List of townlands of County Roscommon

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This is a sortable table of the approximately 2,060 townlands in County Roscommon, Ireland.[1][2]

Duplicate names occur where there is more than one townland with the same name in the county. Names marked in bold typeface are towns and villages, and the word Town appears for those entries in the Acres column.

Townland list[edit]

Townland Acres Barony Civil parish Poor law union
Abbeycartron 32 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Acres 125 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Acres 133 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Adragool 231 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Aghabehy 537 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Aghacarra 587 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Aghaclogher 200 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Aghacurreen 761 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Aghadangan 145 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Aghaderry 397 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Aghadrestan 563 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Aghafin 561 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Aghagad 420 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Aghagad Beg & Creemully 940 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Aghagower 731 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Aghagowla 311 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Aghalahard 150 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Aghalour 680 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Aghalustia 1,180 Frenchpark Castlemore Castlereagh
Aghamannan 116 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Aghamore 200 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Aghamore 59 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Aghamuck 189 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Aghawaracahill 35 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Aghawerriny 166 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Aghloonagh 59 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Aghmagree 521 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Aghnagrange 100 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Aghnasurn 70 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Aghoo 219 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Aghrafinigan 282 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Alderford 251 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Altagowlan 583 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Altoghil 64 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Altore 286 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
America 291 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Annacloghan 36 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Annagh 241 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Annagh 103 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Annagh 541 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Annagh (or Drumanilra) 166 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Annaghbeg 249 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Annaghbeg 271 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Annaghmaghera 477 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Annaghmagurthan 38 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Annaghmona 34 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Annaghmore 151 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Annaghmore 388 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Anrittabeg 320 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Araghty 577 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Ardagawna 242 Athlone Drum Athlone
Ardagh 345 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Ardakillin 554 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Ardanaffrin 82 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Ardass 134 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Ardcarn 264 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Ardcarn 631 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Ardchamoyle 49 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Ardcolagh 229 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Ardcollum 65 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Ardcolman 171 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Ardconra 190 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Ardcoran 54 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ardcorcoran 54 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ardeash 156 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Ardeevin 515 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Ardgallagher 165 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Ardglass 254 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Ardkeel 421 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ardkeenagh 206 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Ardkeenagh 202 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Ardkeenagh Plunkett 245 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Ardkeenan 950 Athlone Drum Athlone
Ardlagheen Beg 209 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Ardlagheen More (or Highlake) 528 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Ardlavagh 165 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Ardleckna 192 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Ardlougher 127 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Ardmacroan 67 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Ardmore 262 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ardmore 383 Boyle Killukin Boyle
Ardmore 110 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Ardmore 702 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Ardmoyle 188 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Ardmullan 628 Athlone Cam Athlone
Ardnaglug 1,048 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Ardnagowna 183 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Ardnamullagh 81 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Ardnanagh 221 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ardnanure 82 Athlone Drum Athlone
Ardsallagh 192 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ardsallagh Beg 206 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ardsallagh More 270 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Arignagh 45 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Arm 823 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Arraghan 344 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Ash Islands 1 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Ashbrook (or Knocknabarnaboy) 246 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Ashford 414 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Ashpark 241 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Assaun 127 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Athleague Town Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Athleague 325 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Athlone Town Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Athlone & Bigmeadow 111 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Athroe 111 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Atteagh 211 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Attiaghygrana 178 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Attiballa 35 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Atticorra 399 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Attiknockan 249 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Attirory 546 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Attishane 233 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Aughrim 347 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Ballagh 1,210 Athlone Rahara Athlone
Ballagh 169 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Ballagh 183 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Ballaghabawbeg 427 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Ballaghabawmore 224 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Ballaghcullia 361 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Ballina 223 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Ballinaboy 96 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballinafad 272 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Ballinagard 404 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballinasloe Town Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Ballincool 118 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Ballincurry 192 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Ballindall 242 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballinderry 1,411 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Ballindollaghan (Crump) 428 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Ballindollaghan (Knox) 298 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Ballindrehid 51 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Ballindrumlea 774 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Ballinlig 381 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Ballinlig 165 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Ballinlough Town Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Ballinlough 189 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Ballinoughquarter 107 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Ballinphuill 122 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ballinphuill 60 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Ballinphuill 481 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Ballinross 381 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Ballintemple 110 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Ballintober 58 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Ballinturly 408 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Ballinturly 367 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Ballinvilla 406 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Ballinvoher 177 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Ballinvoher 192 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Ballinwully 164 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Balloony 132 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Bally Beg 53 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Bally More 192 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Ballyardan 103 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Ballybane (Reynolds) 145 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Ballybane Lower 151 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Ballybane Upper 92 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Ballybaun 97 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ballybeg 257 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Ballyboughan 261 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballybride 486 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballybrogan 591 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Ballybroghan 134 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Ballyclare 283 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Ballyclare Island 2 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Ballyconboy 879 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Ballycreggan 344 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Ballyculleen 175 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Ballycummin 124 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Ballydaly 268 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Ballydangan 53 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Ballydooley 415 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Ballyduffy 223 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Ballyfarnan Town Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Ballyfeeny 117 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Ballyfeeny 654 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Ballyfinegan 438 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Ballyforan 477 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Ballyformoyle 727 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Ballygalda (or Trust) 596 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballygate 38 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Ballygatta and Corraree 525 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Ballyglass 270 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Ballyglass 2,000 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Ballyglass 294 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Ballyglass 77 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Ballyglass 300 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Ballyglass 495 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Ballyglass (Dodwell) 298 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Ballyglass East 403 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Ballyglass Lower 177 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Ballyglass Upper 545 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Ballyglass West 283 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Ballygortagh 113 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Ballyhammon 127 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Ballyhollaghan 67 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Ballyhubert 327 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Ballyhugh 31 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Ballykeevican 35 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Ballykilcline 610 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Ballyleague 374 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Ballylion 342 Athlone Cam Athlone
Ballylugnagon 269 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ballymacfarrane 481 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Ballymacurly North 193 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Ballymacurly South 697 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Ballymaglancy 195 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Ballymagrine 222 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Ballymartin 257 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Ballymartin Beg 113 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballymartin More 249 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballymintan 104 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Ballymore East (or Corbally) 395 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ballymore West 427 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ballymoylin 265 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Ballymullavil 202 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Ballymulrennan 102 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Ballymurray 322 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Ballymurray 291 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Ballynacullia 124 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballynaheglish 89 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Ballynahoogh (or Cavetown) 319 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Ballynahowna 286 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Ballynanultagh 196 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Ballypheasan 199 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ballyrevagh and Porteen 305 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Ballyrevagh West and Porteen 363 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Ballyroddy 634 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Ballysundrivan 357 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Ballytoohey 878 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Ballytrasna 251 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Banada 580 Frenchpark Kilcolman Castlereagh
Barcullin 111 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Barnaboy 191 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Barnacawley 836 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Barnacullen 397 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Barnhill 180 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Barravally 112 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Barrinagh 268 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Barrinagh 116 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Barry Beg 768 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Barry More 1,140 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Baslick 129 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Battlebridge Town Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Beagh 413 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Beagh (Brabazon) 446 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Beagh (Naghten) 33 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Beagh (Trench) 121 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Beaghbeg 101 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Bealragh 398 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Behy 196 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Behy 210 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Belderg 21 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Bella 280 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Bellacagher 485 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Bellagill 197 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Bellanacarrow 120 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Bellanagare Town Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Bellanagare 316 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Bellanamullia 421 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Bellanamullia 104 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Bellaneeny 140 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Bellaugh Town Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Bellaugh 354 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Bellmount (or Cloggernagh) 50 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Bellspark 21 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Belrea 277 Athlone Drum Athlone
