List of towns in Småland, Sweden

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The following localities in Småland were granted a charter and town privileges from circa 1200 up until 1856:

Town Year of charter Description
Kalmar approximately 1200 the Kalmar union treaty was signed here in 1397
Jönköping 1284 an important trading centre
Växjö 1342 the Diocese of Växjö was established in the 12th century
Vimmerby circa 1300-1532 a new charter in 1604
Eksjö 1403 and old centre for a thing (assembly) in medieval times. Got its charter from Eric of Pomerania
Västervik 1453 an important port on the east coast. Moved from the old site at Gamleby and established in its present location in 1453
Gränna 1652 founded by count Per Brahe the Younger
Oskarshamn 1856 the market town köping Döderhultsvik got its present name when it was chartered as a city in 1856

The local government reform of 1863 made the individual charters obsolete and created the concept of municipalities in Sweden. The above mentioned localities with town priviligies were instituted as municipalities with the title of stad (city/town).

During the 20th century these localities were instituted as städer:

Town City title Description
Huskvarna 1911 An industrial suburb of Jönköping, which now has grown together with that city
Nässjö 1914 A railway junction
Tranås 1936 Established as a market town in 1882, got the city title in 1936
Vetlanda 1920
Värnamo 1920
Nybro 1932
Ljungby 1936
Sävsjö 1947 One of the last city municipalities to be established in Sweden

After 1951 no more städer were instituted and the local government reform of 1971 saw the abolishment of the term, replacing it with kommun for all municipalities, regardless of former status.

Today there is no official definition, but in some contexts (such as Sveriges Nationalatlas) localities with over 10,000 inhabitants are regarded as cities.

Urban areas in order of size[edit]

Below is a list of localities in the three administrative counties of Småland with a population greater than 10,000 as of 2005.

  1. Jönköping, 84,423
  2. Växjö, 59,600
  3. Kalmar, 35,710
  4. Västervik, 20,694
  5. Värnamo, 18,469
  6. Trelleborg, 25,643
  7. Oskarshamn, 17,143
  8. Nässjö, 14,810
  9. Ljungby, 17,286
  10. Tranås, 14,017
  11. Vetlanda, 12,691
  12. Nybro, 12,598
  13. Gislaved, 10.091

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