List of townlands of County Meath

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 1,634 townlands in County Meath, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeyland 92 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Abbeyland 327 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Abbeyland South 120 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Abelstown 202 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Aclare Cottage Demesne 304 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Aclare House Demesne 303 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Adamstown 277 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Addanstown 155 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Affollus 324 Upper Deece Moyglare Dunshaughlin
Aghafarnan 158 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Aghaloaghan 58 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Aghamore 431 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Aghanascortan 28 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Edenderry
Aghathomas 54 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Agher 1,168 Upper Deece Agher Trim
Agher 24 Upper Deece Gallow Trim
Agheragh 188 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Aghnagillagh 246 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Aghnaneane (or Hermitage) 198 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Alexander Reid 635 Skreen Athlumney Navan
Allcollege 56 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Allenstown Demesne 652 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Allerstown (or Mullaghmore) 189 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Altmush 105 Lower Kells Cruicetown Kells
Altmush 203 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Annagh 282 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Annagh 850 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Annagor 296 Lower Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Anneville (or Clonard Old) 1,256 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Antylstown 223 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Arch Hall 350 Morgallion Clongill Navan
Archdeaconry Glebe 190 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Archerstown 161 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Ardagh 524 Lower Slane Ardagh Kells
Ardanew 414 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Ardbraccan 1,096 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Ardbrackan (or Wrightown) 258 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Ardcalf 504 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Ardcath Town Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Ardcath 277 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Ardfrail 75 Fore Kilbride Oldcastle
Ardglassan 90 Upper Kells Kilskeer Oldcastle
Ardgreagh 569 Upper Navan Kilcooly Trim
Ardlonan 342 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Ardmaghbreague 1,088 Lower Kells Nobber Kells
Ardmulchan 1,156 Skreen Ardmulchan Navan
Ardnamullan 657 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Ardrums Great 613 Upper Deece Rathcore Trim
Ardrums Little 198 Upper Deece Rathcore Trim
Ardsallagh 665 Lower Navan Ardsallagh Navan
Arlonstown 199 Skreen Killeen Dunshaughlin
Arodstown 1,038 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Arrigal 110 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Ashbourne Town Ratoath Killegland Dunshaughlin
Ashfield (or Screeboge) 270 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Ashpark 340 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Assey 429 Lower Deece Assey Navan
Athboy Town Lune Athboy Trim
Athcarne 321 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Athgaine Great 322 Lower Navan Balrathboyne Kells
Athgaine Little 223 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Athlumney 592 Skreen Athlumney Navan
Athronan 404 Skreen Killeen Dunshaughlin
Athronan 75 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Augherskea 656 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Baconstown 1,097 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Bailis 127 Skreen Athlumney Navan
Balbradagh 394 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Balbrigh 365 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Baldoyle (or Curtistown Lower) 174 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Balfeaghan 665 Upper Deece Balfeaghan Celbridge
Balfeddock 325 Upper Slane Monknewtown Drogheda
Balfestown 243 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Balgeen 379 Upper Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Balgeeth 506 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Balgeeth 299 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Balgeeth 355 Lower Deece Assey Navan
Balgill 248 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Balgree 492 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Ballagh (or Boynehill) 92 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Ballaghaweary 111 Ratoath Greenoge Dunshaughlin
Ballaghboy (or Fordstown) 72 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Ballaghtalion 424 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Ballair 217 Lower Kells Newtown Kells
Ballany 452 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Ballardan Great 445 Upper Navan Clonmacduff Trim
Ballardan Little 114 Upper Navan Clonmacduff Trim
Ballasport 466 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Ballastran 56 Upper Deece Gallow Trim
Ballestran 128 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Ballin 227 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Ballina 156 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Ballina (or Bective) 170 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Ballinderrin 336 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Ballinderry 239 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Ballinderry 491 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Ballinlig 164 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Ballinlough 206 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Ballinlough 1,047 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Ballinlough Big 594 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Ballinlough Little 526 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Ballinrig 106 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Ballinrink 964 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Ballinter 433 Lower Deece Assey Navan
Ballintillan 118 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Ballintlieve 208 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Ballintoghee 125 Upper Deece Agher Trim
Ballintogher 287 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Ballintry 161 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Ballinvally 575 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Ballivor Town Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Ballivor 768 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Balloy 384 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Ballsgrove 84 Drogheda St. Mary's Drogheda
Ballyadams 268 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Ballybatter (or Balreask New) 114 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Ballybeg 339 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Ballybin 574 Ratoath Cookstown Dunshaughlin
Ballybin 207 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ballyboggan 1,236 Upper Moyfenrath Ballyboggan Edenderry
Ballyboy 392 Lune Athboy Trim
Ballyboy 330 Lune Rathmore Trim
Ballycarn 396 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Ballyclare 466 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Ballydonnell 155 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Ballyfallon (or Newtown) 650 Lune Athboy Trim
Ballyfore 153 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Ballygarth 327 Upper Duleek Ballygarth Drogheda
Ballygortagh 297 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Ballyhack 142 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Ballyhack 341 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ballyhist 509 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Ballyhoe 410 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Ballymacad 549 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Ballymacan 200 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Ballymacarney 515 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Ballymacolgan 173 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Ballymacoll 608 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Ballymacoll Little 301 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Ballymacon & Ferganstn 695 Skreen Athlumney Navan
Ballymad 64 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Ballymagarvey 442 Lower Duleek Ballymagarvey Navan
Ballymagillin 192 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Ballymagillin 143 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Ballymaglassan 426 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Ballymahon 235 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Ballymakane 232 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Ballymore 157 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ballymuck (or Pluckhimin) 156 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Ballymulmore 521 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Ballymurphy 230 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Ballynabarny 567 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Ballynaclose 143 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Ballynacree 110 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Ballynadrimna 838 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Ballynafeeragh (1st Div.) 64 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Ballynafeeragh (2nd Div.) 13 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Ballynagalshy 124 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Ballynagranshy 170 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Ballynakill 184 Upper Moyfenrath Ballyboggan Edenderry
Ballynakill 812 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Ballynalurgan 155 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Ballynamona 225 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Ballynamona 240 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Ballynamona 150 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Ballynare 25 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Ballynaskea 1,507 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Ballynavaddog 180 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Ballynavaddog 84 Lower Deece Trubley Trim
Balnagon Lower 723 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Balnagon Upper 659 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Balrath 392 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Balrath 635 Lower Duleek Piercetown Navan
Balrath 360 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Balrath 356 Lune Athboy Trim
Balrath Demesne 703 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Balrathboyne Glebe 412 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Balreask 525 Lower Kells Emlagh Kells
Balreask 406 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Balreask New (or Ballybatter) 114 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Balreask Old 989 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Balrenny 606 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Balruntagh 241 Lune Rathmore Trim
Balsaran 124 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Balsaw 651 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Balsitric 282 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Balsoon 209 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Baltigeer 459 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Baltinoran 507 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Baltrasna 383 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Baltrasna 107 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Baltrasna 456 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Baltrasna 270 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Baltrasna 1,537 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Banestown 93 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Barfordstown 284 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Barleyhill 772 Lower Slane Ardagh Kells
Barnwellstown 132 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Baronstown 68 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Baronstown 61 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Barrockstown 269 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Barstown 198 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Bartramstown 349 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Basketstown 199 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Baskinagh Lower 232 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Baskinagh Upper 315 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Batestown 88 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Batterjohn 33 Lower Deece Kiltale Dunshaughlin
