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The following list includes notable people who were born or have lived in Ottawa, Illinois. For a similar list organized alphabetically by last name, see the category page People from Ottawa, Illinois.

Academics and scientists[edit]

Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Brusatte, Stephen L.Stephen L. Brusatte Brusatte.JPG Apr 24, 1984 Paleontologist Born in Ottawa
Flanagan, TomTom Flanagan Mar 5, 1944 Political scientist Born in Ottawa

Arts and culture[edit]

Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Durango, SantiagoSantiago Durango 1957 Musician
Johnson, Kim HowardKim Howard Johnson Aug 6, 1955 Author of Monty Python books Born in Ottawa
Kanellis, MariaMaria Kanellis Maria Kanellis 2016.jpg Feb 25, 1982 WWE wrestler, actress Born in Ottawa [1]
Lawrence, George R.George R. Lawrence Lawrence with Mamut.JPG Feb 24, 1868 Dec 15, 1938 Photographer Born in Ottawa
Lee, RussellRussell Lee Russell Lee.jpg Jul 21, 1903 Aug 28, 1986 Photographer Born in Ottawa
Malick, TerrenceTerrence Malick Terrence Malick.jpg Nov 30, 1943 Film writer and director Born in Ottawa
McCulley, JohnstonJohnston McCulley Feb 2, 1883 Nov 23, 1958 Author of short stories, novels, and screenplays Born in Ottawa
McGrath, BobBob McGrath Bob McGrath Sesame Place headshot.jpg Jun 13, 1932 Actor (Sesame Street) Born in Ottawa
Willey, WaltWalt Willey Jan 26, 1951 Actor (All My Children) Born in Ottawa
Wilson, AlexanderAlexander Wilson May 25, 1953 Oct 26, 1993 Writer and activist Born in Ottawa


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Looney, John PatrickJohn Patrick Looney 1865 1947 Gangster Born in Ottawa


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Cameron, George H.George H. Cameron George H. Cameron 1.jpg Jan 8, 1861 Jan 28, 1944 World War I commander of 4th Infantry Division and V Corps Born in Ottawa
Landis, Reed G.Reed G. Landis Colonel Reed Gresham Landis.jpg Jul 17, 1896 May 30, 1975 World War I ace and National Commander of the American Legion Born in Ottawa
Dickey, Theophilus LyleTheophilus Lyle Dickey T. Lyle Dickey.jpg Oct 12, 1811 Jul 22, 1885 Federal judge and Mexican–American War cavalry officer Resided in Ottawa
Wagner, Arthur L.Arthur L. Wagner Arthur L Wagner.jpg Mar 16, 1853 Jun 17, 1905 US Army brigadier general; born in Ottawa Born in Ottawa
Wallace, W. H. L.W. H. L. Wallace WHL Wallace.jpg Jul 8, 1821 Apr 10, 1862 Union Army brigadier general in the US Civil War Practiced law in Ottawa

Politics and law[edit]

Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Boyce, William D.William D. Boyce William Boyce4.png Jun 16, 1858 Jun 11, 1929 Founder of the Boy Scouts of America
Corcoran, TomTom Corcoran Corcoran Thomas.png May 23, 1939 US congressman Born in Ottawa
Cullen, WilliamWilliam Cullen Mar 4, 1826 Jan 17, 1914 US congressman
Kelly, HarryHarry Kelly Harry F. Kelly.jpg Apr 19, 1895 Feb 8, 1971 39th governor of Michigan Born in Ottawa
Woodward, Charles EdgarCharles Edgar Woodward Dec 1, 1876 May 15, 1942 Federal judge United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois



Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Hoffman, GuyGuy Hoffman Jul 9, 1956 Pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds and Texas Rangers Born in Ottawa
Jaeger, CharlieCharlie Jaeger 1875 1942 Pitcher for the Detroit Tigers Born in Ottawa
Mickelson, EdEd Mickelson Sep 9, 1926 First baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Browns, and Chicago Cubs; born in Ottawa Born in Ottawa


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Shea, AaronAaron Shea Dec 5, 1976 Tight end and fullback for the Cleveland Browns and San Diego Chargers Born in Ottawa


Name Image Birth Death Known for Association Reference
Finchem, TimTim Finchem MickelsonTPCAwardCeremony.jpg Apr 19, 1947 Golf commissioner Born in Ottawa


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