Tennessee State Route System

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I-24.svgUS 70S.svgTennessee 155.svgSecondary Tennessee 255.svg
Interstate, US Route, and Primary/Secondary State Routes
System information
Maintained by TDOT
Length: 14,150 mi[1] (22,770 km)
Highway names
Interstates: Interstate XX (I-XX)
US Routes: U.S. Highway XX (US XX)
State: State Route XX (SR-XX)
System links
  • Tennessee State Routes

The State Route System of Tennessee is maintained and developed by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) US state of Tennessee. Currently the state has 14,150 miles (22,770 km) of state-maintained roadways, including 1,073 miles (1,727 km) of Interstate Highways and 13,077 miles (21,045 km) of State Highways.[1] All of the U.S. Routes in Tennessee have a state highway routed concurrently with them, though the state highway is hidden and only signed along the green mile marker signs that display mileage within each county. Since 1982, State Highways have been divided into primary and secondary routes. Primary State Highways are part of the Federal-aid primary highway system, whereas secondary highways are not.[2]

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