Batterstown 134 Upper Deece Rodanstown Celbridge
Batterstown 154 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Batterstown 140 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Batterstown 267 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Bawn 234 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Bawn (or Williamstown) 265 Lower Navan Ardsallagh Navan
Bawnbreakey 175 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Baytown 356 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Baytown Park 323 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Beaumont 31 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Beaumont 174 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Bective 521 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Bective (or Ballina) 170 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Bedfanstown 104 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Beggstown 173 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Begsreeve 174 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Belgree 546 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Belleek 237 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Bellew 357 Skreen Rathfeigh Dunshaughlin
Bellewstown 1,276 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Bellewstown 298 Lower Navan Rataine Navan
Bellewstown 481 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Belpere 749 Skreen Killeen Dunshaughlin
Belpere 86 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Belshamstown 106 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Belview 280 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Benjerstown 583 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Bennetstown 139 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Berrillstowm 381 Skreen Trevet Dunshaughlin
Beshellstown 223 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Betaghstown 537 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Betaghstown 277 Lower Navan Balrathboyne Kells
Betaghstown 228 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Bey Beg 405 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Bey More 806 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Bigisland 34 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Bigstown 453 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Billywood 491 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Birdhill 224 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Black Friary (1st Division) 9 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Black Friary (2nd Division) 278 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Blackcastle 149 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Blackcastle Demesne 396 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Blackcut 199 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Blackditch 16 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Blackditch 82 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Blackditch 158 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Blackhall Big 417 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Blackhall Little 201 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Blackshade 118 Lower Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Blackwater 143 Ratoath Crickstown Dunshaughlin
Bloomsberry 111 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Kells
Bloomsberry 108 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Blundelstown 162 Skreen Templekeeran Navan
Bobsville 170 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Bodeen 198 Ratoath Kilbrew Dunshaughlin
Bodingtown 272 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Boggan 119 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Bogganstown 395 Lower Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Bogganstown 211 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Bogstown (or Moydrum) 369 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Boherard 229 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Boherlea 237 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Bohermeen (Part) Town Lower Navan Martry Kells
Bohermeen (Part) Town Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Boltown 854 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Bonestown 321 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Bonfield 33 Lower Deece Balsoon Navan
Boolies 213 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Boolies 199 Lower Kells Burry Kells
Boolies 234 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Boolies 892 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Boolies Great 388 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Boolies Little 234 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Boolykeagh 322 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Boraheen 107 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Boycetown 313 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Boyerstown 434 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Boynagh 171 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Boynagh 444 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Boynaghbought 157 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Boynehill (or Ballagh) 92 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Bracetown 146 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Brackanraney 204 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Bradystown 91 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Branganstown 297 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Brannanstown 268 Skreen Kilcarn Navan
Brannockstown 918 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Branstown 393 Skreen Trevet Dunshaughlin
Braysland 57 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Braystown 216 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Braystown 179 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Breslanstown 480 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Briarleas 384 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Brittas 561 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Brittstown 155 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Broad 17 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Broomfield 588 Upper Slane Collon Ardee
Brownrath 162 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Brownstown 236 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Brownstown 330 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Brownstown 114 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Brownstown 949 Skreen Brownstown Navan
Brownstown 52 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Bryanstown 326 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Bryanstown 589 Drogheda St. Mary's Drogheda
Bryanstown 275 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Bullstown 287 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Bunboggan 132 Lune Athboy Trim
Bunnianstown 67 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Burtonstown 473 Lower Duleek Ballymagarvey Navan
Butlerstown 108 Upper Deece Moyglare Dunshaughlin
Butlerstown 228 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Butterhouse (or Mountland) 107 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Cabinhill 206 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Cabragh 397 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Cabragh 642 Skreen Tara Navan
Caddelstown 68 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Caddelstown 43 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Cakestown Glebe 222 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Calgath 414 Upper Deece Rodanstown Celbridge
Calliaghstown 410 Lower Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Calliaghstown 219 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Calliaghwee 55 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Cannonstown 111 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Cappaboggan 211 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Cappaghcreen 20 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Capranny 113 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Carberrystown 345 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Cardrath 558 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Carlanstown Town Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Carlanstown 324 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Carnacally 299 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Carnacop 317 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Carnaross 139 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Carnbane 69 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Carnelrussel 36 Upper Kells Kilskeer Oldcastle
Carnes East 307 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Carnes West 300 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Carnuff Great and Kingstown 561 Skreen Ardmulchan Navan
Carnuff Little and Haystown 1,005 Skreen Ardmulchan Navan
Carranstown 647 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Carranstown Great 564 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Carranstown Little 122 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Carrick 250 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Carrickdexter 374 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Carrickleck 1,192 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Carrickspringan 518 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Carrigagh 356 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Cashel 298 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Castleboy 6 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Castleboy 86 Skreen Tara Navan
Castlecor 382 Fore Kilbride Oldcastle
Castlefarm 803 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Castlejordan 546 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Castlekeeran 714 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Castlemartin 408 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Castleparks 269 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Castlepole 325 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Castlerickard 974 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Castletown 780 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Castletown 540 Lune Athboy Trim
Castletown 689 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Castletown Kilberry 418 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Castletown Tara 799 Skreen Tara Navan
Castletownmoor 449 Lower Kells Staholmog Kells
Caulstown 195 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Caulstown 57 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Caulstown 231 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Causetown 404 Upper Slane Stackallan Navan
Causetown 669 Lune Athboy Trim
Chamberlainstown 588 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Chamberstown 379 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Chapel Land 82 Lune Athboy Trim
Chapelbride 213 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Charterschoolland 15 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Cheeverstown 81 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Cherryvalley 214 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Church Hill Glebe 66 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Churchtown 750 Lower Navan Churchtown Navan
Claristown 357 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Clarkstown 236 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Clatterstown 216 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Clegarrow 462 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Clinstown 388 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Cloghan 397 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Clogherboy 12 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Clogherstown 43 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Cloghmacoo 394 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Cloghreagh 1,311 Morgallion Ardagh Kells
Clonabreany 627 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Clonagara 147 Lower Kells Newtown Kells
Clonard Old (or Anneville) 1,256 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Clonardran 352 Skreen Templekeeran Navan