Benmore 217 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Betal 159 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Bigmeadow and Athlone 111 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Binmuck 222 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Blackfallow 87 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Bloomfield 113 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Bodorragha 142 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Bodorragha 203 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Bogganfin Town Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Bogganfin 291 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Bogganfin 105 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Bogganfin 163 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Bogwood (or Carrowntogher) 200 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Bohagh 533 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Bohergarve 152 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Boherroe 35 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Bolarry 68 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Boleyduff 119 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Bolinree 122 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Boyanagh 161 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Boyanagh 96 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Boyle Town Boyle Boyle Boyle
Brackloon 542 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Brackloon 32 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Brackloon 336 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Brackloon 553 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Brackloon 447 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Breanabeg 313 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Breanamore 580 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Breandrum 161 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Breanletter 606 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Bredagh 380 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Bredagh 291 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Breeole 290 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Breeole West 73 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Brideswell 263 Athlone Cam Athlone
Bridgecartron (or Derrycashel) 362 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Brierfield 288 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Brislagh 490 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Bryan Beg 42 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Bryan More 84 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Buckill 827 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Bullock Island 11 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Bumlin 257 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Bunnageddy 176 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Bunnamucka 221 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Bunnaribba 121 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Bunreagh 263 Boyle Killummod Boyle
Bushfield 388 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Caddellbrook 216 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Caher 350 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Caher 188 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Caldragh 212 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Caldragh 198 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Caldrymoran 131 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Callow (or Runnawillin) 632 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Callowbeg 282 Athlone Drum Athlone
Caltragh 54 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Caltragh 132 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Caltraghbeg 74 Athlone Cam Athlone
Cam 1,009 Athlone Cam Athlone
Camcloon 194 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Camlagh 620 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Camlin 274 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Cammoge 535 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Cams 818 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Canal and Banks 28 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Canbo 315 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Candlefield 140 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cappagh 47 Frenchpark Castlemore Castlereagh
Cappagh 153 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Cappagh 65 Roscommon Kilbride Strokestown
Cappaleitrim 524 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cappalisheen 226 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Cappantogher 268 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cappayuse 324 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Caran 100 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Caran 312 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Caran 334 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Caran Bog 39 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Caranlea 92 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Cargin Demesne 394 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Carkfree 191 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Carnagh East 864 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carnagh West 459 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carnakit 410 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Carns 391 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Carradooan 106 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Carraghs East 454 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Carraghs West 321 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Carrick 610 Athlone Cam Athlone
Carrick 219 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Carrick 424 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Carrick on Shannon(Part) Town Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Carrickadraan 113 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Carrickbeg 173 Athlone Cam Athlone
Carrickbeg 85 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Carrickilla 85 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Carricklom 82 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Carrickmore 431 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Carricknagat 134 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Carricknashee 33 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Carrickynaghtan 293 Athlone Drum Athlone
Carrickynaghtan and Garrynagawna Bog 973 Athlone Drum Athlone
Carrigan Beg 131 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carrigan More 461 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carrigans Park 248 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Carrigeen 193 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Carrigeen 184 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Carrigeen 74 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Carrigeen 430 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Carrigeenacreeha 207 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Carrigeenagappul 79 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Carrigeenagappul 325 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Carrigeenagowna 196 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Carrigeencarragh 264 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Carrigeenduff 81 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Carrigeens 174 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Carrigeenynaghtan 382 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Carroward 101 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Carroward 209 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Carroward 90 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Carroward 292 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Carroward 221 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Carrowbane 95 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Carrowbaun 130 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Carrowbaun 239 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Carrowbaun 128 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Carrowbaun 376 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Carrowbaun 140 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowbeg 82 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Carrowbehy 838 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Carrowboy 93 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowclogher 251 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Carrowcrin 29 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Carrowcrin 274 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowcuill 184 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Carrowduff & Garbally 924 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Carrowduff Lower 333 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Carrowduff Upper 192 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Carroweighter 216 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Carrowgarve 156 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Carrowgarve 536 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Carrowgarve 200 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Carrowgarve 474 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Carrowgobbadagh 94 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Carrowkeel 242 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Carrowkeel 135 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Carrowkeel 23 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Carrowkeel 138 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Carrowkeel 154 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Carrowkeel 173 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Carrowkeel 285 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Carrowkeel 38 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowkeel 156 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Carrowkeel 122 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Carrowkeel 78 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Carrowkeel Upper 125 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Carrowkeeny 348 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Carrowkeeran 303 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Carrowmoneen 135 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Carrowmoneen 185 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Carrowmoney 421 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Carrowmore 195 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Carrowmore 212 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Carrowmore 179 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Carrowmore 25 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Carrowmore 456 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Carrowmore 127 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Carrowmore 166 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Carrowmore 583 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Carrowmurragh 791 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Carrownabrickna 605 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Carrownadurly 274 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Carrownagappul 217 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Carrownagashel 178 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Carrownageelaun 185 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Carrownageeloge 185 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Carrownageeragh 295 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Carrownaglearagh 516 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Carrownagullagh 170 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Carrownaknockaun 266 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Carrownalassan 1,241 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Carrownamaddy 427 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carrownamaddy 421 Roscommon Creeve Strokestown
Carrownamorheeny 139 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Carrownanalt 216 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Carrownaskeagh 190 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Carrownaskeagh 182 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Carrowncaran 96 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Carrowncloghan 207 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Carrowncully 184 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Carrowndangan 323 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Carrownderry 554 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Carrowndrisha 458 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Carrowngarry 77 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Carrownolan 277 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Carrownrinny 70 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Carrownrinny 70 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Carrownskeheen 207 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Carrowntarriff 454 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Carrowntemple 128 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Carrowntlieve 405 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Carrowntogher 113 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Carrowntogher (or Bogwood) 200 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Carrowntoosan 111 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Carrowntornan 144 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Carrowntryla 132 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Carrownure 53 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Carrownure 129 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Carrownure Lower 180 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carrownure Upper 162 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carrownurlar 102 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Carrownurlar 86 Athlone Taghboy Roscommon
