit]

Tribe Angeronini[edit]

Tribe Azelinini[edit]

Tribe Baptini[edit]

Tribe Bistonini[edit]

Tribe Boarmiini[edit]

Tribe Caberini[edit]

Tribe Campaeini[edit]

  • Campaea perlata (Guenée, [1858])-NF, LB, NS, PE, NB, QC, ON, MB, SK, AB, BC, YT, NT

Tribe Ennomini[edit]

Tribe Epirranthini[edit]

Tribe Lithinini[edit]

Tribe Melanolophiini[edit]

Tribe Nacophorini[edit]

Tribe Ourapterygini[edit]

Tribe Semiothisini[edit]

Subfamily Geometrinae[edit]

Tribe Hemitheini[edit]

Tribe Nemoriini[edit]

Tribe Synchlorini[edit]

Subfamily Larentiinae[edit]

Tribe Asthenini[edit]

Tribe Eudulini[edit]

Tribe Eupitheciini[edit]

Tribe Hydriomenini[edit]

Tribe Lobophorini[edit]

Tribe Operophterini[edit]

Tribe Stamnodini[edit]

Tribe Xanthorhoini[edit]

Subfamily Sterrhinae[edit]

Tribe Cosymbiini[edit]

Tribe Scopulini[edit]

Tribe Sterrhini[edit]

Tribe Timandrini[edit]

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