Clonasillagh 318 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Clonbartan 706 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Cloncarneel 1,196 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Cloncat 450 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Cloncowan 338 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Cloncullen 401 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Clondalee Beg 496 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Clondalee More 1,621 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Clondavan 32 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Clondavan 103 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Clondoogan 836 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Clonee Town Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Clonee 807 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Clonee 468 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Cloneen (or Newtown) 351 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Cloneens 15 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Clonevran 121 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Cloney 225 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Clonfane 366 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Clonfinnan 102 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Clongall 458 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Clongill 1,207 Morgallion Clongill Navan
Clongowny 252 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Clonguiffin 762 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Clongutery 107 Lower Deece Kiltale Dunshaughlin
Clonleasan 379 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Clonlusk 55 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Clonlyon 386 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Clonmagaddan 264 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Clonmahon 487 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Clonmalevin 99 Lower Navan Rataine Navan
Clonmore 539 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Clonmowley 213 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Clonross 230 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Clontail 334 Lower Slane Mitchelstown Ardee
Clonycavan 1,179 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Clonycurry 371 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Clonygrange 160 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Clonylogan 450 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Clonymeath 914 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Clonymore 516 Lune Rathmore Trim
Cloonagrouna 175 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Clooney 472 Morgallion Drakestown Navan
Clowanstown 340 Skreen Killeen Dunshaughlin
Clowanstown 606 Skreen Trevet Dunshaughlin
Coalpits 116 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Coghalstown 589 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Colehill (or Knockersally) 1,761 Upper Moyfenrath Ballyboggan Edenderry
College 416 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Collegeland 75 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Colliersland North 74 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Colliersland South 31 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Collierstown 625 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Collierstown 309 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Collistown 310 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Colp East 397 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Colp West 309 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Colvinstown 426 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Commons 1,050 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Commons 299 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Commons 124 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Commons 193 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Commons 234 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Commons (1st Division) 23 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Commons (2nd Division) 10 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Commons (3rd Division) 11 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Commons (4th Division) 1 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Commons (5th Division) 4 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Commons (5th Division) 15 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Commons (6th Division) 4 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Commons (7th Division) 265 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Commons of LLoyd 509 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Connellstown 306 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Cooksgrove 37 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Cooksland 223 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Cookstown 229 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Cookstown 389 Ratoath Cookstown Dunshaughlin
Cookstown 558 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Cookstown Great 578 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Cookstown Little 36 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Coolderry 468 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Coole 256 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Coolfore 134 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Coolfore 196 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Cooljohn 167 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Coolnahinch 303 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Coolronan 2,681 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Corballis 430 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Corballis 378 Upper Duleek Ballygarth Drogheda
Corballis 565 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Corballis 93 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Corballis 284 Skreen Templekeeran Navan
Corballis 678 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Corballis 252 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Corboggy 146 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Corcarra 207 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Cordooey 104 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Corgreagh (or Killagriff) 412 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Cormeen 253 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Cormeen 444 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Cornacarrow 104 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Cornahoova 369 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Cornasaus 299 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Cornaville North 365 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Cornaville South 17 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Cornelstown 296 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Corporation-land 39 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Corporationland 3rd Div 118 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Corporationland North 45 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Corporationland Nth 1st 152 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Corporationland Nth 2nd 72 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Corporationland Nth 4th 39 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Corrakeeran 190 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Corrananagh 105 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Corratober 551 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Corstown 555 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Corstown 385 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Cortown 454 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Court 48 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Cradockstown 92 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Crakenstown 89 Ratoath Crickstown Dunshaughlin
Crakenstown 198 Ratoath Kilbrew Dunshaughlin
Crannaghtown 192 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Craystown (or Ennistown) 68 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Creemore 193 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Creevagh 421 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Creevagh 153 Upper Kells Kilskeer Oldcastle
Creewood 785 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Cregg 911 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Creroge 377 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Crewbane 369 Upper Slane Monknewtown Drogheda
Crickstown 786 Ratoath Crickstown Dunshaughlin
Croboy 1,263 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Crossakeel 933 Upper Kells Kilskeer Oldcastle
Crossane 167 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Crossanstown 502 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Crossdrum Lower 964 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Crossdrum Upper 331 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Crowpark (1st Division) 227 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Crowpark (2nd Division) 27 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Crufty 64 Lower Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Cruicetown 1,338 Lower Kells Cruicetown Kells
Cruicetown 239 Upper Slane Stackallan Navan
Crumpstown (or Marshallstown) 354 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Culcommon 156 Ratoath Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Culcor 246 Upper Deece Gallow Trim
Cullen 525 Lower Duleek Knockcommon Navan
Cullendragh 280 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Cullendragh 405 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Cullentry 906 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Culmullin 1,266 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Cultromer 333 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Curkeen 140 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Curleyland and Mill Land 173 Lune Athboy Trim
Curniaghanstown 180 Upper Slane Stackallan Navan
Curragh 578 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Curraghdoo 98 Upper Deece Kilmore Listowel
Curraghtown 492 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Curraghtown 287 Skreen Cushinstown Dunshaughlin
Curraghtown 232 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Curraghtown 329 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Curraghtown 351 Lower Duleek Kentstown Navan
Curraghtown 94 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Curraghwalls 185 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Curtistown Lower (or Baldoyle) 174 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Curtistown Upper 193 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Cusackstown 213 Skreen Monktown Navan
Cushinstown 690 Skreen Cushinstown Dunshaughlin
Cushinstown 216 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Cushinstown 105 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Dalystown 524 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Damselstown 263 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Dandiestown (or Springville) 462 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Danestown 1,197 Skreen Danestown Navan
Dangan 907 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Dardistown 691 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Dardistown 129 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Davidstown 125 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Davidstown 203 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Daw 87 Upper Duleek Duleek Abbey Drogheda
Deenes 367 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Deerpark 78 Lower Kells Newtown Kells
Demailestown 715 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Denhamstown 215 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Derlangan 482 Lune Athboy Trim
Derrinlig 131 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Derrinlig 18 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Derrinydaly 642 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Derrockstown 389 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Derryclare 203 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Derryconor 436 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Derryhinch 300 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Derrypatrick 967 Lower Deece Derrypatrick Dunshaughlin
Derrypatrick Grange 505 Lower Deece Derrypatrick Dunshaughlin
Derrysheridan 101 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Dervar 528 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Destinrath 200 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Devinstown 223 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Diamor 1,322 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Dillonsland 77 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Dimanistown East 148 Upper Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Dimanistown West 133 Upper Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Diralagh 299 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Doghtog 219 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Dogstown 20 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Dogstown 225 Upper Kells Kilskeer Oldcastle
Dogstown 1st Division 33 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Dogstown 2nd Division 63 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Dogstown 3rd Division 170 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Dolanstown 474 Upper Deece Rodanstown Celbridge
Dollardstown 715 Lower Duleek Painestown Navan