Carrownurlar 356 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Carrownvally 137 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Carrowphadeen 544 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Carrowreagh 682 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Carrowreagh 655 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Carrowreagh 385 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Carrowreagh 235 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Carrowreagh 675 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Carrowreagh 385 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Carrowreagh 237 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Carrowreagh 464 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Carrowreagh (or Keelcurragh) 53 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Carrowroe 496 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Carrowstellan 149 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Cartron 190 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Cartron 163 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Cartron 109 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cartron 117 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Cartron 277 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Cartron 58 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Cartron 70 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Cartron 78 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cartron 61 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Cartron 46 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Cartron 201 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cartron 286 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Cartron 65 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Cartron (Brett) 70 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Cartron (Coote) 119 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Cartron (Hartland) 228 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cartron (King) 113 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cartron (or Old Glebe) 54 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Cartron Beg 117 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cartron More 392 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cartronaglogh 143 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cartronagor 146 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Cartronavally 197 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cartroncaran 26 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Cartroncarrowntogher 152 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Cartronkilly 194 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Cartronperagh 32 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Cashel 196 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cashel 86 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Cashel 136 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cashelfinoge (or Lugnamuddagh) 211 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Cashelmeehan 794 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cashelnagole 150 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Casheltauna 335 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cashlieve 281 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Castlecoote 524 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Castleland 265 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Castlenode 220 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Castleplunket Town Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Castleplunket 393 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Castlequarter 262 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Castlerange 802 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Castlereagh Town Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Castlereagh 148 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Castleruby 271 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Castlesampson 1,560 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Castleteheen 575 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Castletension Demense 600 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Castletown 70 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Caul 579 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Cavetown (or Ballynahoogh) 319 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Chanterland (or Windmillpark) 103 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Charlestown 167 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cherryfield (or Drishaghan) 174 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Church Hill 114 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Church Island 4 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Churchacres 70 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Churchquarter 99 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clarary 181 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Clare 197 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Clashaganny 59 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Clashcarragh 97 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cleaboy 257 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Cleaghbeg 37 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Cleaghgarve 57 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Cleaheen 681 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Cleen 426 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cleenraugh 207 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Clegna 326 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Clerragh 306 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Clerragh 259 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloggaltonroe 119 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Cloggarnagh 407 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloggernagh (or Bellmount) 50 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Cloghan 376 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Cloghans Glebe 89 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Clogher 275 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Clogher 182 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Clogher 135 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Clogher Beg 205 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Clogher Lower 244 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clogher More 320 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Clogher Upper 452 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloghnashade 249 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cloomeigh 230 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Cloonacaltry 402 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Cloonacarrow 230 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Cloonacarrow 109 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Cloonacolly 700 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonadarragh East 104 Ballymoe Drumatemple Glennamaddy
Cloonaddra 613 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloonaddron 732 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Cloonaff 345 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonageeragh 560 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Cloonagh 360 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Cloonagh 488 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonaghbaun 62 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cloonaghbrack 80 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Cloonagrassan 351 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Cloonahee 317 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Cloonakille 274 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Cloonakilleg 609 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cloonakilly 135 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonakilly Beg 135 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonakilly More 206 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonalis 214 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonalough 741 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonamuinia 201 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Cloonanart Beg 93 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Cloonanart More 122 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Cloonard 355 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonargid 563 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonark 871 Athlone Drum Athlone
Cloonarragh 496 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonarragh 508 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonastiallas 245 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonaufill 221 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Cloonaufill Island 2 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Cloonavery 143 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cloonavindin 232 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonbard 659 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Cloonbeggaun 916 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cloonbigny 368 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Cloonboley 440 Athlone Drum Athlone
Cloonbonniff 234 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonbony 472 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonboyoge 79 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Cloonbrackna 94 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Cloonbunny 631 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonburren 897 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cloonca 462 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Clooncah 109 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Clooncah 270 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Clooncah 566 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Clooncah 338 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Clooncalgy 86 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clooncalgy Beg 123 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clooncalgy More 419 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clooncan 1,203 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Clooncashel Beg 346 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Clooncashel More 276 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Cloonchambers 733 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Clooncommon Beg 116 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Clooncommon More 330 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cloonconny 92 Roscommon Kilbride Strokestown
Cloonconra 743 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonconra 221 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Clooncoose 171 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Clooncoose 86 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Clooncoose North 771 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Clooncoose South 118 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Clooncor 174 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Clooncoran 540 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Clooncosker 165 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Clooncraff 797 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Clooncraffield 291 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Clooncraft 327 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Clooncran 115 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Clooncrim 825 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clooncruffer 140 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Clooncullaan 644 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Clooncullaan 162 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Clooncunny 394 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Cloondacarra 283 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloondacarra Beg 254 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloondarah 280 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cloondart 194 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonearagh 339 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Clooneen 56 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Clooneen 217 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Clooneen 719 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Clooneen 44 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Clooneen (Blakeny) 261 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Clooneen (Hartland) 458 Roscommon Kilglass Strokestown
Clooneenbaun 1,577 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Clooneenbeg Town Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Clooneigh 85 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Clooneigh 538 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Clooneigh 230 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Clooneish 510 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cloonelly 82 Roscommon Kilbride Strokestown
Cloonelt 480 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonerk 180 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cloonerkaun 408 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonerkhaun 408 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonerra 129 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Clooneskert 188 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonfad 681 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cloonfad 315 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Cloonfad 388 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonfad 637 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonfad 550 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Cloonfad East 1,090 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonfad More 370 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Cloonfad West 354 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonfadbeg 161 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Cloonfelliv 471 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonfineen 309 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonfinglas 809 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonfinlough 401 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Cloonfower 1,215 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonfower 255 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Cloonfree 796 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Cloongarvan 99 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Cloonglasny Beg 335 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Cloonglasny More 163 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Cloongowna 665 Athlone Drum Athlone
Cloongownagh 235 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Cloongreaghan 326 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Clooniff 715 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cloonillan 465 Athlone Drum Athlone
Clooninisclin 550 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clooniniselin 550 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonkeehan East 156 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonkeehan West 164 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonkeen 364 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Cloonkeen 132 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Cloonkeen 1,181 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonkerin 528 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Cloonlarge 330 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonlatieve 228 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonlaughnam 829 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cloonlee 422 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonlish (or Robinhood) 257 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonmaan 93 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Cloonmacmullan 166 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Cloonmagunnaun 587 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Cloonmahaan 179 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Cloonmaul 453 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonmeane 125 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cloonmore 349 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonmore 1,384 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Cloonmullenan 93 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Cloonmullin 398 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonmurly 327 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonmurray 273 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonmustra 168 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloonoghil 455 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Cloonown 2,469 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Cloonrabrackan 203 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Cloonradoon 461 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Cloonrane 278 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Cloonree 394 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonreliagh 226 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cloonrollagh 223 Athlone Drum Athlone
Cloonroughan 388 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonroughan 426 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Cloonsellan 416 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloonshaghan 338 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Cloonshannagh 64 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cloonshannagh 607 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Cloonshannagh 309 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Cloonshannagh 665 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Cloonshanville 929 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonshask 324 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cloonshee 233 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Cloonshee (Connor) 122 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Cloonshee (Hartland) 139 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Cloonsheever 875 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloonsillagh 230 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cloonskeeveen 133 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Cloonslanor 392 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Cloonsreane 212 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonsuck 343 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloontarsna 258 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloonteem 260 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cloontimullan 224 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloontogher 254 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cloontowart 539 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cloontrask 409 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cloontuskert Town Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloontuskert 820 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cloonulty 439 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cloonybeirne 539 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Cloonybeirne 370 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonybrennan 267 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Cloonybrien 83 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cloonycarran Beg 13 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Cloonycarran More 264 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Cloonycattan 170 Roscommon Clooncraff Carrick on Shannon
