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The following is a list of father-and-son combinations who have played in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The list includes players who played for the Basketball Association of America (BAA) before it was renamed NBA in 1949, as well as the National Basketball League (NBL), which was absorbed by the NBA in 1949, and the original American Basketball Association (ABA), which was merged with the NBA in 1976.


Father Son(s) Notes Ref.
Barry, RickRick Barry Barry, JonJon Barry
Barry, BrentBrent Barry
Barry, DrewDrew Barry
 • Rick and Brent are the second father-son duo to win NBA Championships as players
 • Rick, Jon and Brent all played for and ended their playing career with the Houston Rockets
 • Rick, Jon and Drew all played for the Golden State Warriors
Bibby, HenryHenry Bibby Bibby, MikeMike Bibby  • Both played for the New York Knicks [2]
Booker, MelvinMelvin Booker Booker, DevinDevin Booker  • Both played against Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett during their respective careers [3]
Brewer, RonRon Brewer Brewer, RonnieRonnie Brewer  • Both played for the Chicago Bulls [4]
Bryant, JoeJoe Bryant Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant [5]
Chapman, WayneWayne Chapman Chapman, RexRex Chapman  • Wayne played in the ABA [2]
Cook, NormNorm Cook Cook, BrianBrian Cook [2]
Crowder, CoreyCorey Crowder Crowder, JaeJae Crowder [6]
Curry, DellDell Curry Curry, StephenStephen Curry
Curry, SethSeth Curry
Davis, TerryTerry Davis Davis, EdEd Davis [8]
Daye, DarrenDarren Daye Daye, AustinAustin Daye [2]
Drew, LarryLarry Drew Drew II, LarryLarry Drew II [9]
Dumas, RichRich Dumas Dumas, RichardRichard Dumas  • Rich played in the ABA [2]
Dunleavy Sr., MikeMike Dunleavy Sr. Dunleavy Jr., MikeMike Dunleavy Jr.  • Both played for the Milwaukee Bucks
 • Mike Sr. is the second NBA coach to face his son, Mike Jr., in an NBA game
Ellis, LeRoyLeRoy Ellis Ellis, LeRonLeRon Ellis [2]
Ewing, PatrickPatrick Ewing Ewing Jr., PatrickPatrick Ewing Jr. [11]
Ferry, BobBob Ferry Ferry, DannyDanny Ferry [2]
Grant, HarveyHarvey Grant Grant, JeramiJerami Grant
Grant, JerianJerian Grant
Green, SidneySidney Green Green, TaureanTaurean Green [2]
Guokas Sr., MattMatt Guokas Sr. Guokas Jr., MattMatt Guokas Jr.  • Matt Sr. and Matt Jr. are the first father-son duo to win NBA Championships as players [13]
Hardaway, TimTim Hardaway Hardaway Jr., TimTim Hardaway Jr. [14]
Henderson, GeraldGerald Henderson Henderson Jr., GeraldGerald Henderson Jr. [2]
Higgins, EarleEarle Higgins Higgins, SeanSean Higgins  • Earle played in the ABA [2]
Higgins, RodRod Higgins Higgins, CoryCory Higgins [15]
Horford, TitoTito Horford Horford, AlAl Horford [2]
Hosket Sr., BillBill Hosket Sr. Hosket Jr., BillBill Hosket Jr.  • Bill Sr. played in the NBL [2]
Jones, WaliWali Jones Jones, AskiaAskia Jones [2]
Karl, GeorgeGeorge Karl Karl, CobyCoby Karl  • George is the third NBA coach to face his son, Coby, in an NBA game [16]
Love, StanStan Love Love, KevinKevin Love [2]
Lucas Jr., JohnJohn Lucas Jr. Lucas III, JohnJohn Lucas III  • Both played for the Houston Rockets [17]
Manning, EdEd Manning Manning, DannyDanny Manning [2]
Maravich, PressPress Maravich Maravich, PetePete Maravich [18]
Marble, RoyRoy Marble Marble, DevynDevyn Marble [19]
Matthews, WesWes Matthews Matthews, WesleyWesley Matthews [20]
May, ScottScott May May, SeanSean May [2]
McGuire, AlAl McGuire McGuire, AllieAllie McGuire  • Both played for the New York Knicks [2]