Donacarney Town Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Donacarney Great 335 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Donacarney Little 199 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Donaghmore 432 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Donaghmore 352 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Donaghpatrick 178 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Donore 478 Lower Duleek Donore Drogheda
Donore 463 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Donore 119 Lune Castlerickard Trim
Donore 703 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Doolystown 418 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Doon 365 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Dowdstown 546 Skreen Dowdstown Navan
Dowdstown 251 Morgallion Kilshine Navan
Dowdstown 22 Skreen Tara Navan
Downestown 373 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Dowth 1,221 Upper Slane Dowth Drogheda
Dowthstown 63 Morgallion Clongill Navan
Drakerath 925 Lower Kells Staholmog Kells
Drakestown 793 Morgallion Drakestown Navan
Dreminstown 200 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Drewstown Great 557 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Drewstown Little 478 Upper Kells Girley Castletowndelvin
Drissoge 441 Lune Athboy Trim
Drumaneber 70 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Drumard 127 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Drumbaragh 862 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Drumbride 88 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Drumbulrisk 118 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Drumcondra Town Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Drumcondra 188 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Drumgill 209 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Drumgill 456 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Drumgill Lower 332 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Drumgill Upper 99 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Druminiskin 306 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Druminshin 152 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Drumlargan 1,276 Upper Deece Drumlargan Trim
Drumlayne 190 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Drumlerry 783 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Drumman 289 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Drummond 283 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Drumone 64 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Drumone 135 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Drumree 72 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Drumsawry (or Summerbank) 809 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Drumsillagh 86 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Duffsland 46 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Dulane 231 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Duleek Town Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Dunboyne Town Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Dunboyne 946 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Duncansland 24 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Dunderk 112 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Dunderry 246 Lower Navan Churchtown Navan
Dunganny 342 Upper Navan Kilcooly Trim
Dunheeda 202 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Dunleever Glebe 305 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Dunlough 410 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Dunmoe 975 Lower Navan Dunmoe Navan
Dunnagorran 283 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Dunreagh 166 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Dunsany 964 Skreen Dunsany Dunshaughlin
Dunshaughlin Town Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Dunshaughlin 673 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Durhamstown 1,027 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Eden 240 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Edengora 230 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Edoxtown 311 Skreen Rathfeigh Dunshaughlin
Eightyeight Acres 156 Lune Athboy Trim
Elgarstown 206 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ellickstown 219 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Emlagh 493 Lower Kells Emlagh Kells
Ennistown 132 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Ennistown 32 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Ennistown (or Craytown) 68 Lower Deece Balsoon Trim
Ervey 392 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Ethelstown 408 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Factory Town Skreen Athlumney Navan
Faganstown 144 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Farranadoony 128 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Farranaglogh 258 Fore Kilbride Oldcastle
Farranalcock 180 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Farranderry 16 Lower Navan Ardsallagh Navan
Faughanhill 159 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Feagh 559 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Fearmore 449 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Febog 98 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Feegat 353 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Fennor 240 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Fennor 1,047 Lower Duleek Fennor Navan
Fennor Lower 750 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Fennor Upper 624 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Ferganstown& Ballymacon 695 Skreen Athlumney Navan
Ferrans 412 Upper Deece Gallow Trim
Ferrestown 89 Upper Deece Rodanstown Celbridge
Fertagh 157 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Fidorfe 241 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Fieldstown 54 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Finlaghtown Great 195 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Finlaghtown Little 127 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Firpark 157 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Fleenstown Great 411 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Fleenstown Little 273 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Flemingstown 876 Lower Duleek Kentstown Navan
Flemingtown 272 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Flemingtown 172 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Fletcherstown 601 Morgallion Clongill Navan
Fodeen 5 Skreen Tara Navan
Folistown 196 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Follistown 653 Skreen Follistown Navan
Footstown Great 279 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Footstown Little 186 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Fordrath 200 Lune Athboy Trim
Fordstown 633 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Fordstown 278 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Fordstown (or Ballaghboy) 72 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Forkill 172 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Formal 188 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Fostersfields 223 Lune Athboy Trim
Fostersholding 14 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Fosterstown 91 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Fourknocks 86 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Fowlerstown 257 Upper Duleek Duleek Abbey Drogheda
Foxtown 153 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Fraine 936 Lune Athboy Trim
Frankstown 139 Ratoath Kilbrew Dunshaughlin
Freagh 262 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Freffans Great 345 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Freffans Little 616 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Friarspark 11 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Friarspark 1st Division 23 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Friarspark 2nd Division 4 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Friarspark 4th Division 6 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Friarspark 5th Division 2 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Friarspark 6th Division 148 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Friaryland 3rd Division 5 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Fringestown 403 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Furzyhill 136 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Fyanstown 53 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Kells
Fyanstown 427 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Gafney 168 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Gafney 120 Lower Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Gafney Little 77 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Gainestown 373 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Galboystown 642 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Galleastown 427 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Gallow 846 Upper Deece Gallow Trim
Galmoyestown 686 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Galtrim 274 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Garadice 941 Upper Deece Gallow Trim
Garballagh 665 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Gardenrath 190 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Garistown 210 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Garmanagh 418 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Garretstown 662 Skreen Trevet Dunshaughlin
Garrynabolie 252 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Gaskinstown 316 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Gaulstown 245 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Gaulstown 429 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Gaulstown 135 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Gaulstown 69 Skreen Timoole Dunshaughlin
Geehanstown 535 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Gernonstown 674 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Gerrardstown 369 Skreen Kilcarn Navan
Gibblockstown 205 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Gibbonstown 313 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Gibraltar 20 Lower Deece Kiltale Dunshaughlin
Gibstown 320 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Gibstown Demesne 1,043 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Gilbertstown 394 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Gilliamstown 175 Skreen Timoole Dunshaughlin
Gillinstown 324 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Gillstown 223 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Gillstown 266 Skreen Templekeeran Navan
Gillstown Great 390 Lune Rathmore Trim
Gillstown Little 513 Lune Rathmore Trim
Gilltown 485 Lower Duleek Knockcommon Navan
Ginnets Great 694 Lower Deece Agher Trim
Ginnets Little 74 Lower Deece Agher Trim
Girley 1,123 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Glack 402 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Glane Great 168 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Glane Little 74 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Glascarn 299 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Glassallen 339 Upper Slane Collon Ardee
Glebe 33 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Glebe 33 Upper Slane Dowth Drogheda
Glebe 16 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Glebe 93 Skreen Killeen Dunshaughlin
Glebe 40 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Glebe 32 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Glebe 21 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Glebe 61 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Glebe 31 Morgallion Clongill Navan
Glebe 35 Fore Kilbride Oldcastle
Glebe 51 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Glebe 33 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Glebe 71 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Glebe 34 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Glebe 151 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Glebe 20 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Glenaward 132 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Glenboy 273 Fore Kilbride Oldcastle
Glenrath 44 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Golashane 287 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Gormanston 916 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Gormanstown Town Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Gormanstown 208 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Gormanstown 158 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Gortloney 545 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Gortnahorna. 168 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Graigs 446 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Grange 182 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Grange 273 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Grange 100 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Grange 493 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Grange 829 Upper Navan Bective Navan
Grange 180 Morgallion Kilshine Navan