Cloonycolgan 188 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Cloonyeffer 166 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Cloonykelly 231 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Cloonykerry 309 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Cloonylyon 202 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Cloonyogan 139 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Cloonyourish 264 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Cloonyquin 258 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Cloonyquin 528 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Clydagh Lower 165 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Clydagh Upper 201 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Coarse Island 1 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Coffalstack 100 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Coggalbeg 276 Ballintober South Kilbride Strokestown
Coggalfortyacres 165 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Coggalkeenagh 94 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Coggalmore 86 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Coggalstack 100 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Coggaltonroe 119 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Commeen 79 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Commeen 176 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Commons 1 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Commons 80 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cooladye 177 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Coolagarry 607 Athlone Cam Athlone
Coolagarry 157 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Coolaphubble 133 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Coolatinny 216 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Coolatober 697 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Coolcam 243 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Coolderry 220 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Coolderry 139 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Coolderry 424 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cooldorragh 119 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Coolfree 472 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Coollusty 356 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Coolmeen 247 Roscommon Clooncraff Roscommon
Coolmeen 145 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Coolnageer 578 Athlone Cam Athlone
Coolnagranshy 70 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Coolougher 258 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Coolshaghtena 672 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Cooltacker 84 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Coolteige 118 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cooltona 116 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Coolumber 396 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cooly 456 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Coosaun 133 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cootehall 225 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Copse 226 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Corbally 121 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Corbally (or Ballymore East) 395 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Corbally and Slieve 1,181 Ballymoe Ballynakill Roscommon
Corbally East 158 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Corbally Middle 172 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Corbally West 223 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Corbaun 151 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Corbo 370 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Corboghil 139 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Corboley 366 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Corderry 212 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Corderryhugh 193 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Cordrehid 183 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Cordrumman 325 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Cordrumman 89 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Corgarrow 241 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Corgarve 279 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Corgarve 131 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Corglass 287 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Corgorman 160 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Corgowan 172 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Corgullion 227 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Corhawny 157 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Corkeenagh 71 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Corker 141 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Corkip 132 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Corlis 151 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Corlis 537 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Cornabanny 232 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Cornacarta 332 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Cornafulla 801 Athlone Drum Athlone
Cornagee 172 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cornageeha 311 Athlone Cam Athlone
Cornaglia 490 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Cornagrea 204 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cornalee 617 Athlone Cam Athlone
Cornalee 14 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Cornamaddy 150 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Cornamart 180 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Cornameelta 725 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Cornamucklagh 65 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cornamucklagh (or Falmore) 478 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Cornapallis 116 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cornaseer 371 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Cornashinnagh 238 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Cornasleehan 157 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cornaveagh 399 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Cornaveagh 371 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Corra More (or Gorteencloogh) 682 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Corrabaun 312 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Corrabeg 80 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Corraclogh 190 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Corracoggil North 523 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Corracoggil South 354 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Corracreigh 396 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Corradrehid 407 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Corradrehid 139 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Corragarve 136 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Corralara 198 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Corralea 373 Athlone Cam Athlone
Corramagrine 203 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Corramore 1,157 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Corrantotan 171 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Corraree (or Ballygatta) 525 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Corraslira 365 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Corrasluastia 520 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Corrastoona Beg 201 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Corrastoona More 327 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Corratrench 88 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Corraun 426 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Corrcommeen 366 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Correagh 55 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Correal 330 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Correal 342 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Correen 308 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Correenbeg 399 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Corroy 244 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Corroy 201 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Corry 804 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Corry 101 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Corry 319 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Corry East 164 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Corry West 167 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Corskeagh 314 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Corskeagh 169 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Cortober 183 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Cortrasna 85 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cranberry Island 386 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Crancam 100 Athlone Drum Athlone
Crannagh 327 Athlone Drum Athlone
Crannagh Beg 204 Athlone Drum Athlone
Crannagh More 403 Athlone Drum Athlone
Creagh 191 Athlone Drum Athlone
Creagh 273 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Creaghnakirka 72 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Creeharmore 355 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Creemully & Aghagad Beg 940 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Creen (or Tonroe) 306 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Creeve 192 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Creeve 324 Roscommon Creeve Strokestown
Creeve 143 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Creevelea 138 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Creevolan 173 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Creevy 644 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Creevyquin 229 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Cregga 480 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Creggameen 571 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Creggan 892 Athlone Drum Athlone
Creggan 390 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Creggan 115 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Cregganabeaka 242 Athlone Drum Athlone
Creggancor 635 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Cregganycarna 312 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Creggaslin 120 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Creglahan 447 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Creta 112 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Croghan 387 Boyle Killukin Boyle
Cronin 202 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Crooderry 113 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Crosshill 261 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Crossna 203 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Crowsgap 84 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Cruit 49 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Crunkill 105 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Cuilbalkeen 218 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cuilbeg 332 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Cuilfadda and Derrinshin 530 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Cuilglass 42 Athlone Drum Athlone
Cuilkeel 106 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cuillard 144 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cuillawinnia 282 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Cuilleen 49 Athlone Drum Athlone
Cuilleen 1,115 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Cuilleenirwan 400 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Cuilleenoolagh 526 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Cuilmore 516 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Cuilmore 26 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cuilmore 243 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Cuilmore 165 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Cuilnakeava 126 Athlone Taghboy Roscommon
Cuilrevagh 418 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Cuiltaboolie 144 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Cuiltyboe 227 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Cuiltyconeen 137 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Cuiltyconway 163 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Cuiltygower 170 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Cuiltyshinnoge 234 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Culkeen 354 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Culleenaghamore 662 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Culleenanory 167 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Culleenatreen (or Flagford) 185 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Culleenrevagh 212 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Culliagh Lower 238 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Culliagh Upper 180 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Culliagharny 579 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Culliaghbeg 525 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Culliaghmore 1,651 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Culliaghy 45 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Curragh 109 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Curraghadoon 256 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Curraghagower 358 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Curraghalaher 97 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Curraghaleen 439 Athlone Drum Athlone
Curraghard 319 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Curraghboy Town Athlone Cam Athlone
Curraghboy 743 Athlone Cam Athlone
Curraghduffy 80 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Curraghnaboley 71 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Curraghnaboll 410 Athlone Drum Athlone
Curraghnaveen 123 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Curraghroe 146 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Curraghsallagh 1,099 Frenchpark Tibohine Swineford
Curreentorpan 347 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Curry 861 Athlone Cam Athlone
Curry 956 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Curry 136 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Curry 102 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Curry 219 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Curryroe 195 Athlone Drum Athlone
Dacklin 191 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Danesfort 385 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Dangan (King) 170 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Dangan (Nugent) 308 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Davis's Island 38 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Deanery 92 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Deerpark 794 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Deerpark 69 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Deerpark 31 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Deerpark 103 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Demesne 1,499 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Demesne 103 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Demesne 436 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Demesne 557 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Dergraw 285 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Derinshin and Cuilfadda (or Cuilfada) 530 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Derrane 818 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Derraun 157 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Derreen 149 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Derreen 250 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Derreen 129 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Derreen 196 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Derreen Island 1 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Derreenacoosan 110 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenadouglas 406 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenagan 146 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Derreenagarry 127 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenahinch 84 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenamackaun 244 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Derreenanannagh 197 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Derreenanarry 127 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenargan 451 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenasalt 93 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenaseer 190 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenasoo 325 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Derreenatawy 83 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenavicara 149 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Derreenavoggy 389 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Derreendooey 163 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreendorragh 109 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Derreenine 368 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derreenteige 244 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Derreentunny 100 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Derrinea 282 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Derrineel 543 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Derrineel 214 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Derrinisky 146 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Derrinlurg 218 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Derrinturk 125 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Derry 170 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Derrycahill 501 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Derrycanan 436 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Derrycarbry 271 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Derrycashel 256 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derrycashel 849 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Derrycashel (or Bridgecartron) 362 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derrycoagh 114 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Derryconny 64 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Derrydonnell 207 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Derryfeacle 134 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Derrygirraun 392 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Derryglad 228 Athlone Cam Athlone
