List of principal and guide meridians and base lines of the United States

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Figure 1. This BLM map depicts the principal meridians and baselines used for surveying states (colored) in the PLSS.

This is a list of principal and guide meridians and base lines of the United States, with the year established and a brief summary of what areas' land surveys are based on each.

List of meridians[edit]

Primarily from the United States Government Printing Office Style Manual.[1] State names usually signify only parts of each listed state, unless otherwise indicated.

Based on the BLM manual's 1973 publication date, and the reference to Clarke's Spheroid of 1866 in section 2-82, coordinates appear to be in the NAD27 datum.

Principal Meridians[edit]

Meridian Longitude Associated Baseline Latitude Adopted Area surveyed
First principal 84°48′11″W 40°59′22″N 1819[2] Ohio (NW)
Indiana (sliver of SE)
Second principal 86°27′21″W 38°28′14″N 1805[2] Illinois (far E)
Indiana (almost all)
Third principal 89°08′54″W Centralia 38°28′27″N 1805[2] Illinois (most)
Fourth principal 90°27′11″W Beardstown 40°00′50″N 1815[2] Illinois (W of Illinois River and 3rd principal meridian)
Fourth principal (extended) 90°25′37″W Illinois–Wisconsin border 42°30′27″N 1831[2] Minnesota (NE)
Wisconsin (all)
Fifth principal 91°03′07″W 34°38′45″N 1815[3] Arkansas (all)
Iowa (all)
Minnesota (most)
Missouri (all)
North Dakota (all)
South Dakota (E half)
Sixth principal 97°22′08″W 40°00′07″N 1855[4] Colorado (most)
Kansas (all)
Nebraska (all)
South Dakota (some of S)
Wyoming (most)
Black Hills 104°03′16″W Black Hills 43°59′44″N 1878[3] South Dakota (W)
Boise[1] 116°23′35″W 43°22′21″N 1867[5] Idaho (all)
Chickasaw 89°14′47″W 35°01′58″N 1833[6] Mississippi
Choctaw 90°14′41″W Choctaw 31°52′32″N 1821[6] Mississippi
Cimarron 103°00′07″W 36°30′05″N 1881[7] Oklahoma (panhandle)
Copper River 145°18′37″W 61°49′04″N 1905[8] Alaska
Fairbanks 147°38′25.949″W 64°51′50.048″N 1910[8] Alaska
Gila and Salt River 112°18′19″W 33°22′38″N 1865[9] Arizona (most)
Humboldt 124°07′10″W 40°25′02″N 1853[10] California
Huntsville 86°34′16″W 34°59′27″N 1807[6] Alabama
Indian 97°14′49″W 34°29′32″N 1870 Oklahoma (most)[7]
Kateel River 158°45′31.014″W 65°26′16.374″N 1956 Alaska[8]
Louisiana 92°24′55″W 31°00′31″N 1807[6] Louisiana
Michigan 84°21′53″W 42°25′28″N 1815[2] Michigan
Montana 111°39′33″W 45°47′13″N 1867[11] Montana
Mount Diablo 121°54′47″W 37°52′54″N 1851[10] California
Navajo 108°31′59″W Navajo 35°44′56″N 1869[1][9][12] Arizona (NE)
New Mexico (NW, formerly)
New Mexico principal 106°53′12″W 34°15′35″N 1855[13] New Mexico
Colorado (SW)
St. Helena 91°09′36″W 30°59′56″N 1819[6] Louisiana
St. Stephens 88°01′20″W St. Stephens 30°59′51″N 1805[6] Alabama
Salt Lake 111°53′27″W 40°46′11″N 1855[14] Utah (most)
San Bernardino[10] 116°55′48″W 34°07′13″N 1852[1][5] California
Arizona (some townships)
Seward 149°21′26″W 60°07′37″N 1911[8] Alaska
Tallahassee 84°16′38″W 30°26′03″N 1824[6] Florida
Uintah 109°56′06″W 40°25′59″N 1875[14] Utah (part of NE)
Umiat 152°00′04.551″W 69°23′29.654″N 1956[8] Alaska
Ute 108°31′59″W 39°06′23″N 1880[4] Colorado
Washington (Mississippi) 91°09′36″W 30°59′56″N 1803[6] Mississippi
Willamette 122°44′34″W Willamette 45°31′11″N 1851[15] Oregon
Wind River 108°48′49″W 43°00′41″N 1875[4] Wyoming (part of W)

Guide Meridians[edit]

Meridian Longitude Associated Baseline Latitude Adopted Area surveyed
Ashley guide meridian Utah[1]
Beaverhead guide meridian Montana[1]
Belt Mountain guide meridian Montana[1]
Big Hole guide meridian Montana[1]
Bitterroot guide meridian Montana[1]
Boulder guide meridian Montana[1]
Browning guide meridian Montana[1]
Buffalo Creek guide meridian Montana[1]
Carson River guide meridian Nevada[1]
Castle Valley guide meridian Utah[1]
Colorado guide meridian Utah[1]
Columbia guide meridian Washington[1]
Colville guide meridian Washington[1]
Coulson guide meridian Montana[1]
Deer Lodge guide meridian Montana[1]
Deschutes meridian Oregon[1]
Emery Valley guide meridian Utah[1]
Flathead guide meridian Montana[1]
Fort Belknap guide meridian Montana[1]
Fremont Valley guide meridian Utah[1]
Grand River guide meridian Utah[1]
Grande Ronde guide meridian Oregon[1]
Green River guide meridian Utah[1]
Haystack Butte guide meridian Montana[1]
Helena guide meridian Montana[1]
Henry Mountain guide meridian Utah[1]
Horse Plains guide meridian Montana[1]
Humboldt River guide meridian Nevada[1]
Jefferson guide meridian Montana[1]
Judith guide meridian Montana[1]
Kanab guide meridian Utah[1]
Kolob guide meridian Utah[1]
Little Porcupine guide meridian Montana[1]
Maginnis guide meridian Montana[1]
Musselshell guide meridian Montana[1]
New Mexico guide meridian New Mexico and Colorado[1]
Panguitch guide meridian Utah[1]
Passamari guide meridian Montana[1]
Pine Valley guide meridian Utah[1]
Red Rock guide meridian Montana[1]
Reese River guide meridian Nevada[1]
Ruby Valley guide meridian Nevada[1]
Sevier Lake guide meridian Utah[1]
Shields River guide meridian Montana[1]
Smith River guide meridian Montana[1]
Snake Valley guide meridian Utah[1]
Square Butte guide meridian Montana[1]
Sweet Grass guide meridian Montana[1]
Teton guide meridian Montana[1]
Valley Creek guide meridian Montana[1]
Wah Wah guide meridian Utah[1]
Willow Springs guide meridian Utah[1]
Yantic guide meridian Montana[1]
Yellowstone guide meridian Montana[1]

Ohio Lands[edit]

Some parts of the Ohio Lands (now Ohio) were laid out in survey townships, but based on other points not listed above:

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