Grange 500 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Grange Glebe 422 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Grangegeeth 1,598 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Grangegoddan Glebe 232 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Grangend 9 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Grangend Common 64 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Gravelstown 1,007 Lower Kells Emlagh Kells
Greatfurze 153 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Greenan 312 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Greenan 608 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Greenanstown 174 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Greenhills 148 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Greenoge 687 Ratoath Greenoge Dunshaughlin
Greenogue Town Ratoath Greenoge Dunshaughlin
Greetiagh 226 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Grennanstown 704 Lune Athboy Trim
Grove Island 5 Lower Duleek Donore Drogheda
Growtown 222 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Growtown 307 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Gunnocks 517 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Gunstown 43 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Halfcarton 298 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Hallstown 286 Ratoath Trevet Dunshaughlin
Halltown 339 Lower Navan Churchtown Navan
Hamlinstown 174 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Hammondstown 82 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Hammondtown 99 Ratoath Cookstown Dunshaughlin
Hamwood 321 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Hanlonstown 324 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Hardwood 714 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Harlinstown 4 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Harlinstown 178 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Harlockstown 197 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Harlockstown 375 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Harmanstown 243 Upper Slane Stackallan Navan
Harristown 216 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Harristown 835 Upper Moyfenrath Ballyboggan Edenderry
Harristown 859 Skreen Ardmulchan Navan
Hartstown 855 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Hawkinstown 3 Upper Duleek Ardcath Dunshaughlin
Hawkinstown 259 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Hayestown 124 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Haystown and Carnuff Little 1,005 Skreen Ardmulchan Navan
Headfort Demesne 946 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Headstown 307 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Heathtown 372 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Hennigan 152 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Herbertstown 595 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Herbertstown 308 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Herbertstown 572 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Herbertstown 452 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Hermitage (Or Aghnancane) 198 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Heronstown 599 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Higginstown 197 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Higginstown 470 Lune Athboy Trim
Hilltown 196 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Hilltown 137 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Hilltown Great 441 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Hilltown Little 184 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Hoardstown 264 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Hodgestown 112 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Hollymount 123 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Hopkinstown 300 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Horath 419 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Horistown 560 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Hospital Land 68 Lune Athboy Trim
Howthstown 299 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Hurcle 489 Upper Slane Tullyallen Drogheda
Hurdlestown 458 Upper Kells Teltown Kells
Iflernock 489 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Inan 405 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Innfield Town Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Irishtown 96 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Irishtown 586 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Irishtown 158 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Irishtown 228 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Irishtown 252 Skreen Timoole Dunshaughlin
Irishtown 106 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Irishtown 162 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Isaacstown 820 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Iskaroon 274 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Iskaroon Little 14 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Jamestown 235 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Jamestown 535 Lune Rathmore Trim
Jarretstown 250 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Jealoustown 383 Ratoath Trevet Dunshaughlin
Jenkinstown 97 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Jenkinstown 302 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Johnsbrook 172 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Johnstown 128 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Johnstown 180 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Johnstown 457 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Johnstown 418 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Johnstown 123 Skreen Athlumney Navan
Johnstown 79 Lower Duleek Fennor Navan
Johnstown 806 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Johnstown 265 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Jonesborough (or Killaconin) 252 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Jordanstown 148 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Jordanstown 184 Skreen Tara Navan
Jordanstown 472 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Julianstown Town Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Julianstown 776 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Julianstown 177 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Julianstown East 204 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Julianstown South 59 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Julianstown West 266 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Kearntown 324 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Keenaghan 296 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Keenaghan 294 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Keenoge 185 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Keenoge 134 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Keeran 106 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Kells Town Upper Kells Kells Kells
Kellystown 340 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Kellystown 119 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Kellystown 531 Upper Slane Monknewtown Drogheda
Kemmins Mill 81 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Kennaghstown 79 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Kennastown 359 Lower Navan Ardsallagh Navan
Kennastown 360 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Kennetstown 257 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Kentstown 459 Lower Duleek Kentstown Navan
Kilballivor 225 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Kilballyporter 434 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Kilbeg Lower 344 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Kilbeg Upper 311 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Kilberry Town Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Kilberry 566 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Kilboyne 161 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Kilbreckstown 147 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Kilbrew 799 Ratoath Kilbrew Dunshaughlin
Kilbrew 160 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Kilbride 493 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Kilbride 1,102 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Kilcarn 985 Skreen Kilcarn Navan
Kilcarty 710 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Kilclone 599 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Kilcock Town Upper Deece Rodanstown Celbridge
Kilcooly 82 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Kilcooly 419 Upper Navan Kilcooly Trim
Kilcorney 454 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Kildalkey Town Lune Kildalkey Trim
Kildalkey 1,314 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Kildangan 529 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Kilfannan 184 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Kilglin 336 Upper Deece Balfeaghan Celbridge
Kilgraigue 385 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Kilkeelan 681 Lune Athboy Trim
Kilkeeran 151 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Kill Beg 85 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Kill More 114 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Killacomnor Jonesborough 252 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Killaconnigan 649 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Killacroy 209 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Killadden 226 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Killagriff (or Corgreagh) 412 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Killary 918 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Killaskillen 1,484 Upper Moyfenrath Ballyboggan Edenderry
Killeany 357 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Killeen 1,264 Skreen Killeen Dunshaughlin
Killegland 716 Ratoath Killegland Dunshaughlin
Killester 147 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Killyon 444 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Kilmainham Town Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Kilmainham 37 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Kilmainham 1,294 Upper Kells Teltown Kells
Kilmainham (Headfort) 200 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Kilmainham (Headfort) 51 Upper Kells Teltown Kells
Kilmainhamwood 280 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Kilmessan Town Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Kilmessan 754 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Kilmoon 241 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Kilmore 760 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Kilmur 317 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Kilmurry 380 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Kilmurry 727 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Kilnagallagh 270 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Kilnagross 118 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Kilnalun 176 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Kilnew 199 Upper Duleek Duleek Abbey Drogheda
Kilrue 612 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Kilruffin 173 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Kilsharvan 199 Lower Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Kilskeer 1,590 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Kiltale 857 Lower Deece Kiltale Dunshaughlin
Kiltoome 179 Upper Navan Kilcooly Trim
Kiltrough 135 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Kilwarden 900 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Kimmins 217 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Kingsmountain 122 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Kingsmountain 170 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Kingstown and Carnuff Great 561 Skreen Ardmulchan Navan
Kinoristown 63 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Knavinstown 228 Ratoath Crickstown Dunshaughlin
Knightsbrook 473 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Knightstown 615 Morgallion Kilshine Navan
Knock 975 Morgallion Knock Navan
Knockaranny 40 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Knockbrack 223 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Knockcommon 326 Lower Duleek Knockcommon Navan
Knockerk 465 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Knockersally (or Colehill) 1,761 Upper Moyfenrath Ballyboggan Edenderry
Knockglass 293 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Knockharley 291 Lower Duleek Kentstown Navan
Knockisland 183 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Knockisland 5 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Knocklough 919 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Knockmacoony 198 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Knockmark 670 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Knockmooney 147 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Knocknahattin 36 Lune Athboy Trim