Derryhanee 348 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Derryharraun East 130 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Derryharraun West 259 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Derryherk 365 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derrylahan 897 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Derrylahan 256 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Derrylahan 250 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Derrylow 424 Boyle Killukin Boyle
Derrymacstur 143 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Derrymaquirk 281 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Derrymoylin 476 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Derrynadooey 147 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Derrynagallion 46 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Derrynasee 296 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Derrynaskineen 46 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Derryonogh 157 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Derryphatten 151 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Derryquirk 227 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Derryvung 309 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Derryvunny 184 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Derrywanna 95 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Devenish Island 20 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Dockery's Island 1 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Dogs Island 1 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Dolanstown Kilcashel 199 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Dooan 66 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Doogary 306 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Doogarymore 260 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Dooghan 557 Athlone Drum Athlone
Dooherty 310 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Doon 761 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Doon 242 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Doonahaha 45 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Doonard Beg 140 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Doonard More 275 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Dooneen 861 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Dooneen 393 Roscommon Clooncraff Carrick on Shannon
Dooneen 79 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Dooslattagh 485 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Doovoge 182 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Dorrary 192 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Doughil 666 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Doughloon 60 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Dower 106 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Drimnagh 230 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Drinagh 1,323 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Drinaun 470 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Driney 520 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Drishaghan (or Cherryfield) 174 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Drishaghaun 375 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Drishaghaun East 176 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Drishaghaun West 166 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Drishoge 79 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Dromore 126 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Dromore 176 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Drum 20 Athlone Drum Athlone
Drum (or Warren) 581 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Drumagissaun 197 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Drumalagagh 832 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Drumaloughr 424 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Drumamoodan 135 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Drumanilra (or Annag) 166 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Drumanilra (or Mounteagle) 312 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Drumanone 155 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Drumastemple 264 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Drumatybonniff 110 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Drumboylan 207 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Drumbrick 185 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Drumbrisny 175 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Drumcleavry 140 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Drumcormick 117 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Drumdaff 73 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Drumdaff 276 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Drumdoe 449 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Drumercool 163 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Drumerr 187 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Drumharlow 144 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Druminagh 172 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Drumlahard 236 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Drumlion 241 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Drumlish 347 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Drumlosh 1,493 Athlone Drum Athlone
Drummad 548 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Drumman 117 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Drumman Beg 204 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Drumman More 548 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Drummans Island 37 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Drummin 265 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Drummod 239 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Drummullin 94 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Drumshannagh 153 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Drumsillagh 140 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Drumsillagh 278 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Dundermot 224 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Dundonnell 393 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Dungar 36 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Dunmurraghoe 75 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Eden 422 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Edenan 42 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Edenan and Kinclare 624 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Elphin Town Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Elphin 787 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Emlagh 261 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Emlagh 134 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Emlagh 458 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Emlagh 231 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Emlagh 182 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Emlagh Beg 231 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Emlagh More 664 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Emlaghglasny 363 Ballymoe Ballynakill Castlereagh
Emlaghkeadew 548 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Emlaghnagree 267 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Emlaghyroyin 417 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Emmoo 247 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Enagh 277 Boyle Killukin Boyle
Enfield 413 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Erenagh 154 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Erra 854 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Erriblagh 177 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Errick Beg 47 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Errick More 129 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Errironagh 367 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Erris 323 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Errit 1,203 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Esker 260 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Esker Beg 176 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Eskerbaun 490 Athlone Cam Athlone
Estersnow 216 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Evikeens 198 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Fairymount 676 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Falledeen 104 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Falmore & Cornamucklagh 478 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Falsk 198 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Faltia 432 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Farbreagues 222 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Farnbeg 189 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Farnmore 173 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Farranagalliagh 98 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Farranagalliagh East 49 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Farranagalliagh West 42 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Farranawillin 100 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Farrankelly 419 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Faus 574 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Fawnanierin 146 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Feacle 459 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Feamore 123 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Fearagh 901 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Fearagh (Caddell) 227 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Fearagh (Mahon) 264 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Fearaghafin 88 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Fearmore 50 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Feenagh (or Tonroe) 217 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Feevagh 120 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Feevagh Beg 244 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Feevagh More 954 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Ferrinch Island 3 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Fiddaun 180 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Figh 734 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Finisclin 527 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Finnor 365 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Flagford (or Culleenatreen) 185 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Flanafreeson (or Goat Island) 1 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Flaskagh Beg 87 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Flaskagh More 191 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Flegans 32 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Foghanagh Beg 148 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Foghanagh More 268 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Fortaugustus 83 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Fostragh 320 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Foughil 527 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Foxborough 403 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Foxborough 330 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Foxhill 147 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Frenchlawn 413 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Frenchpark Town Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Frenchpark Demense 1,134 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Fuerty Town Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Fuerty 216 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Funshinagh 218 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Funshinagh (Madden) 241 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Funshinagh (Trench) 309 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Galey 439 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Galey Beg 295 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Gallagh 230 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Gallowstown (or Lisnacroghy) 229 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Ganaveens 59 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Garbally and Carrowduff 924 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Gardenstown 207 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Gardenstown (or Legvoy) 176 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Garranlahan Beg 128 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Garranlahan More 171 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Garrow 689 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Garrowlougher 121 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Garryglass 92 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Garrymona Island 9 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Garrynagawna 427 Athlone Drum Athlone
Garrynagawna Bog and Carrickynaghtan 973 Athlone Drum Athlone
Garrynagran 336 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Garrynphort 388 Athlone Cam Athlone
Garrynphort 116 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Garrynphort 188 Roscommon Shankill Castlereagh
Giddaun 55 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Gillstown 193 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Glasdrumman 111 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Glebe 33 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Glebe 35 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Glebe 81 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Glebe 30 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Glebe 21 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Glebe 37 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Glebe 32 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Glebe 56 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Glebe 23 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Glebe 26 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Glebe East 34 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Glebe West 35 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Glen 40 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Glenballythomas 835 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Glenfin 43 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Glenmore 316 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Glenmore 35 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Glennameeltoge (or Midgefield) 90 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Glennanammer 177 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Glennanea 262 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Glenrevagh 165 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Glenrevagh 170 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Glentaun 224 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Glenties 83 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Glenvela 266 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Glooria 177 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Glooria 199 Boyle Ardcarn Carrick on Shannon
Goat Island (or Flanafreeson) 1 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Gort and Killiaghan 764 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Gortacarnan 49 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Gortacoosan 138 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Gortaganny 443 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Gortaganny 82 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Gortamarle 101 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Gortanabla 406 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Gortaphuill 40 Athlone Cam Athlone