Mikan, GeorgeGeorge Mikan Mikan, LarryLarry Mikan [2]
Mount, PetePete Mount Mount, RickRick Mount  • Pete played in the NBL [2]
Murphy, JayJay Murphy Murphy, ErikErik Murphy [21]
Nance, LarryLarry Nance Nance Jr., LarryLarry Nance Jr.
Parker, SonnySonny Parker Parker, JabariJabari Parker [12]
Paxson Sr., JimJim Paxson Sr. Paxson Jr., JimJim Paxson Jr.
Paxson, JohnJohn Paxson
Payton, GaryGary Payton Payton II, GaryGary Payton II  • Both played for the Milwaukee Bucks [23][24]
Perry, CurtisCurtis Perry Houston, ByronByron Houston [25]
Pressey, PaulPaul Pressey Pressey, PhilPhil Pressey [26]
Piatkowski, WaltWalt Piatkowski Piatkowski, EricEric Piatkowski  • Walt played in the ABA [2]
Price, TonyTony Price Price, A. J.A. J. Price [27]
Rautins, LeoLeo Rautins Rautins, AndyAndy Rautins [28]
Rice, GlenGlen Rice Rice Jr., GlenGlen Rice Jr. [14]
Rivers, DocDoc Rivers Rivers, AustinAustin Rivers  • Doc is the fourth NBA coach to face his son, Austin, in an NBA game
 • Austin is the first son to play for his father in an NBA game
Robinson, GlennGlenn Robinson Robinson III, GlennGlenn Robinson III [12]
Russell Sr., WalkerWalker Russell Sr. Russell Jr., WalkerWalker Russell Jr.  • Both started their playing career with the Detroit Pistons [31]
Sabonis, ArvydasArvydas Sabonis Sabonis, DomantasDomantas Sabonis
Salvadori, AlAl Salvadori Salvadori, KevinKevin Salvadori  • Al played in the ABA [2]
Schayes, DolphDolph Schayes Schayes, DannyDanny Schayes [2]
Silas, JamesJames Silas Silas, XavierXavier Silas [32]
Smith, DerekDerek Smith Smith, NolanNolan Smith [33]
Stockton, JohnJohn Stockton Stockton, DavidDavid Stockton [34]
Szczerbiak, WalterWalter Szczerbiak Szczerbiak, WallyWally Szczerbiak  • Walter played in the ABA [2]
Taylor, JeffJeff Taylor Taylor, JefferyJeffery Taylor [35]
Temple, CollisCollis Temple Temple, GarrettGarrett Temple  • Collis played in the ABA
 • Both played for the San Antonio Spurs
Thompson, MychalMychal Thompson Thompson, MychelMychel Thompson
Thompson, KlayKlay Thompson
• Mychal and Klay are the fourth father-son duo to win NBA Championships as players [37]
van Breda Kolff, ButchButch van Breda Kolff van Breda Kolff, JanJan van Breda Kolff  • Butch is the first NBA coach to face his son, Jan, in an NBA game [10][38]
Vandeweghe, ErnieErnie Vandeweghe Vandeweghe, KikiKiki Vandeweghe  • Both played for the New York Knicks [2]
Vaughn Jr., DavidDavid Vaughn Jr. Vaughn III, DavidDavid Vaughn III  • David Jr. played in the ABA [2]
Vroman, BrettBrett Vroman Vroman, JacksonJackson Vroman [2]
Wagner, MiltMilt Wagner Wagner, DajuanDajuan Wagner [2]
Walker, JimmyJimmy Walker Rose, JalenJalen Rose [39]
Walton, BillBill Walton Walton, LukeLuke Walton  • Bill and Luke are the third father-son duo to win NBA Championships as players [13]
Wiggins, MitchellMitchell Wiggins Wiggins, AndrewAndrew Wiggins [12]
Wilkins, GeraldGerald Wilkins Wilkins, DamienDamien Wilkins [2]
Winslow, RickieRickie Winslow Winslow, JustiseJustise Winslow
Young, MichaelMichael Young Young, JosephJoseph Young


Grandfather Grandson(s) Notes Ref.
Barber, JohnJohn Barber Sasser, JasonJason Sasser
Sasser, JerylJeryl Sasser
Hale, BruceBruce Hale Barry, JonJon Barry
Barry, BrentBrent Barry
Barry, DrewDrew Barry
 • Bruce Hale's son-in-law is Rick Barry [41]
Shavlik, RonnieRonnie Shavlik Randolph, ShavlikShavlik Randolph [42]
Townsend, JohnJohn Townsend Montross, EricEric Montross  • Townsend played in the NBL [43]


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