Knocks 82 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Knockshangan 122 Lune Athboy Trim
Knockstown 68 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Knockstown 322 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Knockstown 299 Lower Deece Trubley Trim
Knockudder 76 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Knockumber 70 Lower Navan Liscartan Navan
Knockumber 529 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Knowth 313 Upper Slane Monknewtown Drogheda
Laacor 392 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Lackanash 26 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Lackmelch 60 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Lacystown 140 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Lady Island 2 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Ladyrath 994 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Lagavooren 648 Drogheda and Muni. Borough St. Mary's Drogheda
Lagore Big 409 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Lagore Little 514 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Lakefield 220 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Lambertstown 84 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Largy 184 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Lawrencetown (or Oakleypark) 741 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Leafin 93 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Legagunnia 127 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Leggagh 1,046 Morgallion Drakestown Navan
Legganhall 228 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Leitrim Lower 268 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Leitrim Upper 199 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Leonardstown 184 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Leshemstown 482 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Letachmentgallon 84 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Lewellensland 158 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Limekilnhill 154 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Lionsden 345 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Lisboy 83 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Liscartan 771 Lower Navan Liscartan Navan
Lisdornan 835 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Lislea 102 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Lismahon 229 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Lismullin 938 Skreen Lismullin Navan
Lisnabo 184 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Lisnaboy 50 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Lisnagon 278 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Lisnagrow 144 Lower Kells Enniskeen Kells
Littlerath 266 Upper Navan Kilcooly Trim
Lloyd Commons of 509 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Lobinstown 466 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Loganstown 283 Upper Navan Kilcooly Trim
Longford 69 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Longtown 125 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Longwood Town Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Longwood Town Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Longwood 296 Upper Moyfenrath Castlerickard Trim
Longwood 540 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Lordstown 167 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Losset 253 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Loughan 587 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Loughanbrean 223 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Loughanderg 282 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Loughanstown 397 Skreen Rathfeigh Dunshaughlin
Loughbrackan 530 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Loughcrew 1,013 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Lougher 639 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Loughlinstown 267 Ratoath Kilbrew Dunshaughlin
Loughlinstown 301 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Loughsallagh 165 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Lunderstown 287 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Lurganboy 127 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Lustown 109 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Lynaghstown 160 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Mabestown 207 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Macetown 1,248 Skreen Macetown Dunshaughlin
Macetown 316 Lower Navan Ardsallagh Navan
Mackanhill 30 Lower Slane Inishmot Ardee
Mahonstown 254 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Mandistown 831 Lower Slane Inishmot Ardee
Mannastown 217 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Manorland 1st Division 87 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Manorland 2nd Division 216 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Maperath 173 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Maperath 511 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Marshallstown (or Crumpstown) 354 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Martinstown 18 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Martinstown 262 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Martinstown 789 Lune Athboy Trim
Martinstown 237 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Martry 754 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Marvelstown 267 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Maryland 49 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Masspool 141 Ratoath Greenoge Dunshaughlin
Maudlin 59 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Maudlin 105 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Mayne 419 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Meadstown 1,254 Upper Navan Clonmacduff Trim
Meath Hill 958 Lower Slane Ardagh Kells
Meath Moor of 90 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Meenlagh 285 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Mellifont 264 Upper Slane Monknewtown Drogheda
Mellifont 460 Upper Slane Tullyallen Drogheda
Mentrim 280 Lower Slane Inishmot Ardee
Merrywell 122 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Merrywell 16 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Micknanstown 164 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Micknanstown 362 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Middleborough 133 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Milestown 277 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Milestown 170 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Mill Land 116 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Mill Land and Curleyland 173 Lune Athboy Trim
Milltown 189 Upper Duleek Duleek Abbey Drogheda
Milltown 530 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Milltown 180 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Milltown 208 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Milltown 630 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Milltown 126 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Milltown 424 Lune Rathmore Trim
Ministown 280 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Mitchelstown 355 Lower Slane Mitchelstown Ardee
Mitchelstown 776 Lune Athboy Trim
Mitchelstown 158 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Moat 302 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Moat 340 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Moat 792 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Moat 275 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Moat Town 512 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Moathill 41 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Molerick 626 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Monagalliagh 20 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Monennican 116 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Monenstown 179 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Moneymore 227 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Moneymore 200 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Monknewtown 1,086 Upper Slane Monknewtown Drogheda
Monktown 1,036 Skreen Monktown Navan
Monktown 244 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Monneystown 465 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Mooneystown 369 Lune Rathmore Trim
Moor of Meath 90 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Moorechurch 203 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Moorepark 763 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Mooresides 265 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Mooretown 306 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Mooretown 194 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Mooretown 260 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Mooretown 303 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Mooretown 279 Skreen Athlumney Navan
Mooretown 204 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Moorlagh 75 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Moortown 193 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Morington 1,155 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Mornington Town Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Morrell 204 Skreen Kilcarn Navan
Mosney 200 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Mountainpole 340 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Mountainpole (or Rochfortsland) 84 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Mountainstown 495 Morgallion Kilshine Navan
Mountfortescue 245 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Mountland (or Butterhouse) 107 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Moy 159 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Moyagher 385 Lune Rathmore Trim
Moyagher Lower 386 Lune Rathmore Trim
Moydorragh 184 Lower Kells Cruicetown Kells
Moydrum (or Bogstown) 369 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Moyfeagher 371 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Moyfin 389 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Trim
Moygaddy 581 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Moyglare 914 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Moyhill 202 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Moylagh 384 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Moyleggan 154 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Moymet 906 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Moynagh 135 Morgallion Castletown Kells
Moynalty Town Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Moynalty 483 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Moynalvy 740 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Moynasboy 149 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Moyrath 966 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Muchwood 433 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Muckerstown 359 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Muff 604 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Mulhussey 881 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Mullagh 496 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Mullagh 87 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Mullagha 586 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Mullaghard 67 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Mullagharoy 283 Upper Slane Grangegeeth Ardee
Mullaghavally 267 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Mullaghboy 104 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Mullaghboy 74 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Mullaghdillon 264 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Mullaghey 115 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Mullaghfin 252 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Mullaghmore 269 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Mullaghmore (or Allerstown) 189 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Mullaghreagh 94 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Mullaghroe 117 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Mullaghstones 195 Lune Athboy Trim
Mullaghteelin 536 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Mullaghwillin 105 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Mullinam 392 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Mullyandrew 100 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Mullystaghan 150 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Mulphedder 704 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Murrens 206 Fore Moylough Oldcastle
Naul 707 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Naulswood 63 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Navan Town Skreen Athlumney Navan
Navan Town Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Navan Town Lower Navan Navan Navan