Gortaphuill 255 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Gortboy 41 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Gortcloonagh 199 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Gorteenacammadil 480 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Gorteenbrack 94 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Gorteencloogh (or Corra More) 682 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Gortfree and Inchiroe 263 Athlone Cam Athlone
Gortgallan 482 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Gorticmeelra 14 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Gortleck 96 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Gortlustia 118 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Gortmore 54 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Gortnacloy 435 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Gortnacrannagh 324 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Gortnadarra 63 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Gortnagoyne 250 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Gortnasharoge 194 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Gortnasharvoge 194 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Gortnasillagh 426 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Gortnasoolboy 119 Athlone Cam Athlone
Gortnasythe 219 Athlone Cam Athlone
Gorttoose 253 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Gortyleane 107 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Graffoge 483 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Gragullagh 72 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Grallagh 392 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Grallagh 295 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Grallagh Beg 120 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Grallagh More 240 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Granaghan (Dillon) 477 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Granaghan (Martin) 356 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Grange 1,018 Athlone Cam Athlone
Grange 271 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Grange 390 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Grange 1,578 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Grange 246 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Grange 102 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Grange Beg 545 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Grange More 509 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Granny 504 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Greagh 192 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Greaghacorra 94 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Greaghnafarna 298 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Greaghnageeragh 316 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Greaghnaglogh 318 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Greaghnaleava Beg 75 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Greaghnaleava More 83 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Greatmeadow 105 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Green Island 1 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Grevisk 146 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Greyfield 189 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Gubbarudda 357 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Harepark 68 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Harristown 394 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Heathfield 263 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Hermit Island 1 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Highbog 141 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Highlake (or Ardlagheen More) 528 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Hillsend 74 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Hillstreet Town Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Hillstreet Town Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Hogs Island 10 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Hollymount (or Knockaculleen) 540 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Horse Island 1 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Hughestown 106 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Hundredacres 230 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Illanamoe 1 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Illangarre 1 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Illangarre 3 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Illangarve 1 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Illangarve 3 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Inchinalee 18 Athlone Drum Athlone
Inchiroe and Gortfree 263 Athlone Cam Athlone
Inishatirra 19 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Inishmoylin 7 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Island Lower 205 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Island Upper 113 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Jamestown 363 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Johnstown Demesne 745 Athlone Drum Athlone
Kanefield 159 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Keadagh 40 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Keadew Town Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Keadew East 318 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Keadew West 273 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Keelbanada 1,047 Frenchpark Kilcolman Castlereagh
Keelcurragh (or Carrowreagh) 53 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Keeloges 45 Athlone Drum Athlone
Keeloges 164 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Keelty 196 Athlone Drum Athlone
Keelty 102 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Keenagh (Clanrickard) 181 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Keenagh (Donnellan East) 80 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Keenagh (Donnellan West) 117 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Kellybrook 422 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Kellybrook 51 Athlone St. Johns Roscommon
Kennyborough 46 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Kerlagh 59 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Keyfield 206 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Kilbarry 861 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Kilbeg 90 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Kilbegly 395 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Kilbride 76 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Kilbryan 64 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Kilcanoran 113 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Kilcar 776 Athlone Cam Athlone
Kilcash 683 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Kilcashel Dolanstown 199 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Kilcloghan 206 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Kilclogherna 89 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Kilcock 92 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Kilcolagh 248 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Kilcooley 106 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Kilcorkey 215 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Kilcroy 128 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Kildalloge 205 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Kildurney 211 Athlone Cam Athlone
Kilfaughna 164 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Kilgarve 224 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Kilgarve 179 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Kilgarve 715 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Kilgarve 324 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Kilglass 161 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Kilgraffy 81 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Kilkenny 343 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Killappoge 212 Boyle Killummod Boyle
Killarney 346 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Killastalliff 134 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Killaster 312 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Killattimoriarty 307 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Killavackan 310 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Killea 58 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Killeen East 197 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Killeen West 221 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Killeenadeema 172 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Killeenboy 589 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Killeenrevagh 288 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Killegan 209 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Killegian 502 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Killeglan 502 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Killerdoo 48 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Killerr 270 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Killiaghan and Gort 764 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Killinaddan 93 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Killinordan 212 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Killinordanbeg 245 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Killinraghty Big 257 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Killinraghty Little 86 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Killinvoy 350 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Killoy 123 Athlone Killinvoy Athlone
Killukin 149 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Killukin 193 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Killultagh 87 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Killummond 348 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Killynagh Beg 124 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Killynagh More 173 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Kilmacananneny 422 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Kilmacarril 73 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Kilmacroy 402 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Kilmacuagh 80 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Kilmacumsy 365 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Kilmass 85 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Kilmocolmock 437 Athlone Drum Athlone
Kilmore 127 Athlone Killinvoy Athlone
Kilmore 69 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Kilmore 206 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Kilmore 503 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Kilmore 216 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Kilmurry 452 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Kilnacloghy 105 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Kilnagralta 201 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Kilnalosset 116 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Kilnamanagh 356 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Kilnamanagh 456 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Kilnamryall 398 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Kilnanooan 171 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Kilnassillagh 107 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Kilree 161 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Kilroddan 204 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Kilronan Mountain 654 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Kilrooan 144 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Kilroosky 92 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Kilteasheen 205 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Kilteevan 523 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Kiltoom 115 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Kiltrustan 316 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Kiltullagh 218 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Kiltultoge 694 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Kiltybanks 813 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Kiltybrannock 204 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Kiltycreaghtan 298 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Kiltymaine 330 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Kilvoy 483 Roscommon Shankill Castlereagh
Kinard 234 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Kinclare 166 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Kinclare and Edenan 624 Roscommon Shankill Boyle
Kingsland 666 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Kinitty 865 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Knock 679 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Knockacorha 124 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Knockaculleen (or Hollymount) 540 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Knockadaff 382 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Knockadalteen 148 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Knockadangan 823 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Knockadoo 107 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Knockadoobrusna 177 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Knockadrehid 182 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Knockadryan 75 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Knockalaghtar(Sandford) 233 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Knockalaghtar(Wills) 335 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Knockalegan East 103 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Knockalegan West 126 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Knockananima 100 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Knockanyconor 311 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Knockarush 555 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Knockavreaneen 68 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Knockavroe 232 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Knockavurrea 29 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Knockavurrea 122 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Knockcroghery Town Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Knockcroghery 217 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Knockdrumdonnell 82 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Knockglass 995 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Knockhall 1,653 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Knockmeane 233 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Knockmurry 21 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Knocknabarnaboy (or Ashbrook) 246 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Knocknabeast 61 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Knocknacarrow 128 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Knocknacloy 90 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Knocknafushoga 321 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Knocknagawna 344 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Knocknanool 370 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Knocknashee 117 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Knockranny 376 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Knockroe 32 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Knockroe 304 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Knockroe 534 Boyle Killummod Carrick on Shannon
Knockroe 274 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Knockroe 71 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Knockskehan 235 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Knockvicar 153 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Kye 350 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Laboge 62 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Lack 427 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Lackagh 128 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Lackan 180 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Lackan 337 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Lackan 370 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Lackan 216 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Lackan 494 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Laghtcausk 420 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Lahagboy 67 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Lahan Island 2 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Lamb Island 3 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Lanesborough Town Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Laragh and Ross 736 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Largan 108 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Largan 211 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Laughil 162 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Laughil 93 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Laughil 81 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Lavagh 536 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Lavally 160 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Leabeg 494 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Leam 629 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Leamore 461 Ballymoe Ballynakill Castlereagh
Lecarrow 133 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Lecarrow 236 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Lecarrow 92 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Lecarrow 36 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Lecarrow 344 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Lecarrow 261 Roscommon Clooncraff Strokestown
Lecarrow 199 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Legan 452 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Leggatinty 773 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Legvoy (or Gardenstown) 176 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Leiterra 160 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Leitrim 1,491 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Leitrim 124 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Lenanamalla 125 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Letfordspark 53 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Lettreen 155 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Leveelick 251 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Liberty 258 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Lisbaun 298 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Lisboy 207 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Lisboy 235 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Lisbride 254 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Liscam 69 Athlone Cam Athlone
Liscoffy (Kelly) 222 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Liscoffy (Madden) 152 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Liscolvan 86 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Lisdaly 361 Boyle Killummod Boyle
Lisdaulan 709 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Lisdillure 263 Athlone Drum Athlone
Lisdrumneill 329 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Lisduff 297 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Lisduff 221 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Lisduff 207 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Lisfarrellboy 42 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Lisfelim 806 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Lisgarve 218 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Lisgillalea 180 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Lisgobban 256 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Lisgreaghan 60 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Lisheen 199 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Lisheen 198 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Lisheenanierin 90 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Lisheenloughtin 16 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Lishugh 124 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Lislea 99 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Lisliddy 155 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Lismacool 378 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Lismageevoge 108 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Lismagroon 49 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Lismaha 239 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Lismeehy 123 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Lismoyle 61 Athlone Cam Athlone
Lismulkeare 131 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Lismurtagh 217 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Lismurtagh 164 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Lisnaboll 97 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Lisnacroghy (or Gallowstown) 229 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Lisnagard 180 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Lisnagavragh 393 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Lisnagirra 263 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Lisnagroagh 66 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Lisnagroob 198 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Lisnahirka 101 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Lisnahoon 70 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Lisnalannow 64 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Lisnalegan 150 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Lisnamucklagh 28 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Lisnamucklagh 244 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Lisnamult 261 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Lisnanarriagh 335 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Lisnaneane 255 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Lisnanuran 200 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Lisnasillagh 245 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Lisnatea 146 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Lisphilip 146 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Lisroyne 448 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Lissacarrow 178 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Lissacurkia 382 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Lissacurkia 133 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Lissadorn 572 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Lissagallan 1,000 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Lissalway 1,525 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Lissananny 545 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Lissaneaville 500 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Lissanisky 105 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Lissanisky 103 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Lissaphobble 64 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Lissaphuca 148 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Lissaphuca 111 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Lissavilla 116 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Lissawaddy 214 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Lisseenamanragh 126 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Lisseevin 110 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Lisserdrea 611 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Lissergool 678 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Lissian 387 Frenchpark Castlemore Castlereagh
Lissonuffy 168 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Lissydaly 153 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Lissygreaghan 103 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Listhomasroe 164 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Liswilliam 259 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Lodge 203 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Long Island 144 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Long Island 29 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Long Island Little 1 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Longfield 127 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Longford 394 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Longnamuck 231 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Loughbally 452 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Loughglinn Town Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Loughglinn 137 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Loughglinn Demesne 1,105 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Loughlackagh 156 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Loughnaneane 184 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Lowberry 106 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Lowfield 93 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Lowparks 68 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Lowtown Kilcashel 939 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Lugakeeran 368 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Lugateane 185 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Lugboy 445 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Lugboy 257 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Luggs 64 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Lugnamuddagh (or Cashelfinoge) 211 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Lugnashammer 151 Boyle Killukin Boyle
Lurga 195 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Lurgaboy 111 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Lurgan 294 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Lurgan 81 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Lurgan 215 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Lurraga 103 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Lustia 290 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Lyonstown 191 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Lysterfield 453 Athlone Cam Athlone
Macnadille 114 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Manor 470 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Mantuar 327 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Martry 194 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Marystown 189 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Meehaun 74 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Meelick 122 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Meelick 33 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Meelick 203 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Meelick 316 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Meelickaduff 99 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Meelickroe 248 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Meeltraun (Daniel Kelly) 138 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Meeltraun (Denis Kelly) 125 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Meeltraun (O'Flyn) 111 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Meeltraun (Wills) 212 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Meera 174 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Mewlaghmore 124 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Midgefield (or Glennameeltoge) 90 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Mihanagh 167 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Mihanboy 278 Athlone Drum Athlone
Milltown 1,048 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Milltown 118 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Milltown 640 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Milltown 144 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Moanvane 135 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Mocmoyne 202 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Moheedian 344 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Moher 521 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Moher 347 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Moher 240 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Moigh 171 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Moigh Lower 170 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Moigh Upper 167 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Moneen 48 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Moneenacully 80 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Moneenbog 113 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Moneyboy 167 Roscommon Kilcooley Strokestown
Moneyduff 84 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Moneylea 235 Roscommon Elphin Castlereagh
Moneymore 408 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Mongagh 341 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Monksland 1,333 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Moor 227 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Moore North 303 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Moore South 571 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Mote Demesne 1,263 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Mount Talbot 657 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Mountain Lower 424 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Mountain Upper 392 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Mountallen 137 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Mountdelvin 457 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Mountdillon 1,369 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Mountdruid 212 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Mounteagle (or Drumanilra) 312 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Mountpleasant 245 Roscommon Kilbride Strokestown
Mountplunkett 451 Athlone Killinvoy Athlone
Mountprospect 99 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Moydow 151 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Moyglass 230 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Moyglass 402 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Moyliss 323 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Moyne 731 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Moynure 156 Athlone Drum Athlone
Moyoran 210 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Moyvannan 600 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Muckanagh 405 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Muff 306 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Mullagh 42 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Mullaghardagh 223 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Mullaghlusky 55 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Mullaghmacormick 596 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Mullaghmore 180 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Mullaghnashee 423 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Mullaun 166 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Mullen 1,426 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Mullenduff 251 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Mullygollan 162 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Mullymucks 1,541 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Nadnaveagh 261 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
New Glebe 17 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Newtown 140 Athlone Drum Athlone
Newtown 278 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Newtown 355 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Newtown 593 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Newtown 381 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Newtown 566 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Newtown Farragher 759 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Newtown Kilcashel 282 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Newtowncarrigans 231 Ballymoe Dunamon Roscommon
Northyard 441 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Oakfield 283 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Oakport Demesne 587 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Ogulla 235 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Old Glebe (or Cartron) 54 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Oldtown 239 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Oldtown Kilcashel 403 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Onagh 834 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Oran 275 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Orchard Island 7 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
O'Reilly's Island 12 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Ovaun 104 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Paddock 9 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Parkeel 271 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Parkmore 293 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Peak 387 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Peak 48 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Pigeon Island 10 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Pollalaher 657 Athlone Cam Athlone
Pollanalty East 366 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Pollanalty West 432 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Pollanaroo 184 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Pollanea Lower 152 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Pollanea Upper 123 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Pollaphuca 196 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Pollnamoghil 66 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Pollower 29 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Pollower 161 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Pollranny 138 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Pollymount 220 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Portaghard 518 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Porteen (or Ballyrevagh West) 363 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Porteen (or Ballyrevagh) 305 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Portnacrinnaght 144 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Portnahinch 152 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Portnick 122 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Portobello 474 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Portrunny 10 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Powellshill 59 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Quiltinan 67 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Rabbit Island 1 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Rabbitburrow 114 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Rabradagh 166 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Rackans 178 Athlone Cam Athlone