Neillstown 484 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Neillstown 186 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Neillstown Park 20 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Nevinstown 239 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Newcastle 176 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Newcastle 474 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Newcastle 808 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Newcastle 1,359 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Newgrange 782 Upper Slane Monknewtown Drogheda
Newhaggard 188 Upper Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Newhaggard 622 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Newrath 267 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Newrath 195 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Newrath Big 103 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Newrath Big 153 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Newrath Little 117 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Newstone 721 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Newtown 214 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Newtown 129 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Newtown 344 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Newtown 71 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Newtown 234 Lower Kells Cruicetown Kells
Newtown 335 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Newtown 566 Lower Kells Newtown Kells
Newtown 709 Lower Duleek Knockcommon Navan
Newtown 279 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Newtown 261 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Newtown 119 Upper Navan Newtownclonbun Trim
Newtown (or Ballyfallon) 650 Lune Athboy Trim
Newtown (or Cloneen) 351 Upper Moyfenrath Killyon Trim
Newtown Commons 300 Ratoath Greenoge Dunshaughlin
Newtown Girley 675 Upper Kells Girley Kells
Newtownclonbun 267 Upper Navan Newtownclonbun Trim
Newtownmoyaghy 312 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Newtownmoyaghy 293 Upper Deece Rodanstown Celbridge
Newtownmoynagh 533 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Newtownrathganley 491 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Ninch 686 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Nobber Town Morgallion Nobber Kells
Nobber 501 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Norbrinstown (or Normanstown) 287 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Normansgrove 74 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Normanstown (or Norbrinstown) 287 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Nugentstown 236 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Nuttstown 301 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Oakleypark (or Lawrencetown) 741 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Oakstown 183 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Oberstown 538 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Odder 595 Skreen Tara Navan
Oldbridge 732 Lower Duleek Donore Drogheda
Oldcastle Town Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Oldcastle 1,257 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Oldgraigue 158 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Oldtown 170 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Oldtown 509 Skreen Kilcarn Navan
Oldtown 55 Upper Deece Gallow Trim
Oldtown 267 Upper Deece Rathcore Trim
Oldtully 216 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Ongenstown 203 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Ongenstown 1,267 Lower Navan Ardbraccan Navan
Oranstown 156 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Oristown Town Upper Kells Teltown Kells
Oristown 1,835 Upper Kells Teltown Kells
Oristown 133 Morgallion Clongill Navan
Otterstown 183 Lune Athboy Trim
Owenstown 108 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Pace 225 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Paddingstown 33 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Paddock 160 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Padinstown 291 Upper Deece Balfeaghan Celbridge
Pagestown 439 Upper Deece Kilclone Dunshaughlin
Painestown 160 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Painestown 616 Skreen Macetown Dunshaughlin
Painestown 550 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Painestown 1,487 Lower Duleek Painestown Navan
Park 718 Upper Moyfenrath Ballyboggan Edenderry
Park 71 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Parkboy 15 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Parkstown 346 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Parsonstown 438 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Parsonstown Demesne 643 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Patrickstown 1,055 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Peacockstown 247 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Pelletstown 455 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Pepperstown 104 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Peru 93 Lower Kells Newtown Kells
Peterstown 178 Upper Navan Newtownclonbun Trim
Peterstown 28 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Phepotstown 702 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Philipstown 292 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Phillinstown 256 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Phillistown 92 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Philpotstown 115 Lower Navan Ardsallagh Navan
Philpotstown 323 Skreen Dowdstown Navan
Philpotstown 224 Lower Navan Rataine Navan
Phoenixtown 440 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Piercetown 294 Lower Slane Inishmot Ardee
Piercetown 323 Upper Deece Balfeaghan Celbridge
Piercetown 668 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Piercetown 159 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Piercetown 548 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Pighill 125 Upper Slane Stackallan Navan
Pigotstown 236 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Pilltown 288 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Platin 1,405 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Pluckhimin (or Ballymuck) 156 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Pluckstown 380 Lune Athboy Trim
Polecastle 173 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Polleban 187 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Portan 102 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Portan 345 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Portan 391 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Portanab 345 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Portanclough 85 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Porterstown 49 Upper Deece Moyglare Celbridge
Porterstown 88 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Porterstown 202 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Portlester 609 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Portmanna 119 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Posseckstown 1,261 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Posseckstown 1,046 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Pottlebane 511 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Pottlereagh 311 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Powderlough 400 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Priest Town 456 Dunboyne Kilbride Dunshaughlin
Primatestown 646 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin
Princetown 224 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Prioryland 428 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Proudfootstown 208 Upper Slane Dowth Drogheda
Proudstown 670 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Proudstown 710 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Pubblestown 220 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Quarryland 402 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Quigelagh 324 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Rackenstown 229 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Rafeehan 53 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Raffin 272 Morgallion Drakestown Navan
Rahaghy 102 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Rahard 560 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Raheenacrehy 234 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Rahendrick 499 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Rahill 74 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Rahinstown 569 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Raholland 215 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Rahood 599 Morgallion Castletown Kells
Raloaghan 632 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Randalstown 939 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Raneevoge 217 Upper Kells Kilskeer Oldcastle
Rasillagh 240 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Rataine 718 Lower Navan Rataine Navan
Rath 213 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Rath 174 Ratoath Cookstown Dunshaughlin
Rath 246 Ratoath Greenoge Dunshaughlin
Rath Hill 258 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Rathaldron 243 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Rathbane 360 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Rathbeggan 683 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Rathbrack 187 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Rathbrack 419 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Rathbrack 103 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Rathbran Beg 608 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Rathbran More 694 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Rathbranchurch 831 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Rathcarran 778 Lune Athboy Trim
Rathcarstown 121 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Rathconny 335 Lune Rathmore Trim
Rathcool 129 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Rathcoon 613 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Rathcore 828 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Rathcormick 622 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Rathdrinagh 757 Lower Duleek Knockcommon Navan
Rathe 401 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Rathfeigh 1,330 Skreen Rathfeigh Dunshaughlin
Rathflesk 300 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Rathgillon 578 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Rathinree Lower 332 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Rathinree Upper 363 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Rathkenna 344 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Rathkenny 1,598 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Rathkilmore 277 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Rathlagan 101 Lower Slane Ardagh Kells
Rathlagan 57 Lower Slane Drumcondra Kells
Rathleek 279 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Rathmaiden 257 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Rathmanoo 388 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Rathmea 246 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Rathmolyon Town Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Rathmolyon 198 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Rathmore 915 Lune Rathmore Trim
Rathmullan 776 Lower Duleek Donore Drogheda
Rathnally 394 Upper Navan Kilcooly Trim
Rathoath Manor 16 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Rathregan 655 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Rathreynolds 107 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Rathstephen 234 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Rathtrasna 243 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Rathtroane 709 Lower Moyfenrath Rathcore Trim
Ratoath Town Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ratoath 978 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Raynestown 362 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Raystown 301 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Readsland 123 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Readstown 433 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Realtoge 249 Skreen Brownstown Navan
Reask 191 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Reask 805 Ratoath Kilbrew Dunshaughlin
Reask 91 Lower Kells Emlagh Kells
Redbog 209 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Redmountain 100 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Ribstown 201 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Ricetown 69 Lower Slane Killary Ardee
Ricetown 283 Lower Slane Mitchelstown Ardee
Richardstown 101 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Riggins 121 Ratoath Kilbrew Dunshaughlin
Riggins 126 Skreen Macetown Dunshaughlin
Ringlestown 812 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Riverstown 412 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Riverstown 79 Upper Duleek Piercetown Dunshaughlin
Riverstown 907 Skreen Tara Navan
Roadmain 222 Skreen Cushinstown Dunshaughlin