Raghrabeg 1,172 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Rahara 617 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Rahardagh 332 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Raheely 350 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Raheen 204 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Rampark 52 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Ranelagh 71 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Ranelagh 71 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Rat Island 1 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Ratallen 718 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Ratawragh 148 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Rathardeagher 90 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Rathbarna 183 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Rathbrennan 315 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Rathcarran 121 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Rathconor 1,045 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Rathdiveen 102 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Rathdiveen 91 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Rathevin 62 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Rathfuadagh 337 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Rathkeery 332 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Rathkeva 202 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Rathkineely 276 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Rathleg 182 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Rathlena 342 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Rathmew 170 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Rathmore 292 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Rathmore 342 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Rathmore 262 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Rathmoyle 545 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Rathnaglye 234 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Rathnallog 412 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Rathnalulleagh 334 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Rathnarovanagh 182 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Rathpeak 761 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Rathroe 142 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Ratra 325 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Rattinagh 185 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Raveege 213 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Reagh 163 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Roscommon
Reycroftspark 85 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Rinanny Island 37 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Rinn 560 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Rinnagan 765 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Roadquarter 70 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Robinhood (or Cloonish) 257 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Rock 25 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Rockhill 98 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Rockland 332 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Rockville 196 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Rodeen 118 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Roo 145 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Rooaun 142 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Rooaun 237 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Rooaun Bog and Meadow 90 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Rooskagh 1,252 Athlone St. Peter's Athlone
Roosky Town Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Roosky 490 Frenchpark Castlemore Castlereagh
Roosky 209 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Roosky New 190 Ballintober North Termonbarry Strokestown
Rooty 158 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Roscommon Town Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Rosmeen 354 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Ross and Laragh 736 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Ross Beg 297 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Ross More East 329 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Ross More West 250 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Rover Lower 306 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Rover Upper 146 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Roverkilly 222 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Roxborough 1,076 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Runnabackan 285 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Runnabehy 328 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Runnaboll 322 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Runnacocka 132 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Runnameelta 139 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Runnamoat 460 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Roscommon
Runnaroddan 126 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Runnaroddaun 76 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Runnaruag 148 Frenchpark Elphin Strokestown
Runnateggal (or Ryefield) 178 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Runnawillin (or Callow) 632 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Rush Hill 68 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Rusheen 379 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Rusheen 231 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Rushpark Farragher 208 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Rushport 176 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Ryefield (or Runnateggal) 178 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Scardaun 200 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Scor Beg 233 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Scor More 212 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Scrabbagh 110 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Scramoge 290 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Scregg 174 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Scregg 53 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Scregg 662 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Sedgy Island 2 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Seltannaveeny 300 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Shanballybaun 267 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Shanballylosky 95 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Shanballymore 88 Ballintober South Cloontuskert Roscommon
Shankill 365 Roscommon Shankill Strokestown
Shankoagh 373 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Shanvoley 25 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Sheean 94 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Sheegeeragh 182 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Sheegorey 716 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Sheehaun (Hughes) 17 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Sheehaun (Morton) 172 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Sheepwalk 715 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Sheerevagh 225 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Sheevannan 359 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Skeagh 306 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Skeanamuck 224 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Skeanavart 112 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Skeavaily 413 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Skrine 874 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Slattagh Beg 175 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Slattagh More 865 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Slevin 448 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Slevinagee 103 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Slieve and Corbally 1,181 Ballymoe Ballynakill Roscommon
Slieveroe 220 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Smaghraan 178 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Smutternagh 363 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Southpark Demesne 763 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Spa 257 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Spring Gardens 197 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Srabra 109 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Srabragan 247 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Sracocka 127 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Castlereagh
Sraduff 345 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Srah 70 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Srah 88 Athlone Killinvoy Roscommon
Srahauns 127 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Sralea 204 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Sranancoan 119 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Sroankeeragh 73 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Sroove 249 Roscommon Killukin Strokestown
Stag Island 8 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Steill 291 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Stonepark 41 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Stonepark 125 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Stonepark 144 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Stonepark 106 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Stonepark 724 Ballintober South Roscommon Roscommon
Stonepark North 45 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Stonepark South 85 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Strokestown Town Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Strokestown Town Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Suckfield 127 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Swallow Island 4 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Swinefield 230 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Taduff East 115 Athlone Drum Athlone
Taduff West 193 Athlone Drum Athlone
Taghboy 849 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Taghmaconnell 728 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Taghnarra 647 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Taghnoose 442 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Tansyfield 132 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Tartan 513 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Tawlaght 154 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Tawlaght 84 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Tawnagh 554 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Tawnagh More 96 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Tawnyneden 147 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Tawnyrover 113 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Tawnytaskin 232 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Taylorstown 171 Athlone Drum Athlone
Teermore 99 Frenchpark Kilmacumsy Boyle
Teevnacreeva 271 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Telton 79 Roscommon Cloonfinlough Strokestown
Termon 207 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Termon Beg 330 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Termon More 643 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Thomastown Demesne 658 Athlone Drum Athlone
Tibarney 202 Athlone Tisrara Roscommon
Tibohine 305 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Timanagh 403 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Timpaun 136 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Tinacarra 135 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Tintagh 473 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Tirconnellbeg 79 Athlone Dysart Athlone
Tivannagh 239 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Toberataravan 116 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Toberavaddy 302 Athlone Fuerty Roscommon
Toberconor 167 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Toberdan 519 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Toberelva 125 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Toberiheen 163 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Toberkeagh 163 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Toberkeagh 277 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Tobermacloughlin 459 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Tobermakee 228 Ballymoe Drumatemple Castlereagh
Toberpatrick 515 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Toberreeoge 71 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Toberrory 574 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Togher 509 Athlone Taghmaconnell Ballinasloe
Tonaknick 36 Frenchpark Kilcolagh Boyle
Tonalig 464 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Tonbaun 294 Ballymoe Cloonygormican Castlereagh
Tonereagh 82 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Tonlegee 744 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Tonlegee 369 Ballintober South Kilteevan Roscommon
Tonlemone 147 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Tonrevagh 167 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Tonroe 211 Castlereagh Baslick Castlereagh
Tonroe (or Creen) 306 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Tonroe (or Feenagh) 217 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Tonvey 298 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Tonycurneen 66 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Tooloscan 149 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Toomona 300 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Toomore 456 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Tooreen 75 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Toormore 116 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Toorymartin 92 Boyle Killukin Carrick on Shannon
Torpan Beg 233 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Torpan More 241 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Tournagee 192 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Townparks 183 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Trean 76 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Treanacreeve 191 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Treanagry 287 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Treanamarly 260 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Trien 483 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Trila (Dillon) 318 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Trila (Martin) 296 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Trilacroghan 322 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Trinity Island 1 Boyle Kilbryan Boyle
Tromaun Town Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Tromaun 716 Athlone Athleague Roscommon
Tuam 467 Ballintober South Kilgefin Roscommon
Tullaghan 317 Frenchpark Kilnamanagh Boyle
Tullaghan 326 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Tullen 147 Roscommon Kiltrustan Strokestown
Tullintuppen 246 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Tully 204 Moycarn Moore Ballinasloe
Tully 255 Ballintober North Kilmore Carrick on Shannon
Tully 1,182 Castlereagh Kilcorkey Castlereagh
Tully 916 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Tully 288 Ballintober South Kilbride Roscommon
Tully 413 Ballintober North Kilglass Strokestown
Tullyboy 166 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Tullycarton 114 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Tullyleague 96 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Tullyloyd 218 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Tullynahaw 482 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Tullynahearka 82 Roscommon Aughrim Carrick on Shannon
Tullyneeny 182 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Tullyroe 149 Athlone Kilmeane Roscommon
Tullytawen 681 Boyle Kilronan Boyle
Tullyval 156 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Tullyvarran 455 Roscommon Lissonuffy Strokestown
Tullyvohaun 244 Boyle Estersnow Boyle
Tulrush 208 Moycarn Creagh Ballinasloe
Tulsk Town Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Tulsk 76 Roscommon Ogulla Strokestown
Tumna 182 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Turkisland 117 Ballymoe Oran Roscommon
Turlagh 17 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Turlagh 59 Frenchpark Creeve Carrick on Shannon
Turlagh 249 Athlone Rahara Roscommon
Turlagharee 121 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Turlaghmore 250 Athlone Taghmaconnell Athlone
Turlaghnamaddy 78 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Turrock 699 Athlone Taghboy Athlone
Urrasaun 228 Frenchpark Tibohine Castlereagh
Usna 201 Boyle Tumna Boyle
Vesnoy 189 Roscommon Bumlin Strokestown
Warren 121 Athlone St. Johns Athlone
Warren (or Drum) 581 Boyle Boyle Boyle
Willsborough 217 Castlereagh Kiltullagh Castlereagh
Willsbrook 465 Castlereagh Kilkeevin Castlereagh
Willsgrove 711 Castlereagh Ballintober Castlereagh
Windmillpark (or Chanterland) 103 Roscommon Elphin Strokestown
Woodbrook 354 Boyle Tumna Carrick on Shannon
Woodfield 284 Boyle Ardcarn Boyle
Yellow Island Large 1 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone
Yellow Island Little 1 Athlone Kiltoom Athlone


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