Roanstown 276 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Robertstown 293 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Robertstown 1,678 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Robinrath 120 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Robinstown 759 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Robinstown 515 Lune Killaconnigan Trim
Rochestown 405 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Rochfortsland (or Mountainpole) 84 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Rockfield 180 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Rodanstown 214 Upper Deece Rodanstown Celbridge
Rodstown 76 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Rodstown 263 Lower Navan Martry Kells
Roestown 398 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Roestown 166 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Rogerstown 518 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Rolagh 174 Morgallion Enniskeen Kells
Roosky 252 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Roristown 259 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Ross 472 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Ross 119 Skreen Tara Navan
Ross 958 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Rossan 638 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Rossmeen 887 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Rossnaree 694 Lower Duleek Knockcommon Navan
Roughgrange 763 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Rowan 180 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Rowlestown 98 Upper Duleek Ardcath Drogheda
Rudder 294 Upper Duleek Duleek Abbey Drogheda
Rushwee 105 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Rushwee 212 Upper Slane Stackallan Navan
Rusk 194 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Saddlestown 163 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Saintjohns 58 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Saintjohnsfort 180 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Salestown 302 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Sallybrook 133 Lower Slane Drumcondra Ardee
Sarney 247 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Sarsfieldstown 425 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Scalestown 186 Skreen Trevet Dunshaughlin
Scallanstown 389 Lower Navan Liscartan Navan
Scatternagh 253 Upper Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Scottstown 380 Upper Slane Rathkenny Navan
Screeboge 245 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Screeboge (or Ashfield) 270 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Scurlockstown 425 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Scurlockstown 667 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Sedenrath 214 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Seller 287 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Seneschalstown 425 Lower Duleek Painestown Navan
Seraghstown 363 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Sevitsland 74 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Seymourstown Black 458 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Shallon 434 Lower Duleek Kilsharvan Drogheda
Shalvanstown 252 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Shanbo 290 Lower Navan Rataine Navan
Shancarnan 749 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Shanco 324 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Shanco 333 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Shancor 248 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Shanlothe 72 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Sheeny 154 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Sheephouse 373 Lower Duleek Donore Drogheda
Sicily 445 Lower Duleek Danestown Navan
Siddan Town Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Siddan 242 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Silloge 624 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Simonstown 516 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Skearke 312 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Skreen Town Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Skreen 1,266 Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Slanduff 264 Skreen Monktown Navan
Slane Town Upper Slane Slane Navan
Slane 745 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Slanecastle Demesne 563 Upper Slane Slane Navan
Slanestown 141 Skreen Rathfeigh Dunshaughlin
Smithstown 518 Lower Duleek Julianstown Drogheda
Smithstown 294 Skreen Killeen Dunshaughlin
Smithstown 440 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Sneeoge 236 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Spiddal 731 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Springhall 154 Fore Moylagh Oldcastle
Springvalley 308 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Springville (or Dandlestown) 462 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Sranabell 432 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
St Johns Rath 157 Lower Kells Staholmog Kells
Stackallan 944 Upper Slane Stackallan Navan
Stadalt 382 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Staffordstown 253 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Staffordstown 616 Skreen Staffordstown Navan
Staffordstown Little 144 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Stagreenan 130 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Staholmog 576 Lower Kells Staholmog Kells
Stalleen 792 Lower Duleek Donore Drogheda
Stameen 361 Lower Duleek Colp Drogheda
Stamullin Town Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Stamullin 392 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Starinagh 1,117 Upper Slane Collon Ardee
Steeplestown 155 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Stephenstown 372 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Stirrupstown 301 Fore Killallon Oldcastle
Stocks 236 Lune Athboy Trim
Stokesquarter 62 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Stokestown 212 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Stokestown 408 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Stonefield 892 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Stonehall 28 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Stonestown 407 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Strany Beg 135 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Strany More 178 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Summerbank (or Drumsawry) 809 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Summerhill Town Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Summerhill 176 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Summerhill Demesne 755 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Summerhill Lower 195 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Summerhill Upper 493 Lower Slane Loughbrackan Ardee
Summerstown 456 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Sutherland 182 Ratoath Crickstown Dunshaughlin
Swainstown 321 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Tanderagee 273 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Tankardrath 134 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Tankardstown 93 Upper Duleek Clonalvy Drogheda
Tankardstown 123 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Tankardstown 568 Lower Navan Donaghpatrick Navan
Tankardstown 691 Upper Slane Gernonstown Navan
Tara Town Skreen Tara Navan
Tatestown 339 Upper Kells Donaghpatrick Navan
Teevurcher 469 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Teltown 626 Upper Kells Teltown Kells
The Little Furze Town Skreen Athlumney Navan
Thomastown 226 Lower Duleek Duleek Drogheda
Thomastown 187 Ratoath Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin
Thomastown 417 Lower Kells Kilbeg Kells
Thomastown 593 Fore Loughcrew Oldcastle
Thurstianstown 882 Lower Duleek Painestown Navan
Ticroghan 1,409 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Timlins 36 Upper Deece Moyglare Dunshaughlin
Timoole 535 Skreen Timoole Dunshaughlin
Tinrawinnea 160 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Tirachorka 189 Lower Kells Moybolgue Kells
Tobertynan 747 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Toberultan 147 Upper Kells Burry Kells
Toor 468 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Toornafolla 123 Upper Moyfenrath Castlejordan Edenderry
Towas 357 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Towlaght 723 Upper Moyfenrath Clonard Edenderry
Town Parks 1,198 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Town Parks 267 Lune Athboy Trim
Townparks 324 Lower Navan Navan Navan
Townparks North 64 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Townparks South 35 Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Tremblestown 427 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Trevet 731 Skreen Trevet Dunshaughlin
Trevet Grange 537 Ratoath Trevet Dunshaughlin
Trim Town Lower Moyfenrath Trim Trim
Trim Town Upper Navan Trim Trim
Trohanny 493 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Tromman 632 Lower Moyfenrath Rathmolyon Trim
Trubley 471 Lower Deece Trubley Trim
Tubbrid 662 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Tubride 346 Fore Oldcastle Oldcastle
Tuiterath 202 Lower Duleek Kentstown Navan
Tullaghanoge 1,183 Upper Navan Tullaghanoge Trim
Tullaghanstown 726 Upper Navan Clonmacduff Trim
Tullaghmedan 477 Lower Deece Derrypatrick Dunshaughlin
Tullog 508 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Tully 102 Fore Killeagh Oldcastle
Tullyard 161 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Tullyarran 89 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Tullyattin 219 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Tullykane 141 Lower Deece Kilmessan Dunshaughlin
Tullypole 232 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Tullyweel 175 Lower Kells Kilmainham Kells
Turkstown 143 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Twentypark 174 Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ughtyneill 172 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Umberstown Great 437 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Umberstown Little 155 Lower Moyfenrath Laracor Trim
Veldonstown 339 Lower Duleek Kentstown Navan
Vesingstown 415 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Vessingstown 230 Upper Navan Tullaghanoge Trim
Volvenstown 88 Upper Kells Balrathboyne Kells
Walterstown 144 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Walterstown 417 Lower Kells Moynalty Kells
Walterstown 356 Skreen Monkstown Navan
Walterstown 284 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Wardstown 631 Lune Athboy Trim
Warrenstown 270 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Warrenstown 417 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Warrenstown 701 Lower Deece Knockmark Dunshaughlin
Warrenstown 127 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Waterside Great 218 Skreen Rathfeigh Dunshaughlin
Waterside Little 130 Skreen Rathfeigh Dunshaughlin
Waynestown 263 Ratoath Ballymaglassan Dunshaughlin
Weatherstown 70 Upper Deece Kilmore Dunshaughlin
Weymourstown White 246 Upper Kells Kilskeer Kells
Whistlemount 72 Lower Navan Liscartan Navan
Whitecommons 100 Upper Kells Kells Kells
Whitecross 54 Upper Duleek Ballygarth Drogheda
Whitecross Glebe 8 Upper Duleek Moorechurch Drogheda
Whitehall 42 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Whiteleas 153 Upper Duleek Stamullin Drogheda
Whitesland 40 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Whitewood 500 Morgallion Nobber Kells
Wilkinstown Town Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Wilkinstown 175 Ratoath Rathbeggan Dunshaughlin
Wilkinstown 900 Morgallion Kilberry Navan
Williamstown 277 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Williamstown 106 Morgallion Drakestown Navan
Williamstown 194 Fore Diamor Oldcastle
Williamstown (or Bawn) 265 Lower Navan Ardsallagh Navan
Wilmount 51 Upper Kells Dulane Kells
Windtown 258 Lower Navan Donaghmore Navan
Windtown 211 Lower Deece Galtrim Trim
Woodcockstown 260 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Woodland 211 Ratoath Rathregan Dunshaughlin
Woodpark 211 Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Woodpole 343 Upper Kells Castlekeeran Kells
Woodpole 343 Upper Kells Loughan or Castlekeeran Kells
Woodside 34 Upper Navan Trim Trim
Woodtown 947 Upper Deece Culmullin Dunshaughlin
Woodtown 124 Lune Athboy Trim
Woodtown 19 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Woodtown (Abbott) 392 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Woodtown Lower 201 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Woodtown Upper 349 Lower Slane Siddan Ardee
Woodtown West 260 Lune Kildalkey Trim
Wotton 317 Ratoath Donaghmore Dunshaughlin
Wrightstown (or Ardbrackan) 258 Lower Deece Scurlockstown Trim
Yellow Furze Town Lower Duleek Painestown Navan
Yellow Island 16 Lower Duleek Donore Drogheda
Yellow Walls 152 Upper Navan Moymet Trim
Yellowleas 131 Morgallion Castletown Navan
Yellowshar 56 Skreen Kilmoon Dunshaughlin


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